Open your escape room in a box anytime to begin. It's a clue-solving adventure that combines physical and digital clues, a real lockbox, and other fun things!


Unlock destinations on our app. Go there to search for clues hidden in the real world. Letters on the coffee shop ceiling? Colors on a mural? Clues could be anywhere!


You have to find the real world clues to be able to solve the puzzles. Scan QR codes to get hints, type in your solutions, follow the storyline, and try to Escape the City!


Solve correctly and the app will tell you where to go and what to do next. It's a day or night planned for you! Discover hidden gems and iconic sites around your city.

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Escape the City players
Escape the City Chicago players
Escape the City clue in action
Escape the City game box and contents


90-180 MIN. | 1-2 MILES | 1-6 PLAYERS

Escape the City is a clue-solving adventure designed specifically for your city and you can play anytime you want! It’s part scavenger hunt, part escape room in a box, and part urban crawl. Search for clues, then use them to solve puzzles that unlock your next destination. Along the way, discover hidden gems, visit familiar favorites, and maybe grab a bite to eat or drink.

Escape the City is so well integrated with the city that you can’t solve the puzzles until you find real world clues that help you crack the codes. The world is literally your game board! Upgrade your next date night, family outing, or weekend getaway with this escape room in a box you’ll never forget. Get ready to take the escape room out of the room and out on the town!

  • Escape the City Box: Shipped directly to you (free shipping!) with puzzles, locked envelopes, a lockbox to crack open, and other physical clues – it would ruin the fun to give it all away!
  • Companion App: Scan QR codes that bring you directly to our web app – there’s nothing to download. Type in solutions, get hints, follow the storyline, and check out bonus material like videos and local info.


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My two besties and I are escape room champs. This was the coolest adventure we’ve done. Escape the City is so well thought out, awesome fun and I wish they had a hundred more to do!!

Jenn E

Jenn E,
Santa Monica


My wife and I had a blast! It requires you to think outside of the box, but can be tiered to any difficulty depending on how you use the hints. I can’t wait for more Chicago neighborhoods to come out!

Jake Fennelly

Jake Fennelly,


This is one of THE BEST games me and my boyfriend have ever done!! We love seeing new things and doing escape rooms and this ties all that into one!! If you are looking for a fun way to explore a city, THIS is the way to do it!

Caitlyn Davis

Caitlyn Davis,


Super fun activity for both locals and visitors. The story line kept us intrigued. As a local Escape the City took me to places to explore that I usually walk past which I really liked. We had a great time!

Pam B

Pam B,
Las Vegas


We are half joking about traveling to the other Escapely cities just to do them. Difficulty level was perfect! We loved how interactive the clues were with the surroundings.


New York City



Contents of the escape room in a box

Escape the City is an escape room, a scavenger hunt, and an urban crawl that takes you on an exciting journey around one of your city's hottest neighborhoods. This brand new escape room in a box concept gets you out of the room and out on the town! At each stop you get to find clues hidden in the real world that interact with puzzles in the box to reveal your next code. The symbols on the mural you're looking at? Those might be the key to solving your next cipher. The letters you found on the coffee shop ceiling? They might fill in the blanks to your next puzzle.

After your escape room in a box arrives in the mail, you can open it anytime to begin your Escape the City adventure. Inside, you'll find clues, locked envelopes, a lockbox, and some other fun things that we don't want to give away. You can use everything you see inside the box to begin solving - but all envelopes are locked until you're told otherwise! The pace is up to you - you can solve as fast as you can or linger over a drink, enjoy a food truck, and take some pictures. Most groups take 90-180 minutes to finish.

Players holding the escape room box

Escape the City isn't just another scavenger hunt that expects you to find items and check them off of a list. When you find clues, you'll use them to solve creative puzzles that tell you where to go next. We'll point you in the right direction, but it's your job to look around the area and find the clues! As you play, scan QR codes to pull up our easy-to-use web app (no download necessary). That's where you'll get hints, storyline, bonus info, and put in your solutions. When you type in the correct solution, the app will tell you what to do next.

As you go back and forth between the escape room in a box and the real world, you'll be immersed in the storyline. From falling through the looking glass in New York's Central Park to searching for buried gold in Downtown Las Vegas, there are so many unique storylines to discover. You'll be a character on the journey as you watch video, hear audio, and interact with the puzzles on our app. And the best part is that you can take the time to enjoy it - you won't be rushed through the experience with the fear of running out of time. You can relax and soak it all in as you go!

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Up close picture of escape room in a box

Escape the City is perfect for both locals and weekend travelers. It's the perfect way to explore a new city, and even if you've lived in the city for years, you'll be forced to take a closer look at things you had never noticed before. It’s like a self-guided tour that takes you from location to location, solving escape-room puzzles and finding real-world clues along the way. And tourists will get a unique tour to discover off-the-beaten path sites! If you like scavenger hunts and escape room games, Escape the City will satisfy your craving for mystery and adventure.

Inside your box you'll find clues, puzzles, locked envelopes, pictures, a lockbox with a real lock, and other physical items that vary by city. You might find test tubes, stickers, 3-D glasses, playing cards, and much more - we can't tell you too much about the clues or it would spoil the fun! And this escape room in a box isn't limited to the box. The puzzles can't be solved until you find the real-world clues hidden throughout your city. Escape the City is designed to work together with the surrounding environment.

Friends playing escape room box game

Escape the City is designed for anyone and everyone! It's fun for date nights, family outings, hangouts with name it. If you're looking for new city scavenger hunt ideas, this city adventure will get you out of the house and exploring your city in a whole new way. Unlike a traditional escape room in a box that is played from home, Escape the City actually takes you on an adventure around town. Because there's no time pressure, the kids can join in and help solve without the fear of running out of time.

You won't need to pay any entry fees along the route. All stops and destinations are publicly accessible. We do encourage eating and drinking along the way (and you'll find suggestions on our app), but no additional purchases are necessary. Sometimes our partner businesses even provide a coupon or deal for Escape the City customers! If you're tired of the same old outings or looking for a new twist on date night, this is one of the best ways to explore a city.

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Escape the City is both...and more! This escape room box game has enough clever puzzles to satisfy an escape room fan. But it takes it to the next level by taking you out on the town, scavenger-hunt-style, to find clues hidden in the real world. The puzzles are integrated with the city so that you can't solve them without finding the hidden clues, which will take you to locations all over the city! It's a one-of-a-kind experience that transcends both scavenger hunts and escape rooms.
All Escape the City adventures take place within easy walking distance of your first stop. You can either start the game at home and leave once you solve the first puzzle, or solve the first puzzle in the game neighborhood. Once you get there, most games take place within about a mile. You can scan the QR code on the outside of each game box for all of the details, and of course the details are also listed on the webpage for each city. We do always recommend wearing comfortable shoes!
Within some broad time windows, yes! We often recommend playing during daylight, both for safety and for clue visibility, but you can choose your start time within the given windows. Some games require accessing an area or business with certain open hours. Scan the QR code on the outside of your escape room in a box for the exact time windows that you can play each game.
Escape the City is optimally designed for 2-4 players so that everyone can have a chance to participate, see the clues, and have a hand in solving. We do hear from families who play with up to 6 and still have a great experience. You are ultimately able to choose your group size, but just note that large groups will need to share the puzzles so everyone gets a chance. You can even play alone!
It's for both! Similar to escape rooms, the puzzle difficulty is designed for adults, but kids can easily participate (and do all the time). Great efforts are made to make all puzzles accessible to all ages. Currently, the only game that has a 21+ location is Las Vegas, and there is an alternate puzzle available on the app for anyone under 21 to solve and get to the next stage of the game.
Because of our progressive hint system, the difficulty level is adjustable to be as easy or as hard as you would like. If you want a challenge, limit the number of hints you take. If you want an easier game, take hints freely and frequently on each puzzle. The hints are there to help and are intended to be used as often as you want. They are given in small nudges so that we don't give too much away at once for players who like to do most of the solving themselves.
Escape the City is a self-paced game without a cutoff time. Each escape room in a box takes 90-180 minutes on average. If you are an experienced puzzle solver and race straight through the puzzles without stopping, you may finish faster. If you linger at the stops for food, drinks, and sightseeing, your experience may be longer. It’s your adventure so you can go at any pace you'd like!
Escape the City games, as the name implies, are not escape room games at home. Each game takes you around a unique neighborhood within the city. You can see the specific neighborhood for each game in the product details by clicking on the shop.
No. Unlike traditional escape rooms which time you out if you don't finish in a certain amount of time, Escape the City is meant to be enjoyed at any pace you prefer. There is no threat of getting timed out and everyone gets to finish!
Not at all! You are welcome (and encouraged) to grab bites to eat and drink along the way or stop in at a museum or site. We even have some coupons sprinkled in throughout the games! However, no entry fees are necessary to complete the game. All real-world clues are publicly accessible.
You access our web app by scanning QR codes throughout the escape room in a box. You will not need to download anything onto your phone - simply scan the codes as you find them. Once there, you can get hints, read about the storyline, type in and check your answers, and find out where to go next! You also get to watch videos, listen to audio, and read some fun facts along the way.
There are QR codes on each puzzle that you can scan to access the app. Click the hint icon to access hints for that puzzle. Hints are given in small increments so that we don’t give too much away if you’re only looking for a little nudge. Use as much or as little help as you like! Note that we encourage using hints freely and frequently as needed.
Not at all. Escape the City is flexible. You can stop at anytime and pick up later where you left off.
Like all escape rooms, it won't be as much fun the second time around because you will already know how to solve the puzzles! You could save all of the contents and put them back together to gift to a friend (just note that a few cities have puzzles that are not able to be returned to original condition after they are played).
This varies by game. Escape the City is made to take approximately the same amount of time in each city, but this means a different number of puzzles for each city. On average, expect 8-10 puzzles which usually corresponds to 6-8 locations.
Technically, yes - but it would take some of the fun out of it! This is not an escape room in a box meant to be played from home. If you must, we do have pictures of all of the necessary real-world clues on our app under the hint “This location is inaccessible.” Our intention is to use this when a location is temporarily unavailable (for example, a street is blocked off or a restaurant is rented out for a private event). However, you could technically use these clues to play from home.
Because Escape the City uses real-world clues, there is always the chance something changes. We are very nimble in addressing these changes and pivoting puzzles so that most of the time, players don't notice. The potential for change is part of a game like this - but the immersive clues are also what makes it so much fun!
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