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How to Plan an Escape Room Birthday Party


Are you tired of just ordering pizza and popping a few soda cans with friends on your birthday? Why not throw an escape room party to make your celebration a blast?

An escape room birthday party is a FUN TWIST on traditional celebrations, especially for puzzle enthusiasts and gamers alike. Thrilling escape room adventures are perfect unforgettable experiences to have on your big day. 

Parties featuring escape rooms stand out not only to young and older kids but to adults as well. They are a fun and interactive way to celebrate, offering a unique blend of team building and high-stakes entertainment

A themed room filled with decorations, exciting escape room games, and party favors that match the vibe will definitely make your birthday party one that all your guests will remember for years to come!

But how can you achieve this fun party idea for you and your guests? There is nothing a little creativity and meticulous planning cannot fix! These are key to creating a successful event that will leave the party guests talking long after the day is over.

To help you materialize this unforgettable adventure on your birthday, we crafted this blog post to serve as your guide and initial inspiration. 

We will provide escape room birthday party planning ideas to help you pick the right venue, design cool birthday party invitations, and select the perfect party favors for your chosen theme. Read on to know all the details!

What Is an Escape Room Birthday Party?

Many people are familiar with escape rooms, but many more would still ask, “What is an escape room party?”

An escape room birthday party is a celebration whose primary gimmick features physical or virtual escape rooms and escape room activities.

Party-goers are locked in an enclosed space where they must solve puzzles and riddles to escape before time runs out. 

These parties also incorporate themes ranging from haunted houses and jump scares to prison cells or bank heists, each one catering to different interests and age groups. 

Games in escape rooms combine team-building skills, problem-solving skills, and quick thinking. This is the perfect type of activity if you want to see your party guests WORK and INTERACT with each other. 

When they participate effectively to uncover clues, solve puzzles, and unlock their path to freedom, they are also likely to form a lasting bond and make friends at your event. 

Ultimately, escape rooms add an extra layer of EXCITEMENT, making escape room birthday parties a great way to entertain friends and create lasting memories with special people on your special day. 

Pick the Right Escape Room in Escapely

pick the right escape room in escapely

Selecting the right escape room is VITAL in planning an unforgettable escape room birthday party. Pick themes and escape games that suit the age group, interests, and skill levels of the celebrant and their party guests. 

Escapely is among the popular platforms to book your escape room adventures. They offer a variety of themed rooms that cater to diverse preferences, which include: 

These examples showcase the range of experiences available through Escapely, allowing planners and celebrants to choose an escape room that best fits their party’s vibe.

Escapely’s website provides detailed descriptions for each scenario, including the narrative backdrop and the challenges participants can expect. 

This ensures that the selected escape-the-room theme is age-appropriate, which is most important when there will be kids at your party. 

Make Birthday Party Invitations

An escape-the-room birthday party would NOT be complete without guests, and you can only have guests when you send out invitations to your friends and family. 

Themed invitations are essential to set the stage for your escape room birthday party. This instantly conveys the event’s adventurous spirit with the chosen theme. 

Leveraging a free birthday invitation maker is a savvy choice to achieve this without incurring extra expenses. These online tools offer various design options, enabling hosts to craft custom invitations that perfectly mirror their escape room theme.

When selecting a template, you must consider the specific escape room scenario. The design, colors, motifs, and other elements should all resonate with the theme, creating a sense of ANTICIPATION and EXCITEMENT among the invitees. 

For additional engagement, you can incorporate simple puzzles into the invitation, hinting at the challenges that await. You can also give a sneak peek of the escape room games and other party details, like the venue, dress code, and date. 

By focusing on customization and aligning the invitation’s aesthetic with the escape room theme, hosts can ensure that the invitation process is not only straightforward but also adds to the overall excitement and cohesion of the birthday celebration. 

This thoughtful approach guarantees that the intrigue of the escape room party begins the moment guests open their invitations, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience.

Get a Themed Birthday Cake

get a themed birthday cake

Escape room cakes are more than just sweet treats; they are the centerpiece that beautifully complements the escape room theme, enhancing the OVERALL AMBIANCE of the party. 

Choosing a cake themed like your escape room’s scenario not only delights the eye but also deepens the immersive escape room experience for guests. 

An interactive cake incorporating hidden clues and puzzles into the cake design is another innovative way to immerse guests further. This could include edible clues hidden within the cake, offering a fun and delicious way to match the escape room theme. 

It is also crucial to consider all party attendees’ dietary needs and allergies. Opting for ingredients that accommodate common dietary restrictions, such as gluten-free or nut-free options, ensures everyone can enjoy a piece of the cake. 

PRO TIP: Communicating with your baker about these needs ahead of time allows for creative solutions that do not compromise on taste or design.

Come Up With Escape Room Birthday Party Favors

A themed room, birthday cake, birthday party games, and invitations are just some of the many things you must prepare to make your celebration an unforgettable experience. You must also find favors or gifts to share with your friends.

Selecting an escape room birthday party favor requires careful consideration of the guests’ age to ensure that what they get is suitable and enjoyable for them.

Choosing items that resonate with the escape room’s theme is also important. You can put themed keychains or puzzles inside the goodie bags or knick-knacks that they can use to find clues for solving puzzles in the venue.

Aligning these favors with the theme not only enriches the party’s atmosphere but also leaves a lasting impression on guests.

You can find good party favors WITHOUT overspending. Affordable yet creative choices, such as mini puzzle boxes or cryptic note cards, can be sourced easily, adding a unique touch to the celebration.

What to Do on the Day of the Birthday Party

what to do on the day of the birthday party

If you do not have much free time, the day of your birthday party would also be the day you start decorating the escape rooms! So, wake up early to ensure everything is in place and address last-minute adjustments. 

Some people hire party planners to create rooms days before the celebration. When doing so, it is essential to coordinate with them to make sure that both of you are on the same page.

Apart from this, you must consider the schedule when planning your party. Keep in mind the time constraints, especially since escape rooms typically last about one hour to 90 minutes.

Game masters are also crucial in escape rooms. You can be the game master of your own escape room game or ask another person if you want to have fun playing with the other guests. 

Before the game begins, the game master will explain the escape room to the participants, including the backstory and goals they need to achieve to escape. 

For parties involving younger children, you can remind parents to ensure their kids take restroom breaks BEFORE starting. Escape rooms are intense and time-bound, and taking breaks can disrupt the escape room experience.

Preparing participants by giving them the necessary information and tips and ensuring they are comfortable and ready can significantly enhance the escape room birthday party celebration!

Book Your Escape Room in Escapely

To ensure a seamless and memorable escape room birthday party, you can book an escape room at Escapely in advance. 

Securing your spot early allows you to choose the PREFERRED date and time for your celebration, guaranteeing your desired escape room experience without scheduling conflicts. 

Escapely offers a variety of themes suitable for kids, young adults, and older age groups, as well as virtual escape room options for remote celebrations. 

For bookings and inquiries, Escapely can be reached via email at hello@escapely.com or through our contact number at (702) 747-3009

So, what else are you waiting for? This is your sign to plan your escape room adventure and make your birthday a celebration to remember!

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