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Customer service that will amaze you.

Amazing Escape Race

In Person Team Building Activity Our in-person team building activities are part escape room and part Amazing Race. We mix competition, problem-solving, and teamwork into an incredible event that brings employees together to connect and have a blast! Participants work together in small teams to locate checkpoints, complete challenge stations, and solve puzzles and clues.

The challenges teams encounter throughout the race are varied so that everyone is able to contribute, lead, and follow at different times. At the end, all teams reconvene to complete one final challenge together, which unites the entire group. Then, we announce the winners!

Escapely Amazing Race Finishing Team Our team-building games in person are scalable to any group size. This makes them a great fit for everything from small company retreats to company-wide annual conferences. They’re great team-building activities for large groups because the larger the event, the more teams there are racing against one another. We can build out the event at any venue of your choosing, whether that be a resort where you are holding a team-building retreat, a conference venue, a downtown area, or your office headquarters.

Whether you are looking for outdoor team building games or indoor team building activities, our amazing escape races can meet your needs. Our incredible event coordinators will arrange all checkpoint locations and take care of every detail so that you can relax and enjoy the team-building game.

What Challenges Will Teams Encounter?

The challenges in our in-person team building activities are varied so that every participant has something to offer. Each attendee will have a chance to lead and to learn throughout the event. From logic puzzles to trivia to physical challenges, teams will draw on the unique skill sets of each individual. And all of the challenges are united by one thing: fun!

Completed Logic Puzzle

Logic puzzles

Trivia Question With Timer

Rapid fire trivia

Team Members Communicating

Team coordination

Physical Puzzle Pieces Connecting

Physical puzzles

Code Breaking Cipher Tool

Codes and ciphers

Circle With Plus Sign

Much more!

What's Included in Our In-Person Team Building Activities

Game Guide Wearing Gloves

Live Game Guides and Moderators

Energetic live staff guides participants through the entire race from start to finish. First, an emcee distributes race packets and gets everyone excited and ready to play. Each checkpoint is staffed with dynamic game guides who run the challenges and dedicated moderators help the teams through all of the puzzles and clues.

Race Packet Holding Puzzles and Clues

Race Packets

Race packets filled with physical puzzles and clues are distributed to each team. As teams work through them, they discover the locations of checkpoints and challenge stations along the racecourse.

Puzzle Board

Clues, Puzzles, and Challenge Stations

Teams encounter puzzles and challenges that call upon everyone's unique skill set. Our varied challenges utilize problem-solving skills, creativity, intellectual capabilities, and physical pursuits. There's something for everyone!

Team Member Final Challenge Puzzle

Final Challenge

Teams race to be the first to arrive at the final checkpoint. Once there, all teams work together to solve one final challenge as a cohesive group. This unites the larger organization while still allowing participants to form deeper connections on the small teams.

Hands High Fiving Together

Togetherness, Bonding, and Friendly Competition

Our team building games in person are specifically designed to foster teamwork, communication, and bonding. The puzzles and challenges get everyone working together and thinking on their feet. The friendly competition gives everyone something to talk about at the wrap party!


Competitive Team Building
Activities In Person

Escapely’s team building games in person offer a variety of benefits to coworkers and their companies. We divide participants into small teams which allows everyone to have a voice. Teams communicate and problem solve together as they make their way through a series of puzzles, clues, and challenges. The race structure adds an element of competition that helps teams take the challenges even more seriously and forges deeper connections. When employees bond together outside of the office, their workplace relationships are strengthened as well. Coworkers talk about our group team building games and compare stats long after the event is over!

Our corporate team building activities are specifically designed to involve a wide variety of strengths and skills. To be successful, team-building ideas must get employees out of their normal office hierarchy so they can work together and view each other in new ways. Our team building games in person foster an environment in which everyone will shine and struggle at different times. The leader of one challenge will be a learner and follower on the next challenge. This allows someone who is not typically in a leadership role to develop those skills by guiding their team through a challenge. It also reminds those in leadership positions that every employee has something to learn from every other team member. This makes our events excellent leadership team building activities.

Escapely escape races and other team building games in person are so much fun that they’re usually the highlight of the conference. We can set up around the conference venue or operate the team building game at a unique location to give participants a chance to get offsite. It’s one of the best team building exercises for large groups because no matter what the size of the overall group, attendees still play the game in small teams that are able to bond and connect. Of course, at the wrap party, there is always some friendly trash-talking between the teams. It’s a team building event your team will never forget!

The Storyline: Le Papillon Strikes Again!

Art Thief Dressed In Disguise


An Art Heist In Broad Daylight

An infamous art thief known only by the nickname Le Papillon has pulled off another heist! The masterpiece “The Cloisters” was taken from the Met in broad daylight. She left her trademark butterfly on the scene and the job was so skillful authorities have ruled out a copycat theft.

A Trail of Clues

Le Papillon has evaded capture for a long time and it seems that she has become overconfident and careless. She left behind an uncharacteristic number of clues and pieces of evidence. Sources tell us she is hiding out nearby and we think that with your help, we might finally be able to nab her!


Magnifying Glass Inspecting Footprints
Trail Leads To Lost Painting


Can You Catch Le Papillon?

To catch her before she escapes for good, we must work quickly. Investigators have struggled to piece together the evidence and we need your help. Can you follow the trail of puzzles and clues to help us cut off her escape route, find the painting, and arrive at the final checkpoint first?

Team Members Holding Puzzle Pieces

Physical Puzzles

Our team building games in person are an escape from technology. Participants collaborate to work real-life puzzles that they can manipulate, scribble on, and pass around. These physical challenges require everyone on the team to strategize and communicate and result in satisfying "aha" moments when they figure out the solutions! We do use technology as appropriate to check answers and make sure everyone has the hints and help they need.

Fully Guided Experience

Our team building services cover every aspect of your team building event so you and your group won't need to do anything other than show up. Our friendly staff will coordinate the challenge stations, take care of every detail, and seamlessly execute the perfect event for your needs. On game day, our enthusiastic and professional hosts guide participants every step of the way so that no one is ever left wondering what to do next.

Fully Guided
Team Members Holding Hands

Strengthen Bonds,
Old and New

Participants collaborate, lead, and listen to complete each stage of the race. The competition element sparks teamwork whether the participants work together frequently or are just getting to know each other - it's the perfect ice breaker. At the end, all teams work together to complete the final challenge so the entire in-person team building activity ends on a unified note.

Utilize Everyone's
Skill Set

The puzzles, clues, and challenges players encounter along our race course are specifically designed to involve every player's skill set. It is important to team building that everyone has opportunities to lead and to learn, no matter what their typical roles are in the office. One employee might shine by helping the team complete a spatial challenge while another employee leads the team through a logic puzzle or a trivia challenge.

Skill Set

How Our Team Building Games In Person Work

From the time you inquire about your team building activity to the announcement of the winning teams, we are with you every step of the way. Our incredible event coordinators will work with you to determine the perfect team building event for your needs. Depending on whether you prefer outdoor team building or indoor team building, we will organize the location of each checkpoint.

On game day, one of our energetic emcees will greet your group and start the excitement! Your emcee will divide teams, distribute race packets, and get everyone ready to race. Throughout the event, teams will encounter checkpoints and challenge stations operated by our fun and professional hosts and our staff will provide as many hints as the teams need to get them through the challenges. At the end, teams complete one final challenge together as a whole and then we announce the winners!



Select your starting location. We can start at your office, a public park, a downtown area - anywhere you want. Our event coordinators organize your checkpoints according to your preferences.



Enthusiastic and professional game host explains the rules, distributes race packets, and gets everyone excited. Teams can be predetermined or randomized - whichever you prefer.



Teams solve puzzles, complete challenge stations, and race to arrive at the final checkpoint first. Live moderators provide hints, guidance, and encouragement throughout.



Teams reconvene to complete one final challenge together. Then, we announce the winners! The bonding during the game occurs within the small teams, but the bonding afterward is between everyone.

Exciting Indoor and Outdoor Team Building Activities

In-person team building challenge station Escapely team building games in person are the most exciting games available in the IRL team building genre - take it from our clients! Our amazing escape race is a grand event for companies looking for a “wow” factor at their conference, company retreat, or sales kickoff. Smaller-scale team building activities often involve simple games or even just coworkers talking to each other. Our in-person team-building activities take it to the next level. Our puzzles, games, and challenges are specifically designed to encourage communication and collaboration amongst teams, but the participants will be having too much fun to notice! Throughout the race, teams will encounter a wide variety of challenges and the competition keeps everyone completely engaged from start to finish.

In-person Team Solving Puzzle Because our events are all custom, we come to you and run the game wherever you would like. This often means the venue is more special and gets coworkers out of their daily routine. We are often part of a special trip or retreat. We can hold our team-building activities outdoors or indoors depending on client preferences. Lately, we have been getting a lot of requests for outdoor team building activities because employees are so eager to get outside! In this case, the checkpoints would be positioned around a resort or an outdoor city area. We can also host an indoor team-building game around a conference center, office headquarters, or a retreat hotel. Our event coordinators set everything up - all you need to do is let us know your preferences and we take it from there.

Our team building for large groups of professionals is really unmatched. The game is scalable to any sized group and the larger events become a production filled with energy and excitement. However, because everyone plays broken out into small teams, it also works wonderfully with small groups. We just recommend having at least 2-3 teams to get a competition going. Smaller companies can even join forces with other companies you have a good relationship with for a friendly competition!

FAQs For Team Building Exercises

We recommend a duration of about 1.5 to 2 hours for our IRL team-building events. This gives players enough time to complete the challenges without feeling rushed - and the time truly does fly by! For companies with a shorter block of time, our events can be compressed into a shorter amount of time by simply removing one or two challenge stations, and for those looking for a longer event, we can extend the awards party. We always recommend doing so because it’s a great chance for additional bonding as coworkers rehash the experience!
Our amazing escape races are perfect team-building events for large groups because they are so easily scalable. There is no upper limit - with larger groups we simply provide more challenge station moderators and more support staff to provide hints and help along the way. Regardless of the group size, participants will play the team-building game in small teams and benefit from close personal interaction. Larger groups just mean more teams, making the competition more exciting! As far as a minimum, we recommend at least 2-3 teams, which is enough for a good competition. We host the event frequently for small companies, large companies, and everything in between!
For our team-building games in person — a team generally consists of 5-10 players depending on the event specifics. This is something you will decide with your event coordinator based on the needs of your event. For example, a school team-building event will utilize larger teams so that the puzzles are more solvable. For a smaller company, we may recommend smaller teams so that there are enough teams for a good competition. No matter what, the teams will be small enough so that everyone is able to contribute and play a role.
Escapely will handle all preparation, all event logistics, and all day-of coordination. Of course, our event planners will work closely with you to align the event with your needs, but when it comes to the day of your in-person team-building activity, you and your coworkers will simply show up ready to have some fun!
The only items needed along the racecourse are a pen, which we provide if needed, and a cell phone with internet connectivity (only one person on the team needs this). We also recommend comfortable shoes and clothing, though nothing strenuous is a part of the game. Some companies even prepare team uniforms such as colored bandanas or company tee shirts so that everyone can tell which team is which!
Our helpful and encouraging game guides are a crucial part of our in-person team-building activities. Depending on the needs and layout of your event, we will provide dial-up help or in-person help. In the former case, dedicated moderators are standing by to provide hints and teams access them using QR codes on their race packets. In the latter case, staff are sprinkled throughout the racecourse waiting to help. Some events utilize both!
This is entirely up to you and the specifications of your team-building event. We can operate pretty much anywhere and have hosted in-person team-building activities in conference centers, hotels and resorts, downtown areas, office complexes, and more!
Our team-building game doesn’t require a specific amount of space. We recommend not spacing the challenge stations too far away from one another so that teams don’t have trouble getting between them. At the same time, we do keep them all hidden away in unique locations so that a team cannot accidentally stumble upon one without solving the right clues. If your company retreat or conference is at a hotel or other venue, we will work with the venue to designate the proper locations for the checkpoints. If it will be hosted at your office - no problem. We can always start and end at the office but host some of the challenge stations elsewhere.
Not at all. The challenges are such that almost anyone will be able to participate and complete them. If you have specific questions, just discuss them with your event coordinator. We will do whatever necessary to accommodate any special needs!
You will have a variety of live staff managing various aspects of your team-building activity. An energetic emcee will get the event started, professional and fun game moderators run the challenge stations, and game guides are standing by for any team in need of a hint. We provide game guides in two ways depending on the needs of your event - either on-the-ground staff or virtual moderators accessible via QR codes on the race packets. Some events have both!
While we bend over backwards to accommodate last-minute requests, we recommend about one month of lead time for average size events. If your event is larger than 200 participants, the logistics become a little more complicated because we must find an appropriate race path for that number of people. In those cases, 6-8 weeks is ideal.
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