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STARTING LOCATION: We suggest Colossal Cupcakes at 528 Euclid Ave

A mysterious murder. Six Suspects. A string of clues. Investigate the evidence to eliminate crime locations and check alibis until you can make an accusation. Do you have what it takes to put the pieces together and crack the case? Search for clues, solve puzzles, and explore Cleveland on this unforgettable escape room adventure!

  • Open your clue box near Colossal Cupcakes at 528 Euclid Ave to begin your adventure.
  • Begin solving using anything you see in the box. Scan the QR code to input your solution and find out where to go.
  • Search for real-world clues hidden around Cleveland and use them to solve puzzles. When you input the correct code, the app will tell you where to go and what to do!
  • If you get stuck, the no-download app has as many hints as you need. It also has storyline, videos, and more.
  • Play at your own pace. There's no penalty for hints and no one gets timed out.
  • Lockbox with a real lock
  • Clue envelopes that are locked until you're told otherwise!
  • Other fun clue items, like a magnifying glass and handkerchief
  • QR codes to access the web-based app (no download required)
  • A pen
  • IMPORTANT: All games in the Whodunnit series have the same storyline and similar puzzles. Clues are different but solves will be familiar.
  • PLAYING TIME: 1.5-3 hours depending on experience level and how much you eat, drink, and explore along the way
  • WALKING DISTANCE: About 1.5 miles around Cleveland's Entertainment District and Playhouse Square.
  • PLAYERS PER BOX: We suggest 2-6 so that everyone can share the clues, but it's completely up to you. You can even play alone!
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Adjustable. There's no penalty for hints, so you can take them frequently or challenge yourself.
  • WHO CAN PLAY: Fun for all ages. Perfect for date nights, family outings, friend groups, tourists, and anyone looking for a fun outdoor escape room around Cleveland.


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The best Cleveland escape room experience

About the escape room game

This escape room adventure around the Entertainment District of Playhouse Square takes the best parts of an escape room and the best parts of a scavenger hunt and merges them into the most fun thing to do in Cleveland. You get to search for clues hidden in the real world and then use them to solve escape room puzzles. When you solve for a code, the app will tell you where to go look for your next clue! Instead of trying to escape the room, this Escapely adventure takes you around Cleveland to track down clues and crack the case!

This real world escape room is the most unique escape room in Cleveland. It takes you on a clue-solving adventure to find clues, solve puzzles, and follow an immersive storyline. If you want to keep the experience a surprise, don't read this next bit - it contains some spoilers about where you'll go on Escapely's Cleveland escape room adventure and what you'll see along the way.

In Escapely's Cleveland escape room, you're a detective tasked with solving a mysterious murder. You must find clues and track suspects around Playhouse Square. (The clues are in the real world, but the suspects are on our app.) Fittingly, the game kicks off at the arched Playhouse Square sign, which is somewhat of a gateway to the Entertainment District. A few blocks down the street is the retro Playhouse Square sign which is worth checking out while you're in the area - the 9-foot-tall letters are lit up with LED bulbs. The bulbs change colors throughout the year to recognize holidays, sporting events, and other celebrations.

Next, you will get to visit artist Nancy Dwyer's "Things Change" sculpture, which cleverly transitions one word to the other and can be read from either side. Dwyer is known for her word sculptures such as this. You will also get to visit the Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument in Cleveland Public Square, which commemorates the Civil War. This puzzle's clues require you to deeply explore the monument! Throughout the game you enjoy spending time in vibrant Playhouse Square, which is the largest US performing arts center outside of New York City. This outdoor escape room is the perfect way to explore this exciting and walkable part of downtown Cleveland.

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Cleveland escape room FAQ


Yes, but it is not generally recommended unless you are a serious escape room enthusiast. It would be like playing an escape room that has the same storyline and similar puzzles, but with different clues available. Because the clues are integrated within Playhouse Square in downtown Cleveland, the clues are different than all other Whodunnit games. But the puzzles will feel familiar.
Playhouse Square is a collection of 10 entertainment spaces ranging from theater to ballet - half of them are historic theaters restored from the 1920s. As you play the outdoor escape room, you will walk by stunning marquis and the sparkle of lights and vibrant energy. You can even check out the GE chandelier, which is the largest chandelier in the world! After you finish the escape room, we highly recommend sticking around. There are more food and drink spots than you could possibly count and the energy is contagious.
It's both! In a traditional escape room you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next to escape the room (or a series of rooms). In Escape the City you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next, with clues in the real world. It's one of the best things to do in Cleveland!
Escapely's Cleveland escape room starts at Euclid Ave and E 17th St. There are plenty of paid parking garages around Playhouse Square. If you prefer not to worry about parking, ride share is another option.
You will not need to enter any businesses to play this Cleveland escape room. All clues are publicly accessible.
It's a self-guided adventure around Playhouse Square for couples, families, individuals, friend groups, and anyone else looking for a fun thing to do in Cleveland.