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Remote Team Solving Puzzle Escapely to the rescue! We host fun, seamless, and professional virtual team building events for groups of all shapes and sizes. Our online team building games have emerged as the most popular virtual team bonding events in the United States, and we now host events all over the world! We have hosted over 100,000 happy clients since June 2020, and that number grows daily.

Our virtual team building games are the perfect way for remote workers to bond and reconnect. Virtual games can be played from anywhere, but we also host many events for coworkers in the office together who are looking for a convenient, interactive, and cost-effective virtual team building option. We host work teams of ten employees, virtual retreats for large companies spread out in different locations, and virtual conferences for thousands of attendees all over the world. If you are unsure which activity is right for your group, schedule a meeting with one of our talented event planners and let our virtual team building services create the perfect virtual event for your team!

Teammates Solving Activity Online Because our clients love working with us and frequently come back asking for more, we are always innovating and adding to our offerings! In addition to our well-known virtual escape rooms, we now offer a fully hosted virtual murder mystery, virtual trivia, and virtual bingo. Our online team building company is growing and we now have several new and exciting events in the works. We even offer add-ons like a mixology class, wine tasting, chocolate tasting, and more.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Room Puzzle

Our virtual escape game is a puzzle-solving adventure that will challenge your team to collaborate and communicate. These fully hosted virtual team building events are played as a race amongst teams. We start the whole group together, then break out into small teams (don’t worry, we handle it all) that each have a personal moderator. The moderators show the teams everything they need to see - no need to open an attachment or download anything.

Our puzzles and themes are varied so that each participant is able to contribute something to the escape. Players brainstorm together via video chat while practicing leadership and communication and they must work together to escape. They solve puzzles together by drawing directly on their screen – we show them how. And of course, the best team builder of all is the "aha" moment when a team finally cracks the code to escape! At the end, we all come back together to announce the winners.

Virtual Murder Mysteries

Our virtual murder mystery is an immersive virtual team game in which participants try to solve a crime by interacting with live suspects in character. The players don’t need to memorize any information or play a role - leave that part to us! Participants will get to channel their inner investigator and interrogate the suspects to collect evidence and clues that will help them crack the case.

We divide large groups into small teams that rotate through the suspects, working together to ask the right questions and collect all of the facts. To win, a team must score the most points by correctly determining motives, alibis, lies, and of course, the killer. Our actors are incredible in character and you might be surprised how seriously your team takes this virtual team building activity! It really gets the competitive juices flowing.

Virtual Murder Mystery

Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia poster

Our virtual trivia game is the perfect activity for your team to learn more about their coworkers than they ever could have imagined! The whole group will start together with a lively emcee who will get the competition started. Teams then break into small teams with a dedicated quizmaster to answer as many questions as they can, rapid-fire style. In between rounds, the whole group comes back together for score updates.

Teams rotate through six themed rounds that you get to choose, and it’s an opportunity for different employees to showcase the random knowledge they have collected over the years. The rounds are varied so that there’s something for everyone and when they don’t know the answer, they have to decide together whether to pass. We always hear teammates congratulate one another, surprised at how much their colleagues knew!


For teams wanting something a little extra, we have physical kits we can ship for wine tastings, chocolate tastings, cocktail mixers, and more. These add-ons can be stand-alone team building activities for adults or can provide a fun warm-up to one of our virtual team building games. These hosted virtual team building events include a knowledgeable winemaker, chocolatier, or mixologist and a kit with everything you will need to indulge your senses!

Virtual team building add ons

Thinking about meeting in person?

Check out our in-person team building event, the Amazing Escape Race.

Our Virtual Team Building Company Handles All the Details

At Escapely, we make team building for remote teams easy and seamless. All of our virtual team building events come with full-service event planning services, meaning that we do the heavy lifting, leaving you to sit back and enjoy the show.

Our virtual team building event company includes a friendly event planning team that will help curate the perfect virtual team building event for your needs. They will guide you through the coordination process, handle all details, and execute a fun and seamless game day that you will be able to enjoy as a participant! Our virtual team building games also do not require any prep work by participants. All participants need is a brain, the start time, and a device with internet access. We will handle the rest!

Lady Choosing Team Building Activity

Choose the perfect activity for your needs

If you have a clear outline of your needs, our event planners will quickly recommend the right virtual team building activity for your group. If you have only a loose idea in mind, our event specialists will listen to your goals and make suggestions to achieve them - anything is possible! We can even create fully custom games to match your company values, goals, and product offerings. Our virtual team building events can be perfectly catered to your event, whatever your needs. We offer complimentary live demos to give you an in-depth look at each of our remote team building activities and of course answer all of your questions. Schedule a meeting with one of our incredible event planners to find out how we can help curate the perfect event for your team!

Escapely Event Coordinator

Event coordination

After you book your virtual team event, our virtual team building services include event coordinators who will see to every detail. We provide an optional invite you can send to attendees to get them excited about the event. We will help you decide whether to preset team assignments or randomize teams to help coworkers mingle with those they don’t work with daily. We will coordinate with your hosts to be sure the run of show matches your expectations, whether your CEO wants to speak briefly or attendees need time to introduce themselves. The details are different for each event, but whatever the specific needs, our virtual event coordinators have it handled. We will provide a game link to distribute to each participant and they do not need to prepare anything in advance – we explain everything once they arrive!

Calendar Marking Game Day

Game day

Participants join our online team building game through video conferencing, and we take it from there. To play our remote team building games, participants will not need to login to any other platform or download any attachments - we will show and tell them everything they need to see and hear! Once on the link, our enthusiastic and friendly emcees welcome your team, explain the rules and scoring, and get everyone excited to play. Our technical management handles all event execution in the background so that at the right moments, participants will be seamlessly moved in and out of breakout rooms. Note that Zoom provides the best experience, but we can run our virtual team building games over any platform of your choosing. If your event will be over Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, or Webex, we have different protocols in place to ensure a seamless experience as possible and our event coordinators will manage all of these!

Private Virtual Team Games For Any
Group Size

All Escapely virtual team building events are private events for your team only, whether you have a small team of 10 or fewer or a company-wide event for 5,000 people spread across a single day. Our online team building activities are specially designed to host groups of almost any size while maintaining the same level of personal attention and high moderator ratio - we simply scale our staffing to the size of the event. Our virtual games for large groups include many more moderators and hosts so that each small team has personal guidance at all times.

Virtual Team Building Participant
Award Winner Podium

Our virtual events are completely guided and hosted experiences and our staff to participant ratio is unmatched by other virtual team building activities. No matter which virtual activity you choose, every participant will have an emcee, moderator, host, game master, quizmaster, or character actor with them at all times. To ensure maximal employee engagement and bonding, we divide out into small teams so that everyone gets an opportunity to contribute. The small team size helps to build team morale and ensures that everyone can participate. The intimate setting on the small teams also makes our games a perfect icebreaker activity for remote employees still getting to know each other, and an equally good bonding activity for remote employees who have been working together for years.

All of our virtual team building activities include time together as a large group as well as time broken out into smaller groups so that everyone has a chance to contribute and interact. The competition format allows us to host large groups that feel connected working on the same challenge, while still maintaining close personal interaction. Dividing your team into small groups allows teammates to connect on an intimate level, while the large group competition creates a team bonding experience for everyone. The friendly trash talking afterward is all part of the fun!

Virtual Team Building Activity on Computer Screen


Virtual Team Building VS In-Person

Coworkers collaborating on a virtual escape room screen When planning team building events in this day and age, many companies are leaning toward virtual activities over their in-person counterparts. There is certainly a time and place for both, but virtual team building activities are much easier and more accessible for your team. Even when a team is all in the office together or all in the same city, virtual events offer a convenient way to bond. There is no transportation time required, so virtual team events can fit into a shorter time frame such as a lunch break rather than requiring a half or a full day off work.

For companies with employees all over the world or virtual conferences with attendees in multiple time zones and countries, virtual team building activities are even more convenient. Because no travel is required, employees all over the world can participate! Instead of waiting for a company retreat to hold team building activities, and utilizing multiple days to fly employees to a common location, team building online allows coworkers all over the world to connect conveniently.

Virtual team building activities are also more cost effective than in-person activities. You do not need to book transportation for participants or reserve a physical venue. Staffing costs are also reduced as the staff running a virtual event do not need to travel to work. All of these cost savings are passed onto the client making virtual team building events a cost-effective option.

In many ways, virtual events provide even more face-to-face interaction with coworkers than in-person events. Over video conferencing, it’s easier to see all of the players on your team and seeing the shared materials right on everyone’s screen makes it easier to collaborate than hovering over the same materials in real life. Our virtual team building activities are built to require this type of interaction and provide an interactive and engaging space where everyone gets a chance to participate.

Virtual team building PROS:

Can be arranged on shorter notice

Fit into a shorter timeframe


No transportation or venue reservations

Employees in different time zones all over the world can participate

Explore options not possible in the physical world

If you do have an in-person conference or team retreat planned, please see our Amazing Escape Races for more information.

Benefits Of Virtual Team Events

Virtual Escape Room Puzzle Your company’s culture and morale depend on your team staying connected and building relationships. This is true whether employees are working remotely or are all in the office together! That’s where we come in. Escapely virtual team building activities help employees engage on a personal level because all of our events are specifically designed to require collaboration. Our virtual games are fun and immersive while also requiring critical thinking and teamwork.

One benefit to virtual team building activities is that virtual events allow companies to gather all together on a much larger scale than most in-person activities - whenever they want! We host virtual team events for fully-remote teams, hybrid teams, new hires, interns, teams all working together in an office, global teams, and everything in between. Teams of any size can come together to play the same virtual activity at the same time. Our group team building activities can host from 5-600 participants in a single session, and we can host 5,000 participants or more in a single day, all spread amongst events to accommodate individual time zones. This is something difficult to achieve with an in-person activity!

Virtual Trivia Game Screenshot Virtual games for team building provide a safe environment for people to bond no matter where they are. These events are less likely to get canceled by external factors outside of the company’s control and our fun virtual team building events offer the same fun and bonding as an in-person team building event.

If your company has moved toward a remote working environment, you have probably found that team bonding that used to occur around the water cooler or at happy hours has now been relegated to virtual conference calls. Our virtual team builders come in to help foster relationships and communication amongst colleagues and departments. The virtual format is even more interactive as it allows everyone to see and talk with each other while they are working through challenges and bouncing ideas off one another.

How to plan your virtual team building activity

Planner With Calendar

Reach out with event information. Once we know exactly what you’re looking for, we provide a quote and take over planning!

Computer Screen With Game

We handle all of the preparation and details of your virtual game. We let you know what we need from you and keep you updated every step of the way.

Screen With Virtual Participants

Sit back and enjoy a fun, seamless, and interactive virtual team building activity. Your team will thank you - we know from experience!

Trophy For Champion

Enjoy the new connections formed and old bonds strengthened. The friendly trash talking afterward is all part of the fun!

How Can You Make Virtual Team Building
More Fun?

Virtual Escape Room Puzzle If you are looking to make your virtual team building activities more fun - let us help! Our virtual team games are like nothing else out there. They are fun, interactive, and engaging - and our hosts will keep you entertained from start to finish. Even better, Escapely's virtual team building services make planning a breeze.

All of our online team bonding games are designed around a competition format. We have found that this gets each participant invested, gets each team working together synergistically, and also provides a cohesive experience for the entire group because all teams are working toward the same goal! We always announce the winning teams at the end and the friendly trash talking that ensues is all part of the fun - your team will keep talking about it for days and weeks to come.

If you want to up the ante, many companies provide a prize for the winning team or teams. We have seen prizes like gift cards, themed gift baskets, company spirit points, and even bonus vacation time. However, a prize is certainly not necessary. Coworkers get so into the competitive spirit even without a prize on the line. Bragging rights are taken very seriously. If you have an extremely competitive bunch, we can even provide a thorough breakdown of each team’s points, time, penalties, and more.

Virtual Trivia Game Screenshot For larger or global events with multiple sessions, we always recommend crowning a winner at each session. This keeps the fun-factor high at each individual session but also keeps employees engaged throughout the day or week as they wait to find out who won the entire virtual team game!

At Escapely, we are always innovating to stay on the cutting edge of fun. Because so many companies love the customer service we provide and the seamless run of show at our events, many come back to us asking what else we can provide. We have developed many additional virtual team building activities to meet the needs of our clients. We now offer virtual escape games, virtual murder mysteries, virtual trivia, virtual bingo, and add-ons like chocolate tastings, wine tastings, and cocktail mixers. We have several new events in development at the moment. I would recommend staying tuned to see what we dream up next!


When we say we bend over backwards for our clients, we mean it. No matter what your needs are, we will find a way to make it work. We host large, complicated virtual events that other companies cannot and our in-house event coordinators plan it all. When you use us, there is no need for a third-party event company. We have tried our competitors' offerings and we can safely say that our virtual team events are more interactive, more seamless, and with better support. All of our virtual events are fully guided and feature moderators who are with participants at all times, even while playing. Also, many clients love and appreciate our company values and our commitment to diversity.
There is a reason our virtual team building games online have become so popular. Leaders love that all of our events encourage participants to collaborate and problem solve together. Participants love how fun they are! Whether there is a prize on the line or just bragging rights, the competition gets everyone excited and invested. Companies frequently come back to book a rematch or to try one of our other offerings. In fact, companies who have played them all (yes, many have!) often come back begging us to create a new virtual team game. We're working on it!
The ideal team size depends on the specific event. We want the small teams to be large enough for building relationships, but still small enough that everyone can participate. This means something different for each of our virtual team meeting games. Our escape games, for example, are ideally split into teams of 7-10. Our murder mysteries, on the other hand, work with teams as small as 4 and as large as 12. We take great pride in the quality of our virtual team building activities and each group will be split into the optimal team size for the specific activity. If you wish, your team can even do team building ice breakers in the small groups before beginning the game!
Our online team building events are the perfect way to increase employee engagement. But for companies looking for a little more, we can turn the event into a virtual happy hour by adding a virtual chocolate tasting, virtual wine tasting, or virtual cocktail mixes before the team building games for remote workers begin. They make a great warmup to a virtual team game, or work well on their own as a stand-alone bonding activity. Contact us for more information. If you’re looking for something shorter, we can add a quick virtual ice breaker to the team building exercise. For example, right before starting the game, we can have the team come up with things they would take to a deserted island that start with the first letter of their name. Just note that the games themselves are excellent ice breakers and nothing further is necessary.
From the time players enter our virtual game room to the time they leave, our activities for remote teams are fully guided. An energetic emcee welcomes everyone into the video call and gives a lively intro. Once we divide into small teams for game play, each online team has its own dedicated moderator with them from start to finish. What the dedicated moderators do exactly depends on the virtual game type, but participants will have a member of our staff interacting with them at all times.
Because of the competition format of our virtual activities, we can successfully host large groups in all of them. We currently have the staff to host up to about 600 participants in a session, but for larger groups we are always happy to create a custom package that includes hiring and training additional staff. We will always make it work! Small groups love our events, but if anything, a larger group size makes the event more fun by upping the ante. We are told all the time that our games and activities are one of the most fun activities available online.
Our virtual escape rooms are typically one hour, but we do have a version that can fit into a 30-minute or 45-minute time frame when necessary. The game truly flies by, so we discourage shortening it too much! Usually people can’t believe it’s over. Our virtual murder mysteries are 90-minute experiences and because of the immersive nature, we don't recommend shortening it. Our virtual trivia can fit into a 30-60 minute time frame. It’s about the same amount of time as a typical team meeting, so all of our virtual team events fit nicely into workday. If you want a longer experience, consider adding a virtual happy hour before one of our virtual team building activities. We even offer wine tastings, chocolate tastings, and cocktail mixers that you can do before the experience. We send a kit with the wine, ingredients, or chocolates that is shipped to each participant in advance.
Our virtual team building games are not just for team building! They make a perfect virtual holiday party for friends, families, and coworkers. They’re also a great way to get your family and friends together near and far. In addition to our virtual activities, we also offer an in-person Amazing Escape Race. It is extremely popular with teams in all industries!
All of our scenarios are wonderful and have a great puzzle variety – you can’t go wrong! Groups that have played them all usually have a different favorite. Puzzles are varied so that each scenario will have something for everyone. You can view a trailer of each one and choose the scenario that best first your company’s culture. All of our scenarios are completely suitable for work and do not contain anything scary or gory.
The optimal video conference platform for our games is Zoom. Zoom has some features, such as annotating on the screen, that make the game more fun and interactive - both conducive to building relationships. Though Zoom is the preferred platform for team building activities for conference calls, we can use any platform of your choosing. We have workarounds for all other virtual video conferencing platforms and have routinely run our games over Webex, Teams, Google Meet, and more.
If you choose Zoom, participants who have the app downloaded can login through the desktop app. Downloading the app takes less than five minutes. However, participants who choose not to download the desktop app can choose to join our virtual team building activities through the web without logging in. Some platforms, such as Google Meet, do not require a login at all and if you join our virtual event over your team's own conferencing platform, you will simply login as usual. Once you join the video conference, there is nothing else you need to login to or download.
We recommend joining our activity for virtual bonding through a computer or tablet, rather than a smart phone. This is because a larger screen size makes it easier to see the other participants, the puzzles, and any other necessary materials. We also recommend having a smart phone handy because our games allow the use of the internet. The real work will be done while brainstorming out loud with your team, but for all team building activities virtual or not, you may want some scratch paper.
After the event, all remote workers are welcome to continue socializing in our online game room. Talking about the puzzles or the mystery afterward, comparing hints, and finding out who won and lost is an integral part of the team bonding experience! We always leave a little time between our virtual team building activities to ensure that your team has some time to chat.
Absolutely. If there is one thing we have heard emphatically from every team, remote bonding is here to stay. We are often told that our virtual escape games are more fun than in-person escape games, and companies have already told us they want to do our virtual murder mysteries as team building even after the pandemic because of the convenience it affords. Our social distancing team building will be making the transition to virtual team building that is here to stay!
Virtual team building is actually not so different from in-person team building. The idea behind both is the same: create lasting bonds through games and camaraderie. In person, this can be done through team building exercises like our Amazing Escape Races. Virtually, this can be done through any of our virtual team building games activities which are interactive and fun. Participants will forget they are in a virtual environment and will simply focus on connecting and working together to beat the other teams!
Escapely's virtual escape game, virtual murder mystery, and virtual team trivia are the most popular virtual team games. They're all played as a competition and set up to host groups small and large!
Virtual team building is important because your company’s culture depends on strong bonds between employees. Without the water cooler conversations, coffee break banter, and happy hours, it’s easy for teams to feel disconnected and disengaged. The best way to connect a remote team is to get coworkers collaborating and problem solving together, which is exactly what all of Escapely's virtual team building activities do!
This depends on the size of your group. For small groups (and even for a few large groups!), we have turned around same-day events. Ideally, we prefer 1-2 weeks for groups under 100 and 2-4 weeks for groups of 100-300. If you have a larger event or a company-wide conference with thousands of people, we need as much advance notice as possible to coordinate the event to our standards.
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