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STARTING LOCATION: We suggest Caffè dello Sport at 308 Hanover St (or anywhere nearby)

Trust no one. A ring of double agents has infiltrated the Chronos Agency and it’s up to you to go undercover and expose them. Can you track them down before it’s too late? Search for clues, solve puzzles, and explore Boston’s North End on this unforgettable escape room adventure!

  • Open your clue box anywhere near the Paul Revere Mall to begin your adventure.
  • Begin solving using anything you see in the box. Scan the QR code to input your solution and find out where to go.
  • Search for real-world clues hidden around the North End and use them to solve puzzles. When you input the correct code, the app will tell you where to go and what to do!
  • If you get stuck, the no-download app has as many hints as you need. It also has storyline, videos, and more.
  • Play at your own pace. There's no penalty for hints and no one gets timed out.
  • Lockbox with a real lock
  • Clue envelopes that are locked until you're told otherwise!
  • Other fun clue items, like spy glasses, a passport, and an ID card
  • QR codes to access the web-based app (no download required)
  • A pen
  • IMPORTANT: All games in the Spyhunter series have the same storyline and similar puzzles. Clues are different but solves will be familiar.
  • PLAYING TIME: 1.5-3 hours depending on experience level and how much you eat, drink, and explore along the way
  • WALKING DISTANCE: About 1.5 miles around Boston's North End
  • PLAYERS PER BOX: We suggest 2-6 so that everyone can share the clues, but it's completely up to you. You can even play alone!
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Adjustable. There's no penalty for hints, so you can take them frequently or challenge yourself.
  • WHO CAN PLAY: Fun for all ages. Perfect for date nights, family outings, friend groups, tourists, and anyone looking for a fun outdoor escape room around Boston.


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  • Michael P

    Very fun - highly recommend!

    My wife and I did the Boston version of this and had a lot of fun! What we liked most was that we could do it at our own pace, which meant a little bit of game play, then stopping at one of the many North End pastry shops for a baked treat and espresso, then back to the game, and so on. We found some of the challenges to be easy/intermediate, which made us feel smart for solving them 🙂 and some of the challenges very hard, but the clues were helpful so we never felt stuck or dumb. I would highly recommend!

  • Roshmi B

    Such a fun activity!

    We did this in a group of 4 last weekend when visiting my sister in Boston. It was so much more fun than we had anticipated and the design was very well done. The game incorporated local landmarks that were an easy walk between each other which was a great way to see a part of Boston. The puzzles were challenging but definitely doable, admittedly we did use a couple of the hints when we got stuck but were able to get through most of it without assistance. The interface was easy to use and the box was small enough to tote around as we walked. It was a great way to spend a couple hours, and I’d definitely do this again for some of the other cities they have available.

  • Scott M

    Look No Further for Scavenger/Escape-the-City Fun

    We loved our Escapely adventure in Boston. We’ve lived here for many years and are always looking for fun stuff to do in/around our city to learn even more about its history and hidden gems. My 19 year old son is home this week from College for his Spring Break and Escape The City Boston was the perfect way for him and I to reconnect—puzzle solving, real-world scavenger hunt, and a delicious (if overpriced!) Italian lunch in the middle of our adventure.

    Difficulty level was just right—and a good mix of what we found easier but also trickier puzzles. Hints were invaluable more as ‘guardrails’ to make sure we were on the right path (we tend to overthink!). I’m sure we set no speed records in solving all the puzzles, but, hey. Favorite part of the game—connection to our local history, the humor, the connection to Escapely’s website via QR codes and the props/ephemera in the very portable box are fantastic. A slip or two of paper in the box might’ve been helpful for notes.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll always remember it!

    Between the well-thought out mysteries/story lines and the first-rate graphic design Escapely is creating some really fun products. My only regret is not taking my wife and my younger son along….thanks Escapely!

  • Tier

    Escapely Boston - Super worth it!

    We were pleasantly surprised by how fun this was. The clues were challenging and thoughtful. We loved that each clue had multiple steps and were tough but had lots of hints so you can make it as hard or easy as you need. We loved that it moved us all around the North End. Such a blast! We had a group of 5 – perfect team to be able to move around easily and stop to eat and drink along the way!

The best Boston escape room experience

About the escape room game

This escape room adventure around the North End takes the best parts of an escape room and the best parts of a scavenger hunt and merges them into the most fun thing to do in Boston. You get to search for clues hidden in the real world and then use them to solve escape room puzzles. When you solve for a code, the app will tell you where to go look for your next clue! Instead of trying to escape the room, this Escapely adventure takes you around Boston's North End to track down clues and expose double agents!

This real world escape room is the most unique escape room in Boston. It takes you on a clue-solving adventure to find clues, solve puzzles, and follow an immersive storyline. If you want to keep the experience a surprise, don't read this next bit - it contains some spoilers about where you'll go on our Boston escape room adventure and what you'll see along the way.

In Escapely's Boston escape room, you are a top secret spy tasked with exposing a ring of double agents threatening to take down the agency. We suggest starting near the Paul Revere Mall, which is also where you'll find your first clue. For a place to grab a coffee or a bite to eat while you solve your first puzzle, try Caffè dello Sport on 308 Hanover St. Next, you will visit North Square, which is drenched in history and is even listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

You will continue to find clues in Rachel Revere Square, which is right on the Freedom Trail just outside of Paul Revere's home. Other escape room clues are found Armenian Heritage Park and Faneuil Hall Marketplace. The North End is steeped in history, but also happens to be the city's Little Italy, with incredible Italian restaurants to enjoy after you play! Hanover Street is the heart of the North End, with many of the oldest and most iconic restaurants and shops. Other sites you might want to see in the area are the Old North Church, the Skinny House (the narrowest home in Boston), Copps Hill Burying Ground, and the USS Constitution.

Escape room box contents

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Boston escape room FAQ


Yes, but it is not generally recommended unless you are a serious escape room enthusiast. It would be like playing an escape room that has the same storyline and similar puzzles, but with different clues available. Because the clues are integrated within the North End, the clues are different from all other Spyhunter games. But the puzzles will feel familiar.
The North End is a highly pedestrian-friendly area dripping with history. Because of the number of historical landmarks, it's the best place in Boston to find escape room clues and create puzzles, making it perfect for Escape the City. The Freedom Trail runs right through the North End amongst many other historical sites. It's also a beautiful area architecturally to spend time walking around. Finally, it's home to Boston's Little Italy so after you have worked up an appetite tracking down double agents, you can choose a delicious Italian restaurant to grab some food and drink.
It's both! In a traditional escape room you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next to escape the room (or a series of rooms). In Escape the City you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next, with clues in the real world. It's one of the best things to do in Boston!
Parking in the North End is notoriously difficult. While there is parking available, we recommend ride share or public transportation. Take the MBTA Green Line subway to the Haymarket stop.
There are no indoor clues in our Boston escape room game. Everything is publicly accessible.
It's a self-guided adventure around the North End for couples, families, individuals, friend groups, and anyone else looking for a fun thing to do in Boston.