We saved you the hard work and rounded up a list of the top team building activities in Houston, Texas. If you’re looking to engage your team in exciting and interactive experiences in Houston, you have to check out this list! All of our ideas foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of camaraderie. From thrilling outdoor adventures to creative challenges, Houston offers many options to strengthen your team’s bond and unleash their potential. We have included something for every team no matter how adventurous – adrenaline-pumping escape rooms, thrilling scavenger hunts, and unique culinary experiences. Now that we have curated a list of the best team building activities in Houston, all you have to do is choose the right one for your group!

Are you looking for exciting and fun team building activities to engage your team in Houston? Fortunately, Houston offers a wide range of options that combine fun, collaboration, and bonding. From unique indoor experiences to outdoor adventures, there are plenty of fun activities in Houston to choose from that will strengthen relationships, promote communication, and boost team morale.

So get ready to ignite team spirit, boost morale, and create lasting memories with these awesome activities to do in Houston!

The Great Guac Off

11 Fun Activities in Houston For Your Group

1. The Great Guac Off

The Great Guac Off Houston is an exciting event celebrating the beloved Mexican dish, guacamole. It brings everyone together to showcase their guacamole-making skills and compete for the title of the best guacamole in Houston. And let’s be honest, what company wouldn’t want to participate in a guacamole-making challenge?! Each team gets to create their own unique guacamole recipe, incorporating whatever ingredients and flavors they would like. To develop a winning guacamole recipe, teammates will need to collaborate and use creative thinking.

To make it a little more difficult, your guacamole-making challenge can include specific guidelines, time constraints, or surprise ingredients that teams need to work with. Doing it this way encourages problem-solving skills and adaptability because teams will have to think on their feet, make quick decisions, and adjust their recipes if necessary. If you go with a time constraint, they will also have to learn to work well under pressure. At the end of the Great Guac Off, teams can come together to celebrate their achievements and enjoy the delicious guacamole creations. You can choose whether to make it a tasting experience or a competition in which everyone can try the guacs and vote! The celebration allows teams to relax, have fun, and appreciate the teamwork and creativity demonstrated during the activity. The Great Guac Off is a corporate team building activity in Houston that combines culinary creativity, teamwork, and best of all, taste!

 2. Urban Adventure Quest

Escapely’s Urban Adventure Quest is a combination of an escape room and a scavenger hunt to create an exciting team adventure around downtown Houston! Your group will divide into teams that race against each other to crack codes and solve puzzles and reach the finish line first. Each team gets a game box with clues, a locked box, and some other secret items. They search downtown Houston for real-world clues like sculptures, artwork, parks, and more. Unlike ordinary scavenger hunts, which just require participants to find items and check them off of a list, Urban Adventure Quest takes it one step further. After players find a real-world clue, they use it to solve puzzles and crack codes in their box. Then, they enter solutions on the app to find out where to go!

Teams will have access to a web app throughout the game that doesn’t require a download to access. They can get hints throughout the game anytime they want, but since it’s a race amongst teams, each hint comes with a penalty. At the end, there’s a leaderboard so that teams can see how they stacked up! Of all of the team building activities in Houston, this is probably the most immersive adventure you can play with your group.

3. Segway Tours of Houston

Segway tours of Houston are guided tours that allow participants to explore the city’s landmarks and attractions while riding on a Segway (which, if you don’t know, is a self-balancing personal transportation device). These tours provide a unique and fun way to see the sights and learn about the history and culture of Houston. Before the tour begins, participants receive a comprehensive orientation and training session on operating the Segway. Experienced tour guides provide instructions on safely maneuvering, stopping, and turning the Segway so even if you have never been on a Segway before, you will feel comfortable and confident before embarking on the tour. Throughout the tour, guides provide interesting and informative commentary about the history, architecture, culture, and notable landmarks of Houston.

Segway tours can be enjoyed as part of a group or booked as private tours for a more personalized experience – for corporate team building events, we always suggest a private group tour. Segway tours of Houston offer an exciting and efficient way to explore the city’s attractions while enjoying the thrill of riding a Segway. And for those who find walking or moving around difficult, it’s a fun and engaging team building activity in Houston.

4. Pedal Party Pub Crawl

A Pedal Party pub crawl is one of the team building activities in Houston for a group that likes to have a few drinks together. It’s an interactive group activity that combines cycling, socializing, and visiting various pubs or bars. What more could you ask for? Your whole group will pedal a large, multi-person bicycle, often called a “party bike” or “pedal pub,” while stopping at different establishments along the route. It features multiple seats arranged around a central bar area, where participants sit and pedal together. The bike is usually equipped with pedals, gears, a canopy or roof, and sometimes music speakers to enhance the experience. Some bikes are pedaled by the participants, but most offer a boost – the pedals move, but the riders don’t actually have to propel the vehicle themselves.

Pedal Party pub crawls offer a unique and entertaining way for participants to bond and have fun. Pedaling together requires teamwork and coordination and the lively atmosphere, music, and laughter make it a blast! There’s a good chance the activity will foster some new friendships and definitely strengthen existing ones within the group. Pedal Party pub crawls offer a distinctive and social way to explore a city’s nightlife, visit popular establishments, and enjoy the company of friends or fellow participants.

5. Amazing Escape Race

Escapely’s Amazing Escape Race is a one-of-a-kind team building activity in Houston that combines the elements of an escape game with the excitement and adventure of the popular television show, “The Amazing Race.” The Escape Race brings teams together in a competitive yet collaborative adventure. Teams must work together, utilizing their collective skills and knowledge to solve puzzles, decipher clues, and complete challenges. Collaboration is essential to progress through the race and reach the finish line. Teams must think creatively, analyze clues, and connect pieces of information to progress through the race. As they go, they also encounter challenge stations that they must complete before they move on.

This in-person team building experience promotes teamwork in finding innovative solutions. The Escape Race also introduces an element of friendly competition among teams, adding an exciting and motivating factor to the activity. And which company doesn’t have some competitive coworkers? It is sure to inspire healthy rivalry and motivate participants to perform their best. Plus, as teams progress through the Escape Race, each completed challenge and puzzle brings a sense of accomplishment. Celebrating small victories like this boosts team morale and fosters a positive team spirit.

The Escapely Amazing Escape Race combines the excitement of an escape room with the thrill of amazing race games, creating a unique and fun team building experience. Engaging in this team building activity in Houston will undoubtedly leave your team energized, motivated, and with a strengthened sense of unity.

6. Best Bites Houston Food Tour

The Best Bites Houston food tour is a culinary experience that guides participants in exploring Houston’s vibrant food scene. This fun team building activity offers an opportunity to discover local eateries, taste a variety of dishes, and learn about the city’s culinary culture. Team members get to embark on a culinary adventure, try new foods, and explore different flavors as a group. It’s a very inclusive activity because food tours often feature diverse cuisines and dishes that reflect the cultural fabric of a city. Exploring different foods and flavors is a great way for team members to learn about various cultures and traditions. It promotes cultural understanding and appreciation, opening up discussion opportunities about diversity and inclusion within the team.

If that isn’t enough, food tours can be designed to also include team-building activities or games. These activities may involve challenges or tasks related to the food or the locations visited. Food tours can also be used as a way to celebrate team successes or milestones. Whether it’s a project completion, reaching a sales target, or achieving a significant milestone, gathering for a food tour is a unique alternative to a team dinner or traditional celebration. Food always has a unique way of fostering connections and creating a positive and inclusive environment within the team.

Houston Axe Throwing

 7. Houston Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is a unique and exciting team building activity in Houston. Throwing an axe is something most people on your team have probably never done before, so it creates a shared experience that brings team members together!

Axe throwing requires effective communication and coordination within the team to make sure everyone is safe. The goal of an axe throwing event is to throw an axe while consistently hitting the target. This requires everyone to analyze their throws, adjust their technique, and troubleshoot any issues. Participating in a new and exciting activity like axe throwing breaks down barriers and encourages team members to interact in a non-work setting that takes them out of their comfort zone. This fun team building activity takes place in a relaxed environment so coworkers can get to know each other on a personal level, which in turn enhances the workplace culture.

8. Houston Rockets Game

Attending a Houston Rockets game is a great team building activity in Houston that entertains and encourages team building among coworkers. Watching a sporting event together allows everyone to get on the same team while cheering for someone else’s success. A live NBA basketball game together generates a sense of shared excitement because they can cheer for their favorite team, celebrate great plays, and engage in friendly banter with opposing team fans. This shared experience creates a bond and a sense of unity within the team. 

For those who follow basketball, a Rockets game provides a common interest for team members to connect and have meaningful conversations. They can discuss the game, players, strategies, and past performances. The really zealous fans can even strategize and discuss game scenarios, analyze players’ performances, and share opinions and insights. And for those who don’t follow sports, it will ignite a sense of competition and friendly rivalry. And as we all know, a little friendly rivalry can create a fun and energizing atmosphere that strengthens relationships and motivates team members. Since this is a sought after event, attending a Rockets game can even serve as a reward or celebration for team successes or milestones!

9. Houston Zoo

Visiting the Houston Zoo offers not only an opportunity to explore and observe a wide variety of animal species but also the potential for close encounters and volunteer opportunities that can enhance the team-building experience. The Houston Zoo is home to over 6,000 animals worldwide, making it an exciting destination for locals and visitors. As team members navigate through the zoo’s exhibits, they can observe and learn about various animals, their habitats, and conservation efforts. 

You may not know that this fun team building activity in Houston provides opportunities for close encounters with animals through interactive experiences and special programs. Depending on availability, teams may have the chance to participate in animal feedings, behind-the-scenes tours, or animal encounters where they can get up close and personal with certain species. The zoo can even work with you to facilitate team building activities in Houston tailored to meet the team’s goals and objectives. Visiting the Houston Zoo is an exciting option because whether through close encounters, volunteer activities, team-building exercises, or educational programs, the zoo presents a unique setting where team members can connect with nature and each other.

10. Tantrums Rage Rooms

Tantrum Rage Rooms are a unique and unconventional team building activity in Houston that, believe it or not, can actually promote collaboration and team bonding. Tantrum Rage Rooms are a controlled environment where team members can release pent-up stress and frustration, without actually harming anyone or anything valuable! Breaking objects and venting emotions in a safe and controlled manner is a cathartic experience and a stress relieving activity that can help team members unwind, relax, and improve their overall well-being. Plus, team members will bond over the shared experience of doing something they are not normally allowed to do and have probably never done before! A shared experience like this creates lasting memories. 

Tantrum Rage Rooms provide a variety of objects to break and teammates together decide what they want to destroy. One thing is for sure: Tantrum Rage Rooms stimulate team members’ energy and excitement. While Tantrum Rage Rooms may not directly align with traditional team building approaches, they offer a unique way for teammates to release stress together…and it’s also a lot of fun.

Pottery Painting Class at the Mad Potter

11. Pottery Painting Class at the Mad Potter

Attending a pottery class at The Mad Potter in Houston is a fantastic and fun team building activity. Changes are you have some people on your team who love art, or at least can appreciate it. Pottery painting classes offer a hands-on experience that allows team members to explore their creativity and express themselves artistically. It will be fun for coworkers to see what others have chosen to paint, and at the end, everyone can show off what they have done!

Participating in a pottery class at The Mad Potter creates a memorable experience that stands out from typical team-building activities. Coworkers get to create something tangible with their own hands and the best part is, they get to take home a lasting reminder of the team-building experience! For an extra touch, so that everyone does not have to remember to go back and pick up the completed piece at a later date, collect all of the finished art together, and distribute it at the office. It can even make for some fun, new office decor!

Why Team Building Activities Are Important

Team building activities play a crucial role in developing strong relationships among team members and cultivating a positive company culture. Fun team building activities provide opportunities for team members to interact, collaborate, and get to know each other outside of their usual work roles. Engaging in shared experiences like the ones on this list helps to establish personal connections, build trust, and enhance communication among team members. Strong relationships lead to better teamwork, cooperation, and a more cohesive work environment.

Team building activities also provide opportunities for individuals to showcase their strengths and contribute to the team’s success. When a coworker sees a side of someone they did not know before, for example, that they are great at art, they start to appreciate others in new ways. Team building activities can also highlight areas where individuals may need support or improvement. By identifying strengths and weaknesses through fun team building activities, team members can better understand how to collaborate effectively and leverage their skills for the benefit of the team. 

Team building activities are essential for building strong relationships, and in turn, strong relationships are essential for reinforcing company culture. A cohesive team will thrive, collaborate effectively, and work towards shared goals, ultimately contributing to the organization’s success.

 Improves Business Relationships

Team building activities play a crucial role in improving business relationships between coworkers. If coworkers only see each other as work colleagues, they may lack the trust and communication necessary to effectively work productively. But if you provide opportunities for coworkers to interact and communicate outside of their usual work tasks, such activities teach individuals to listen actively, express ideas, and share feedback. It also tends to minimize conflict and promote a more open and collaborative work environment because coworkers better understand where their counterparts are coming from.

Fun team building activities encourage coworkers to rely on and support one another, which helps them to develop trust in each other’s skills. When this trust is built, they naturally work more synergistically together and time is saved for the company overall. Team building activities often require coworkers to work together towards a common goal, which is exactly what should happen in an efficient organization. By engaging in shared tasks, coworkers gain a deeper understanding of each other’s capabilities and build a foundation for future collaboration.

Additionally, at work, employees may interact primarily within their own teams or departments, creating silos and limited cross-functional relationships. Team building activities break down these barriers by bringing individuals from different parts of the organization together! They will learn to appreciate their coworkers and what they bring to the table, even if they work on very different things. These activities create opportunities for individuals to connect, understand each other, and work together more effectively towards common goals.

Encouraging Creativity

Team building activities can be powerful catalysts for encouraging creativity and thinking outside the box, especially when participants are engaging in new or unfamiliar activities. New and unfamiliar activities disrupt established routines and thought patterns. This novelty stimulates the brain, triggering curiosity and a willingness to explore different approaches and perspectives.

Team building activities are also a safe and supportive environment where participants can take risks they would not normally take, make mistakes, and think creatively. By removing the fear of judgment or failure, individuals feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and exploring unconventional solutions. This psychological safety boosts confidence and allows for more innovative thinking in their day jobs. Also, many team building activities require participants to solve problems collectively, which brings together diverse perspectives and encourages individuals to contribute their unique ideas.

Finally, team building activities often involve an element of playfulness and fun, and play has been linked to increased creativity. It allows individuals to explore, experiment, and think in unconventional ways. By engaging in enjoyable and non-work-related activities, participants tap into their creative instincts and are more likely to think outside the box.

Enhancing Communication

Team building enhances communication and brings out leadership skills among coworkers. This is because fun team building activities often involve a common goal or objective and working towards a shared goal encourages participants to communicate effectively, share information, and align their efforts. Clear communication is essential for coordinating tasks, assigning roles, and ensuring everyone is working towards the same outcome. 

Effective communication involves speaking and listening attentively to others’ ideas, perspectives, and concerns, and unfortunately, it is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. Team building activities provide opportunities for coworkers to practice the skill of active listening and understanding. They allow coworkers to build trust by working together, relying on each other’s contributions, and witnessing their abilities in action. As trust grows, individuals become more comfortable expressing their thoughts, which leads to improved communication and stronger working relationships.

Team building activities also provide a platform for individuals to step into leadership roles and demonstrate their leadership skills. Many of them require participants to take charge, make decisions, delegate tasks, or guide the team towards a common goal. By engaging in these leadership opportunities, coworkers can showcase their leadership abilities or even build confidence in capabilities they didn’t know they had. Fun team building activities are sure to improve team dynamics, productivity, and stronger working relationships.

Building Trust

Team building activities are a great way to build trust between team members. Of course, the extent of trust-building depends on the nature of the activity. A team building activity centered around creating art is going to build trust less deeply than a high ropes course, for example. Activities that require team members to collaborate and work together towards a common goal build the most trust through shared experiences. These challenges may involve problem-solving tasks, physical obstacles, or strategic games. The point is that by facing challenges together, team members develop a sense of reliance on each other’s abilities. This in turn builds trust in their teammates’ competence and commitment. 

Another way that team building activities can build trust is through open and honest communication. Activities that encourage individuals to be vulnerable and then supportive of each other build trust that coworkers can count on one another. This may involve sharing personal experiences, expressing fears or challenges, or participating in trust-building exercises that require individuals to rely on each other. When team members feel comfortable being vulnerable and receive support from their colleagues, trust in the workplace is strengthened as they perceive their teammates as empathetic and caring.

Constructive feedback sessions are another way to create a culture of transparency and accountability, allowing team members to address challenges, learn from mistakes, and continuously improve. This also fosters trust as individuals feel comfortable giving and receiving feedback in a supportive, growth-oriented environment. It’s important to note that the level of trust-building can vary depending on the participant’s willingness to engage, the facilitation of the activity, and the overall organizational culture. By selecting appropriate and fun team building activities that align with the team’s needs and objectives, trust can be fostered and strengthened, leading to improved collaboration, communication, and productivity.

Making a Positive Work Environment

Activities prioritizing employee well-being and engagement demonstrate that the organization cares about its employees’ happiness and fulfillment. Whether it’s wellness programs, team-building events, or recognition initiatives, these activities show that the company values its employees’ holistic development and fosters a positive work-life balance. Engaging in fun team building activities that create a positive work environment and company culture is crucial for fostering employee satisfaction, loyalty, and productivity.

When colleagues have positive relationships, they are more likely to support and collaborate with one another on projects in the workplace, leading to increased productivity, improved problem-solving, and a stronger sense of camaraderie. Also, employees who feel valued and acknowledged are more likely to be engaged and loyal to the organization. A positive work environment leads to higher employee satisfaction, increased engagement, improved teamwork, and, ultimately, better business outcomes.

Another way that team building activities promote a positive work environment is by showing employees that the company is invested in their growth and advancement. Training, workshops, mentorship programs, or professional development initiatives enhance employees’ skills and knowledge, showing that the organization invests in their long-term success and career progression. By occasionally choosing team building activities that train employees new skills and set them up for future leadership, you are telling your employees that you are invested in their future.

Pick your next Team Building Activity in Houston!

Houston provides a wealth of fun team building activities, but few can match the immersive and collaborative experiences offered by Escapely team building activities. As you navigate our intricately designed challenges, step into a world of mystery, teamwork, and excitement. Unlock your team’s potential, enhance communication, and celebrate the power of collaboration in an unforgettable adventure. Take advantage of this opportunity to challenge your team and create lasting memories. Unleash your team’s potential with Urban Adventure Quest, called one of the best team building activities in Houston!

5 Minute Team Building Activities

In today’s fast-paced work environment, finding ways to connect, engage, and motivate team members quickly is essential. But no one should feel as if they are giving up quality just because they don’t have a full hour to spend. Discover the power of 5 minute team building activities – brief yet impactful exercises that can transform the dynamics of your team in just a matter of minutes. These activities are designed to be efficient yet effective, providing a burst of collaboration in a short time span. 

Whether you’re starting a meeting, transitioning between tasks, or simply looking to build excitement, these quick team building activities offer a variety of different ways to encourage collaboration, build upon communication, and boost team morale. Even though they only last 5 minutes, they deepen connections among team members through quick icebreakers, exciting challenges, and creative exchanges! All of these are essential to creating a more vibrant work culture, and it truly does not take an hour to make an impact. Take a look at this collection of 5 minute team building activities and witness how small moments can create a significant difference.

Quick Team Building Activities

Team unity is essential, and this is never more true than when time is scarce. Team building should never take a back seat, as it is vital in enhancing team productivity and building a positive work environment. To address this challenge, we have curated a set of quick team building activities that can be seamlessly integrated into even the busiest of days. These 5 minute team building activities are designed to easily fit into any schedule. You can create memorable interactions that your team will remember in just a few minutes. These activities inject energy into your team’s routine without disrupting your workflow. 

Each activity on this list is designed to be completed within 5 to 15 minutes, so you can choose one for team meetings, short breaks, or whenever a brief but effective team-building boost is needed. Think of these activities as a powerful method to strengthen bonds, improve team spirit, and ultimately enhance the overall synergy of your team – all within the time constraints of a busy day.

The activities on our list can be modified and added to other activities as you see fit. We have included different types of games that may be suitable for different interests, and some are simpler than others. A brief description of each activity is included so that you can make the best decision for your team!

1. Bucket List

During this quick and engaging 5 minute team building activity, participants gather around virtually to share and compare their bucket lists, which are aspirations, dreams, and goals they hope to achieve in their lifetime. Each team member takes turns revealing an item from their bucket list and sharing it with the group. Coworkers will get to learn more about each other on a much deeper level, while also discovering common interests among their goals. As each person shares their aspirations, facilitators should note any shared interests and even encourage brief discussions. By the end of the session, team members will leave with a better understanding of each other’s ambitions and goals, both personally and professionally. These easy team building activities will help employees recognize their unique goals and differences while also finding common connections that bring them closer together.

2. Ice Breaker Questions

It can be challenging for everyone to open up during 5 minute team building activities, especially if the group is not already close. By the time they start feeling comfortable, the activity is over! That’s why ice breaker questions are a great way to get the ball rolling. You should kick off with a facilitator presenting a series of quick and light-hearted icebreaker questions that encourage participants to share insights about themselves. Questions can be things like “If you could have any superpower, what would it be?” or “What’s your favorite travel destination?” Team members take turns answering these questions, offering highlights into their personalities and preferences. Ice breaker questions create an inclusive and positive environment, allowing team members to find common ground with each other and share a few laughs along the way. Learning fun facts about their coworkers will also help employees feel more at ease with each other, setting a friendly and open tone for future interactions. This 5 minute icebreaker is as an efficient way to break down barriers and initiate meaningful conversations in just a few minutes. Buzzfeed shared a great list if you are in need of question ideas!

3. 5 minute Trivia

Think quickly on your feet in a thrilling 5 minute team building activity by diving into a quick virtual trivia game. These spirited 5 minute team building games spark friendly competition among co-workers and friends. The facilitator fires off a series of trivia questions spanning multiple topics and interests, with team members battling each other for the highest score. With questions ranging from general knowledge to pop culture and everything in between, everyone will get the opportunity to earn some bragging rights to kick off your next meeting. Our shortest rounds involve rapid-fire questions that build up anticipation as the clock ticks down, promoting quick thinking and energized responses. It is brief yet engaging and sets a lively tone for a productive meeting ahead!

4. Word Association

Word associations are simple team building activities that are easy to execute. The facilitator starts by presenting a word or phrase. This can be as simple as a single noun or adjective, or as complex as an abstract idea. Each team member then gets the chance to share the first word they think of upon hearing the original word or phrase. There are literally no wrong answers with a word association – everyone gets to say the first thing that comes to mind, whatever it is! Participants will get the opportunity to see how similar or different their thought processes are, and see if there are identical wavelengths to be learned from. Sometimes it’s just hilarious to see what people have on their minds. On a deeper level, this 5 minute team building game encourages everyone to appreciate that, even if initial viewpoints are different, there are multiple ways to come to conclusions and each opinion is perfectly valid.

5 minute stretches for the team

5. 5 Minute Stretches

Quick team building activities for work include both mental and physical experiences. This 5 minute team building idea is for the physical side: Take a few moments to relax and reset your team with virtual stretches. You will need a facilitator for this one to keep everyone performing the stretches together. The idea is to allow everyone a few minutes away from their desk or computer but to make it a team activity, you will want everyone to be doing the same motions. These exercises can range from neck stretches that ease tension to wrist rotations that relieve typing fatigue. The shared experience of stretching together creates a powerful connection, emphasizing a collective commitment to health. Participants will end feeling much more relaxed, more focused, and ready for all the challenges that are ahead. These 5 minute team building activities promote physical wellness, while also reminding everyone to take care of themselves first and foremost.

6. Never Have I Ever

Get to know each other a bit more creatively with a 5 minute team building version of Never Have I Ever. Everyone starts by holding up either their left or right hand and showing five fingers. One at a time, each team member reveals something they have never done before, starting with the phrase “Never have I ever.” Someone might say something like “Never have I ever traveled outside of my home country” or “Never have I ever eaten at a McDonald’s”. If anyone else on the team has done that activity before, they lower one finger. The game continues until only one person is left in the game with any remaining fingers up, or of course, if you have already hit the end of your allotted time. These activities provide a unique insight into shared experiences, while also highlighting differences along the way.  If you need some inspiration, Oprah shared 100 of the best “Never Have I Ever” questions. These short team building activities can have a long-lasting impact because they create a fun back-and-forth between team members.

7. One-Word Story Writing

Adding 5 minute motivational games into meetings will pave the way for creative inspiration and unlock new motivation. One-word story writing is a creative team building experience that turns individual contributions into a collaborative masterpiece. The facilitator starts off with a single word, and team members take turns adding one word each. With each word, the narrative evolves, often taking unexpected turns that are hilarious, intriguing, and sometimes create lasting jokes. Team members will need to intently listen to each other, and be ready to quickly adapt to keep the story in motion. It also brings the team together because they get to merge their ideas into a creative story. By the end of the session, your team will have created a fully brand new and unique tale that they each had an equal hand in crafting!

8. Show and Tell

5 minute games for meetings can be both a competition and an introduction. Virtual show and tell takes the competition out of the equation and instead provides a fantastic uncompetitive way to get to know one another. In our twist on this interactive exercise, team members get closer by allowing them to share unique insights into their workspace. Each participant takes a turn showcasing an item from their office, whether it’s a quirky decoration, a sentimental souvenir, or a productivity-boosting gadget. As stories unfold, employees will form deeper connections as colleagues learn about each other’s personalities and interests beyond work. Through seeing what they choose to keep around their workspace they will gain glimpses into each other’s lives. The swift and engaging nature of the exercise ensures that team bonds strengthen in just a few minutes and a more vibrant and interconnected team culture will remain!

hometown map games

9. Hometown Map

Another great way to get to know one another with 5 minute team building activities is through a virtual hometown map. This interactive exercise builds connections by having team members drop pins on Google Maps to mark their hometowns. While they do it, they can give a brief history or share a fun fact about their hometown. This brief yet insightful experience will showcase the diversity within the team, painting a broader picture of all the different backgrounds and upbringings that come together to create your office space. It also gives insight into their coworkers’ childhoods, which gives a better understanding of how they came to be. Once each team member has placed their pin, participants will see a colorful map of memories and feel united by their shared stories with a richer understanding of their fellow team members.

10. Wordcloud Highlights

A different type of fun and interactive 5 minute team building activity is a virtual wordcloud highlight. Start by selecting something for the whole team to view – this could be an article or a social media post or even a recent presentation. From there you will take the text that you want to explore and add it into a word cloud generator. The generator will analyze the text and spit out the results, which will display the common words or phrases that appear the most throughout the text. The words that occur most often are shown in larger fonts or colors, and the whole team will get the chance to discuss common themes and concepts shown throughout the piece. By highlighting the words that appear more often, participants can think more critically about the text being shown, and how repeated words and phrases can influence a presentation or article. This quick team building activity is a fun way to bring the meaning behind words to life!

11. Virtual Hot Seat

While all team building activities should focus on the entire group, it is possible to allow one or two individuals to take the spotlight in an effort to get to know everyone better. At each meeting, you can put a different person in the spotlight! Virtual hot seat is a quick 5 minute team building activity that helps everyone get to know each team member a bit more personally. In this interactive session, select a participant to put in the “hot seat” and face rapid-fire questions designed to reveal more about themselves. Team members can ask those in the hot seat anything they want, but be sure to include a variety of different types of questions to make it well-rounded and interesting. While the goal of the hot seat is to get to know each other on a deeper level, it’s also key to respect each other’s boundaries and leave out any sensitive questions or topics. All team building activities should be fun and encouraging, whether focusing on the group as a whole or just one member at a time.

20 Questions with your team

12. 20 Questions

When time is the biggest factor for team building activities, making the most of each interaction is of high importance. A fun and quick 5 minute team building activity is a game of 20 Questions. One person thinks of an object, and the rest of the team has to guess it correctly by asking either “yes” or “no” questions. The rest of the group has to ask their questions carefully –  they only have 20 attempts to discover the correct answer. 20 questions is a fun and engaging game that allows your team to think quickly and use deductive reasoning while working as a team.

Looking for More Quick Virtual Team Building Activities?

In the fast-paced landscape of today’s workplace, it’s a little too easy to let things like collaboration and team spirit fall by the wayside. Fortunately, even if you only have 5 minutes to spare, you can do some team bonding activities that will make a big difference. And the significance of quick team building activities is profound! We hope you will make use of these 5 minute team building activities, designed to be completed in just a few minutes, to inject a refreshing dose of interaction and fun into virtual meetings.

Our recommendation is to regularly host some of the 5 minute team building activities on this list, but a few times a year when you do have a little more time, host some longer activities as well. The quick activities are easy to host on your own, and we are here to help you with the longer ones, such as a virtual escape room or a virtual murder mystery. Just head to our virtual team building page for ideas and to get a quote for your group!

In today’s digital landscape, conference calls have become an integral part of remote work. However, they can sometimes feel impersonal and lack the team bonding opportunities that in-person interactions offer. That’s why incorporating team building activities for conference calls is essential! These activities break the monotony and foster a sense of unity, collaboration, and engagement amongst your team members. 

By incorporating some of our quick team building activities for conference calls, you will help your remote team members develop a sense of connection and engagement. Even better, they break the monotony of routine conference calls, promote creativity, encourage open communication, and strengthen relationships. It’s an investment, but investing in team building during conference calls ultimately results in a more cohesive and productive team.

Fun Activities For Conference Calls

Conference calls don’t have to be all business! According to Forbes, Injecting fun and interactive activities into an otherwise dry conference call will foster team bonding, boost morale, and create a positive and engaging atmosphere. In this post are several exciting games to play on conference calls that you can incorporate into your next meeting. Remember to adapt these activities based on your team’s preferences and the nature of your conference call. Use them to break the ice, encourage participation, and promote team building, ultimately enhancing the overall conference call experience. Read on for our list of ideas!

1. Speedy Scavenger Hunts

Speedy Scavenger Hunts are thrilling and interactive team building activities for conference calls. They challenge participants to race against the clock and find specific items in their office or immediate surroundings. The hunts can be customized based on themes or specific item categories, and participants can be awarded points for both creativity and speed. Ensure all participants have a reliable internet connection, a device with a camera, and access to a platform that supports video conferencing, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. It’s one of the most fun things to do during virtual team meetings!

First, introduce the scavenger hunt concept to all participants and explain the rules. Clarify whether creativity, speed, or a combination of both will be rewarded. According to Harvard Business Review, creativity hasn’t always been top of mind for management, however, that trend continues to shift. Designate one person as the host who will manage the game, announce the items, and keep track of progress and scores. To play, the host should announce the first item from the scavenger hunt list and participants must race to find that item within their office or immediate surroundings. Once participants find the item, they show it to the camera, and the host verifies its presence. The host then announces the next item and the process continues until all items on the list have been announced and found. 

At the end of the scavenger hunt, tally the scores and declare the participant with the highest number of points the winner. Playing Speedy Scavenger Hunts on a conference call brings energy, excitement, and a spirit of friendly competition to your team building activities. It encourages quick thinking, creativity, and resourcefulness as participants search for items in their surroundings. In turn, it will boost team morale and strengthen communication and camaraderie among colleagues. The best part is that this works even better in a virtual setting.

2. Remote Workplace Tours

Remote workplace tours are one of the most engaging team building activities for conference calls because of the natural curiosity (shall we say nosiness?) people always have about their coworkers! This unique style of video call team building allows team members to showcase their work environments, share insights, and foster connections through video. By participating in the team building activity, coworkers understand each other’s work setups better and it can even provide a platform for exchanging best practices!

You will want to determine the order of the workplace tours in advance to ensure everyone gets an opportunity to present their workspace. We recommend encouraging participants to prepare so they can showcase their unique setups and work styles. Start the conference call and invite the first participant to share their screen or take their laptop with them on a tour of their work area. The participant will guide the group through their workspace, highlighting key features, tools, and organizational systems. Encourage participants to explain the rationale behind their setup, any challenges they face, and how they have personalized their workspace to maximize productivity. After each tour, open the floor for other team members’ questions, comments, and observations. 

Remote workplace tours offer a valuable opportunity for team members to connect, gain insights, and foster a sense of community. They might also gain inspiration from their coworkers, exchange tips, and will certainly build stronger working relationships.

3. Charades

In today’s remote work environment, finding creative ways to connect and engage with your team is crucial. Charades is one of the most fun team building activities for work because the game gets people out of their shells and performing! If nothing else, it is sure to bring laughter to your conference calls, which always leaves people with good memories. It’s a classic game that can be easily adapted to the virtual setting, allowing team members to showcase their creativity and communication skills. Before the conference call, ensure that all participants have a reliable internet connection, a device with a camera, and a platform that supports video conferencing, such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams

Set up a virtual whiteboard or a shared document where team members can keep track of the clues and scores. Then, divide the participants into teams of at least two people. Assign team names or, to really encourage team bonding and a sense of identity, let the teams come up with their own. We also recommend deciding on a theme or category for the Charades game, such as movies, books, celebrities, or common objects. This helps focus the clues and gives the guessers something to go on. Assign one person to act as the host who will manage the game. They can keep track of the scores, choose the clues, and ensure the game runs smoothly.

When you are ready to start, briefly explain the rules of Charades to ensure everyone is on the same page. Remind participants they cannot speak or make any sounds during their turn but can only use gestures, body movements, and facial expressions to convey the clue. The host chooses a clue from the selected theme/category and privately communicates it to a player from one of the teams. The player then acts out the clue while the rest of their team guesses what it is. They can use exaggerated gestures, miming actions, and facial expressions to convey the clue without speaking. Team members shout out their guesses during the player’s turn. They earn points if the team successfully guesses the clue within the time limit. The host can keep track of the scores on the virtual whiteboard or shared document. After each turn, rotate to the next team, ensuring that each participant gets a chance to act out clues and guess.

Playing Charades as a team building activity for conference calls encourages creativity, communication, and teamwork, even in a remote setting. So gather your team, have fun, and enjoy the exciting game of Charades!

4. What Would You Do

“What Would You Do” questions are engaging and thought-provoking team call ideas that can easily be adapted to a conference call setting. This fun virtual team building activity stimulates team members’ critical thinking, problem-solving, and decision-making skills. Participants are presented with hypothetical scenarios and encouraged to discuss and share their responses. 

To organize a “What Would You Do” game on a conference call, first decide whether coworkers will simply take turns or whether you will use a randomizer to select participants to respond. Prepare a list of hypothetical scenarios that are relevant to your team’s work environment or industry and give each participant a turn to present a scenario to the group. They can describe the situation and provide any necessary context. After presenting a scenario, the participant can invite others to share their thoughts and responses. As the discussions progress, encourage participants to reach a consensus or collectively make decisions for each scenario. Encourage participants to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different approaches and reflect on lessons learned. Emphasize that the game is a safe space for sharing ideas and exploring different perspectives, and allocate a specific time limit for each scenario and discussion to keep the game moving at a reasonable pace to ensure that all participants have an opportunity to present a scenario or share their responses. 

To get to know coworkers on a deeper level, you can expand the game outside of workplace scenarios and give thought-provoking scenarios about the world, the environment, responsibility, or other dilemmas. Whatever you choose, playing “What Would You Do” on a conference call fosters critical thinking, decision-making, and collaboration among team members. Letting team members present their ideas promotes a deeper understanding of different perspectives and encourages open dialogue in a virtual setting.

5. Video of the Day

Sharing a “Video of the Day” during a conference call is an easy and popular remote team building activity. It’s a dynamic and interactive way to enhance team building and engagement that requires minimal advance planning or effort. This activity involves selecting and presenting a short video that is inspiring, educational, or entertaining to the team. By watching and discussing the video together, team members can connect on a deeper level, spark meaningful conversations, and strengthen their bonds. 

So that they have some context, you will want to explain to the team the purpose of sharing a “Video of the Day.” It can be to inspire, educate, entertain, or promote discussions on specific topics. Choose short videos that align with the team’s goals, such as motivational speeches, TED Talks, industry-related content, or funny clips that promote laughter and camaraderie. Before playing the video, provide a brief introduction or context to generate interest and set the stage for discussion. Explain why you selected the video and how it relates to the team’s work, values, or goals. Share your screen or provide a link to the video, ensuring all participants can view it simultaneously.

After watching the video, open the floor for discussion! Encourage team members to share their thoughts, reactions, and takeaways from the video. Quieter team members may need a nudge to contribute such as asking directly for their input or using breakout rooms for smaller group discussions. To involve your coworkers fully, nominate different team members to take turns selecting and sharing the “Video of the Day.” You can also use it to promote diversity in content and perspectives. Sharing a “Video of the Day” during a conference call provides a platform for shared experiences, sparks meaningful conversations, and promotes team bonding. It also allows team members to gain new perspectives, learn from each other, and collectively grow.

 6. Compliment Circle

Compliment Circles” are powerful team building activities for conference calls because they promote positivity, appreciation, and connection among team members. This activity provides a structured opportunity for team members to express genuine compliments and acknowledgments to one another. It boosts morale, strengthens relationships, and creates a supportive and uplifting team environment.

First, explain the purpose and guidelines of the activity. Emphasize that the focus is on sincere compliments and appreciation for team members, and encourage participants to be specific, authentic, and respectful in their compliments. To keep things organized, decide on the order in which team members will give and receive compliments. It can be in a clockwise sequence or randomly assigned. We recommend choosing someone to kick off the Compliment Circle who you know will set the right tone. Depending on the predetermined order, this person will complement the next team member. Each team member takes turns giving and receiving compliments within the designated order. The compliments can be directed to the person on their left, right, or any team member of their choice. Genuine and heartfelt compliments have a more profound impact on team members, so be sure to coach everyone in advance to go deeper with their compliments!

Participants should pay close attention to each compliment and appreciate the kind words shared. After completing the Compliment Circle, allow some time for reflection and discussion. Participants can share how the activity made them feel and any positive impacts it had on the team dynamics. “Compliment Circles” are simple yet powerful team building activities to do during work that can foster a culture of appreciation and support within the team. 

This activity strengthens relationships and boosts morale by creating opportunities for team members to acknowledge each other’s strengths and contributions.

7. Virtual Bingo

Virtual Bingo is a popular and engaging activity that can be played during a conference call to promote team building, create a fun atmosphere, and foster connections among team members. It offers a great opportunity for friendly competition, interaction, and shared excitement. 

Distribute virtual bingo cards to each participant before the conference call and ensure that everyone has access to their own unique bingo card. You can act as the Bingo caller during the conference call yourself or designate someone to fulfill this role. Use the number generator on the virtual platform to announce the randomly selected numbers. Participants should mark off the numbers on their virtual bingo cards as they are called out. Create opportunities for participants to interact and share their progress during the game, such as using the chat function or designated breaks to allow participants to discuss their strategies or share their excitement. When a participant achieves a winning pattern (e.g., straight line, diagonal, blackout), celebrate their success and acknowledge their accomplishment. Afterward, encourage participants to share their thoughts on the game and how it contributed to team building and camaraderie. 

To make the event more immersive, you can even mix in meaningful words amongst the numbers! At Escapely, we sometimes include words related to special holidays or occasions, words related to company values, or even names of people playing. Playing Virtual Bingo during a conference call adds an element of excitement and interactivity to virtual meetings. It allows team members to engage in a shared activity, fostering a sense of connection and camaraderie.

8. Virtual Office Polls

Virtual Office Polls are fun activities for conference calls and a fantastic way to promote engagement, gather feedback, and encourage collaboration. By frequently polling your team, you can create an interactive and inclusive environment that encourages active participation in decisions small and large! It also fosters team connections by conducting short polls on random topics and discussing the results together. Check out these 25 fun poll questions to use for your next meeting.

Select a suitable polling platform that allows you to create and conduct polls in real time during the conference call. Look for platforms that offer features like multiple-choice questions, open-ended responses, and instant result sharing. To make the most of the activity, select interesting and relevant topics that can spark conversations and capture the interest of your team members. Topics can range from work-related questions to fun and light-hearted topics that promote team bonding. Share the poll link or access details with all the participants before the conference call begins. This is an excellent 30-minute virtual team building activity because you can give participants a specific timeframe to submit their responses – it doesn’t need to be long. Once the polling time is up, share the poll results with the participants. Display the results visually, such as through charts or graphs, to make them easily understandable. Discuss any insights or key takeaways that emerge from the poll, relating them to the team’s goals or current projects. Point out patterns, trends, or unexpected findings in the poll results. 

Afterward, encourage participants to reflect on the poll results. You can even take it a step further by considering any actions or improvements that can be made based on the insights gathered. Virtual Office Polls provide a valuable opportunity to gather real-time feedback, foster collaboration, and create a sense of involvement during conference calls. By leveraging the insights from these polls, teams can make informed decisions, improve communication, and strengthen their working relationships!

9. Virtual Background Sharing

Hosting a virtual background-sharing session during a conference call is not only a fun use of virtual resources, but it’s also an excellent way to foster connection, engagement, and creativity among team members. This activity allows participants to personalize their virtual backgrounds and share something meaningful, fun, or inspiring about themselves. Pro tip: Include the virtual background-sharing session as part of the conference call agenda to ensure everyone is prepared and aware of the activity. 

For those who may be unfamiliar, share guidelines for creating virtual backgrounds, such as image dimensions, preferred file formats, or any specific themes or requirements. Encourage participants to choose backgrounds representing their personalities, hobbies, interests, or achievements. If necessary, share step-by-step instructions or video tutorials to ensure everyone can successfully set up their backgrounds. Allocate time during the conference call for each participant to present their virtual background and briefly explain its significance. Encourage participants to share stories, experiences, or anecdotes related to their virtual backgrounds, fostering conversation and connection. After each participant shares their virtual background, invite others to ask questions, share similar experiences, or even offer compliments. 

Conclude the virtual background-sharing session by expressing appreciation for everyone’s participation and creativity. Acknowledge connections made, stories shared, and the overall positive atmosphere created during the activity. Hosting a virtual background sharing session during a conference call not only adds an element of fun and personalization but also strengthens team bonds and encourages self-expression. It promotes a sense of belonging, sparks conversations, and fosters a positive and engaging remote work environment!

10. Virtual Escape Room

Virtual escape rooms are probably the most exciting and immersive team building activities for conference calls. Okay, we might be biased, but we talk to clients all the time who poll their teams and everyone loudly requests a virtual escape room! They offer a unique and challenging experience in which participants work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and ultimately escape. Because of the clue-solving component, which requires a lot of teamwork to solve, they are probably the most interactive activity you can add to your virtual conference call.

Unless you have a game designer on your staff, a virtual escape room is not an activity you can produce on your own. Fortunately, there are many options to choose from! For the best quality, look for a company that specializes in virtual escape rooms for team building. To get the most out of it, you will want to choose an escape room that requires participants to talk and solve together. At Escapely, for example, our virtual escape rooms are not designed to be a video game experience but instead require personal interaction to solve the puzzles. They were designed specifically for team building to get coworkers collaborating and problem-solving.

If you like, you can allocate specific roles and responsibilities to each team member, encouraging collaboration and utilizing everyone’s strengths. Roles may include a team leader, clue gatherer, puzzle solver, and communicator. No matter what, encourage open communication and collaboration among team members throughout the game. As your team works together to solve puzzles, decipher codes, and unlock hidden clues, be sure that everyone’s opinions and suggestions are given some thought.

After completing the virtual escape room, take time to reflect on the experience as a team. Playing a virtual escape room during a conference call provides an immersive and challenging team building experience. It encourages collaboration, problem-solving, communication, and time management skills among team members.

11. Write A Story Together

Writing a story together is an engaging and creative team building activity that can be done during a conference call. This activity encourages collaboration, communication, and imagination among team members. While collectively creating a story, participants will enhance their teamwork skills and foster a sense of shared accomplishment.

Begin by setting the scene and establishing the theme or genre of the story. Decide on a writing format that suits the conference call environment – we suggest nominating a scribe and screen sharing the writing document so that everyone can see. Participants can take turns contributing to the story orally and the scribe can write everything down. An alternative is to use a shared document where everyone can type their ideas in real-time, one after the next. Either way, begin the story by having one participant provide the opening sentence or paragraph. That person will be responsible for setting the tone and introducing the initial setting or characters. Everyone then takes turns adding a sentence, paragraph, or dialogue exchange to continue the story. As the story progresses, team members should actively listen to each other’s contributions and find ways to connect and expand on them. Whatever is said, build on it, but don’t negate it!

To create a cohesive and engaging storyline coworkers will need to collaborate and reinforce one another. Prompt participants to describe the story’s visuals, such as settings, character appearances, or actions. Allow the participants to collectively wrap up the narrative satisfactorily and decide on a suitable endpoint for the story together. After completing the story, take a moment to reflect on the experience. 

Writing a story together during a conference call fosters creativity, teamwork, and active listening skills. It encourages participants to think on their feet, adapt to new ideas, and collectively construct a narrative. It also makes teammates feel appreciated because everyone’s ideas and input must be built upon and become integral to the story. This activity strengthens team bonds and nurtures a shared sense of accomplishment as the team collaboratively creates something unique.

12. Guess the Song Title in Emojis

Guess the Song Title in Emojis” is a fun and interactive game that can be played during a conference call to engage team members and spark creativity. Participants are presented with a series of emojis that represent popular song titles, and they have to guess the correct song title based on the emojis provided. This activity encourages collaboration, problem-solving, and a shared sense of enjoyment. 

If you would like to prepare this yourself, compile a list of song titles and translate them into sequences of emojis. Ensure that the emojis chosen represent key elements or words from the song titles, making them recognizable but still challenging. Share the screen or describe the emojis one by one to the participants. After each emoji sequence is presented, allow participants to discuss their guesses and the reasoning behind their choices. If participants struggle to guess a song title, offer hints or clues to nudge them in the right direction. Clues can be in the form of additional emojis or verbal hints related to the song or artist. After revealing the correct song title, take a moment to discuss the song, its artist, or any interesting facts related to it. 

Encourage a positive and light-hearted atmosphere throughout this virtual team building game. Emphasize that the primary goal is to have fun and engage with team members. Playing “Guess the Song Title in Emojis” for conference call team building activities not only brings joy and entertainment but also fosters creativity and collaboration among team members. It allows participants to showcase their problem-solving skills, cultural knowledge, and love for music.

13. Host A Trivial Debate

Trivial Debates are fun and interactive team building ice breakers for work that challenge participants to engage in lively discussions and critical thinking. To do this activity, you must present a trivial debate topic. Then, encourage participants to express their opinions and debate the merits of the different choices. The goal is to see if a unanimous decision can be reached to eliminate one of the choices.

Select a light-hearted and fun topic that sparks debate but does not involve sensitive or controversial subjects. Examples include “Pineapple on Pizza: Yay or Nay?”, “Coffee or Tea: Which is the Superior Beverage?” or “Cats vs. Dogs: Which Makes the Best Pet?” Share the rules of the Trivial Debate, including the objective and guidelines for participation. Clarify that the goal is to engage in a friendly debate and work towards a unanimous decision about eliminating one of the choices. Divide participants into teams or pairs, assigning them to advocate for one of the choices in the debate. 

Encourage participants to actively engage in the debate by presenting logical arguments, providing evidence or examples, and refuting opposing points of view. Someone should act as a facilitator, ensuring the discussion remains focused, respectful, and inclusive. Encourage participants to engage in collaborative problem-solving and critical thinking to find common ground. After the debate, facilitate a reflection and discussion session where participants can share their thoughts, insights, and lessons learned from the activity. Acknowledge the value of diverse perspectives and the collective effort in reaching a unanimous decision. 

Hosting a Trivial Debate during a conference call allows team members to engage in friendly debates, challenge their critical thinking skills, and practice respectful communication. It encourages active participation, collaboration, and the exploration of different viewpoints, ultimately fostering a more cohesive and intellectually stimulating team environment.

14. Before and After

“Before and After” is one of the quickest conference call team building activities. It encourages keen observation and a little bit of fun. This activity involves selecting participants to rearrange something in their background while their camera is turned off. The other teammates must guess what changed when they turn their camera back on. Randomly select a participant to be the “changer” for the round. Ensure the participant knows their role and understands the activity’s objective. Instruct the chosen participant to turn off their camera temporarily. 

During this time, they should rearrange or change something in their background without revealing it to others. Ask the participant to turn their camera back on, rejoin the conference call, and encourage other teammates to observe the participant’s background closely and identify what has been rearranged or changed. Whenever a participant correctly identifies the change, give them a point! After each round, choose a new participant to be the “changer” and repeat the process. Depending on the size of your team and the available time, set a time limit for each round to ensure the activity remains engaging and doesn’t exceed the allocated time. 

After playing several rounds, take a moment to reflect on the activity as a team. Playing “Before and After” during a conference call adds fun and curiosity and encourages keen observation skills, teamwork, and communication. It fosters engagement, strengthens connections among team members, and brings a sense of lightheartedness to the virtual environment.

15. Today I Learned

“Today I Learned” is an interactive and educational game that can be played during a conference call to foster knowledge sharing and team engagement. Participants share interesting facts, insights, or discoveries they recently learned. These team building activities for conference calls promote continuous learning, strengthen team bonds, and encourage open communication. 

Give participants a few minutes before the call to think about what they want to share – that will ensure everyone has something interesting to contribute. As each participant takes their turn, they can share their “Today I Learned” fact with the group. Encourage participants to share unique or surprising facts, insights, or new information they have learned recently. It can be related to their work, industry, personal interests, or general knowledge. After each sharing, open the floor for questions, comments, or discussions related to the shared fact. Encourage participants to engage in meaningful conversations, ask follow-up questions, or share their own related experiences. 

Consider keeping a shared document or chat log where participants can capture the facts shared during the call. This creates a record of knowledge gained and serves as a resource for future reference or discussions. Playing “Today I Learned” on a conference call promotes a culture of continuous learning, knowledge sharing, and team engagement. It fosters a sense of curiosity, encourages personal growth, and strengthens connections among team members.

Looking For More Conference Call Team Building Activities?

Are you looking for more team building activities for conference calls? If so, we at Escapely offer a wide range of fun virtual team activities. In addition to our virtual escape room experiences and virtual bingo discussed above, we also offer a virtual murder mystery in which teammates work together to uncover clues, interrogate suspects, and solve a crime.

If trivia is more your speed, you can test your team’s knowledge and create a competitive environment with our virtual trivia games. If you are not quite sure which activity would be best, we have a variety of options to suit different team sizes, interests, and objectives. A consultation is completely free, so please feel free to reach out for advice, more information, or a demo of our virtual offerings!

Team building quotes are famous expressions and sayings, focusing on a variety of topics including teamwork, open communication, and overcoming struggles. Team leaders often use these quotes to inspire and motivate their colleagues, and ultimately improve the company culture as a whole.

What are the benefits of working as a team?

As the classic team building quote says, “it takes a village to raise a child”. Teamwork is the foundation of success and is a vital component in accomplishing goals. Whether working all together in one single location or collaborating with co-workers around the globe, teamwork is essential to continue moving forward. Everyone ultimately has the same goal, so why not focus on building up comradery instead of creating divisions? For a team to grow to its greatest heights, it is important to build a work culture in which each team member chooses to help the others not because they are required to, but because they genuinely want to. And when coworkers have the support of a strong team, there is nothing that can stand in the way of success. The great thing about teamwork is that it comes in all sizes, making this list of team building quotes diverse.

What are team building quotes?

Everyone is inspired differently, but that does not mean there are no common traits we all share. Everyone wants recognition for a job well done, and everyone wants to feel as though they are contributing and that their contributions matter. Quotes for team building are a fantastic way to pass along words of encouragement to keep the positive momentum going, and they come with the added benefit of being quick, easy, and free. Whether praise for a successful accomplishment or a friendly push to let everyone know what they are doing matters, a great team building quote can reach people far and wide. You can choose inspirational team building quotes or funny team building quotes depending on the tone you are looking to set for your team at that point in time.

Of course, these quotes won’t take the place of a one-on-one interaction, but they are a fantastic motivator to inspire everyone and remind them that what they are working on matters. Team morale has the incredible ability to increase productivity and individual performance, and even job satisfaction as a whole. A good team building quote can boost morale by encouraging the whole team to band together, and quotes about building a team can speak volumes to your employees and coworkers.

Team Building Teamwork Quotes

Quotes on team building are notable sayings and expressions with a strong emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and encouragement. Team building quotes inspire others and encourage teamwork. Leaders and managers will often use these team building quotes in an effort to educate and motivate everyone around them. Whether speaking to project leaders or dedicated team members, a great team building quote can bring everyone together. These quotes can motivate members to work together, to encourage each other to take a firm leadership role, or to lighten the tension with some added humor. Many are attributed to historically relevant leaders and revered community figures – often as a means of encouraging others to one day reach the same level of success that they themselves have achieved. No matter what style is used, all team building quotes ultimately achieve the same desired outcome of bringing the team together.

Quotes on Leadership

All of the best leaders have one thing in common: they understand that they are unable to achieve greatness alone. Here are a few inspirational team building quotes that emphasize the importance of leadership, and what it means to build others towards success. After all, a mark of true leadership is being able to grow a group of individuals to a team success. These team building quotes focus on leaders and leadership but can be applied to anyone looking to take ownership of their success.

  • “A good leader takes a little more than his share of the blame, a little less than his share of the credit.” – Arnold Glasow, author
  • “Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do, and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.” –Gen. George S. Patton
  • “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.” –Jack Welch, former CEO and Chairman of GE
  • “People ask the difference between a leader and a boss. The leader leads, and the boss drives.” -former President Theodore Roosevelt
  • “To lead people, walk beside them. As for the best leaders, the people do not notice their existence… When the best leader’s work is done, the people say, ‘We did it ourselves!’” –Lao Tzu, philosopher
  • “Earn your leadership every day.” –Michael Jordan, NBA star
  • “Make sure you’re not just waiting for someone else to fix things, or hoping that things will improve… Figure out what’s going on and make a plan to improve things.” –Kenneth W. Thomas, author
  • “The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on.” –Walter Lippmann, writer, and political commentator
  • “Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.” -former President Dwight D. Eisenhower

“Leadership is the capacity to transform vision into reality.” –Warren G. Bennis, founding chairman of the Leadership Institute at the University of Southern California

Quotes wont work unless you do

 Motivational Quotes

Whether a person is feeling the highest highs or the lowest lows, anyone can appreciate a little extra motivation. These team building motivational quotes highlight finding the positive in all situations and encourage team building through motivation. These team building quotes focus on both the motivational and inspirational aspects of overcoming challenges.

  • “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” –Henry Ford, entrepreneur
  • “What people have the capacity to choose, they have the ability to change.” –Madeleine Albright, politician
  • “True heroes are made of hard work and integrity.” –Hope Solo, soccer player
  • “It’s hard work that makes things happen. It’s hard work that creates change.” –Shonda Rhimes, television producer
  • “I am not bound to win, but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to live up to what light I have.” -former President Abraham Lincoln
  • “Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” –Steve Jobs, business magnate
  • “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” -former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt
  • “People doing good work feel good and people doing exceptional work feel exceptional. Accomplishments contribute greatly to satisfaction.” –Mark Sanborn, author
  • “Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had.” –Angela Bassett, actress
  • “Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” -His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Collaboration Quotes

Teamwork is the not-so-secret ingredient to the long term success of any organization. These team building quotes focus on the importance of working together as a team. After all, it should be the goal of each individual not only to succeed, but to see the success of others all around them.

  • “No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” –H.E. Luccock, professor
  • “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” –Helen Keller, activist
  • “Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.” –Virginia Burden, author
  • “The chain is only as strong as its weakest link, for if that fails the chain fails and the object that it has been holding up falls to the ground.” –Thomas Reid, philosopher
  • “It’s very dramatic when two people come together to work something out. It’s easy to take a gun and annihilate your opposition, but what is really exciting to me is to see people with differing views come together and finally respect each other.” –Fred Rogers, children’s entertainer
  • “A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.” –Martin Luther King Jr., civil rights leader
  • “Collaboration is a key part of the success of any organization, executed through a clearly defined vision and mission and based on transparency and constant communication.” –Dinesh Paliwal, president and CEO of Harman International
  • “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.” –Charles Darwin, naturalist
  • “The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” –Phil Jackson, NBA coach
  • “Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” –Andrew Carnegie, industrialist

Team Communication Quotes

Effective communication is crucial to a high-functioning team. Understanding the meaning behind the words we use and how they are interpreted by others is an advanced skill teams strive for. These team building quotes will encourage team members to open up a new line of dialog with each other. Communicating as a team is one of the most important elements of any organization, and these team building quotes bring to light their importance.

  • “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” –George Bernard Shaw, playwright
  • “Excellent communication doesn’t just happen naturally. It is a product of process, skill, climate, relationship and hard work.” –Pat McMillan, CEO
  • “Communication works for those who work at it.” –John Powell, film composer
  • “Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.” –Robert Frost, author
  • “Great communication begins with connection.” –Oprah Winfrey, television host and producer
  • “Good communication is as stimulating as black coffee and just as hard to sleep after.” –Anne Morrow Lindbergh, aviator
  • “The great enemy of communication, we find, is the illusion of it.” –William H. Whyte, sociologist
  • “Unity is strength…when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” –Mattie Stepanek, poet
  • “Wise men speak because they have something to say; Fools because they have to say something.” –Plato, philosopher
  • “Communication is a skill that you can learn. It’s like riding a bicycle or typing. If you’re willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life.” –Brian Tracy, motivational speaker

Quotes on togetherness

By definition, each team has a common goal. These goals can be accomplished by an individual, but a team will have much greater success when everyone works together. These team building teamwork quotes emphasize the importance of togetherness and working together as a larger, stronger team to achieve success. At the end of the day, the key component of a good team building quote is the team itself.

  • “The way a team plays as a whole determines its success. You may have the greatest bunch of individual stars in the world, but if they don’t play together, the club won’t be worth a dime.” –Babe Ruth, legendary MLB player
  • “I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot: together we can do great things.” -Saint Mother Teresa
  • “Find a group of people who challenge and inspire you, spend a lot of time with them, and it will change your life forever.” –Amy Poehler, actress
  • “Surround yourself with a trusted and loyal team. It makes all the difference.” –Alison Pincus, co-founder of One Kings Lane
  • “A fine glass vase goes from treasure to trash, the moment it is broken. Fortunately, something else happens to you and me. Pick up your pieces. Then, help me gather mine.” –Vera Nazarian, author
  • “The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.” –Margaret Carty, executive director of the Maryland Library Association
  • “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” –Vince Lombardi, NFL coach
  • “I’ve never scored a goal in my life without getting a pass from someone else.” –Abby Wambach, soccer player
  • “No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game you’ll always lose out to a team.” –Reid Hoffman, internet entrepreneur
  • “Camaraderie doesn’t happen by accident; developing a strong sense of trust, accountability, and togetherness around team goals requires intentional effort.” –Don Yaeger, author

Funny Team Quotes

Not all team building quotes need to be super serious – as the saying goes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Sometimes it is just as important to lighten the mood. After all, we are all human and like to have a bit of fun. These funny team building quotes are on the more lighthearted side and will bring some levity to your team.

  • “If you take out the team in teamwork, it’s just work. Now who wants that?” –Matthew Stover, novelist
  • “Teamwork means never having to take all the blame yourself”. –Stephen Hawking, theoretical physicist
  • “You think it’s dumb when someone says there’s no ‘I in team, but you stick one in there and you see how dumb that looks.” –Brendan Kiely, author
  • “Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” -Will Rogers, vaudeville performer
  • “There’s no secret about success. Did you ever know a successful man who didn’t tell you about it?” –Kin Hubbard, cartoonist
  • “Victory goes to the player who makes the next-to-last mistake.” –Savielly Tartakower, chess player
  • “It’s just a job. Grass grows, birds fly, waves pound the sand. I beat people up.” –Muhammad Ali, former heavyweight boxing champion
  • “I will always choose a lazy person to do a hard job, because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.” –Bill Gates, Microsoft co-founder
  • “The road to success is always under construction.” –Lily Tomlin, actress
  • “Would I rather be feared or loved? Easy – both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” –Michael Scott, regional manager of Dunder Mifflin Paper Company
  • “Son, if you really want something in this life, you have to work for it. Now quiet! They’re about to announce the lottery numbers.” –Homer Simpson, safety inspector for the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant

Word hard and succeed on purpose

Why are Team Building Quotes Important

A  good manager is one who can inspire others to achieve great things. Utilizing quotes is an excellent way to reach more people and motivate the team to reach their full potential. The quotes in this list have stood the test of time – some by a few years and others by entire centuries. These team building quotes are rooted in the prolonged success of celebrated individuals, distilling meaningful life lessons into a few carefully organized and impactful words. The benefits of team building include increased communication between members of the organization, which is the cornerstone of an effective team. When you have a committed and engaged team, there is nothing that can stop you from success. A positive work environment leads to prolonged periods of creativity, driving even more forward progress. Team building quotes are a useful tool to remind everyone that, in both the good times and the bad times, everyone is working together to achieve greatness. 

Knowing the Right Time to Use these Team Building Quotes

Positive team building quotes are more than just words on a page. The words themselves are a tool for the true goal of building trust and inspiring your team towards success. Team building quotes for work serve to motivate the team, including everyone from the leader of the organization to the newest hire. The great benefit of team building is that there is never too much you can do for your team. Through words and actions, there is never too much motivation that can be provided towards others. Team building quotes are part of an ongoing journey, with different styles and different methods to encourage others. And when looking for both words and actions, Escapely has all the virtual and live team building opportunities you need to truly motivate your team to achieve brand new heights. Let your next team bonding experience be the next step in building trust among your team.

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