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STARTING LOCATION: Anywhere near the 3rd Street Promenade

Tourists are clamoring from far and wide to get a sight of Sandie the Sea Monster. But you’re a scientist – you know better. Armed with your test kit, you’re going to get to the bottom of this and prove Sandie isn’t real once and for all…or is she? Search for clues, solve puzzles, and explore Santa Monica on this unforgettable escape room adventure!

  • Open your clue box anywhere near the 3rd Street Promenade to start your adventure.
  • Begin solving using anything you see in the box. Scan the QR code to input your solution and find out where to go.
  • Search for real-world clues hidden around Santa Monica and use them to solve puzzles. When you input the correct code, the app will tell you where to go and what to do!
  • If you get stuck, the no-download app has as many hints as you need. It also has storyline, videos, and more.
  • Play at your own pace. There's no penalty for hints and no one gets timed out.
  • Lockbox with a real lock
  • Clue envelopes that are locked until you're told otherwise!
  • Other fun clue items, like test tubes
  • QR codes to access the web-based app (no download required)
  • A pen
  • PLAYING TIME: 1.5-3 hours depending on experience level and how much you eat, drink, and explore along the way
  • WALKING DISTANCE: About 1.25 miles around Santa Monica
  • PLAYERS PER BOX: We suggest 2-6 so that everyone can share the clues, but it's completely up to you. You can even play alone!
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Adjustable. There's no penalty for hints, so you can take them frequently or challenge yourself.
  • WHO CAN PLAY: Fun for all ages. Perfect for date nights, family outings, friend groups, tourists, and anyone looking for a fun outdoor escape room in Santa Monica.


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  • Nitzan Omer

    A great experience in the Los Angeles/Santa Monica location

    We had a really great time doing this in the LA/Santa Monica location. Technically everything worked smoothly. It was the right balance of fun, challenge, views, and entertainment. We are a couple, into escape rooms, and it took us about 3 hours, taking it easy and enjoying each stop. Highly recommend.

  • Sharon P

    Fun outdoor activity

    It’s a cross between a scavenger hunt and an easy-to-medium difficulty escape room. (Made easier by the fact that everything you need is in the box.) Once you get to the starting point, you scan a QR code on the box and it gives you an introductory video which tells you where to start. From there, at each stop, you open an envelope, which has a QR code and part of a puzzle. Scan the code, the storyline moves forward, there’s a place to enter your answer to the puzzle, and opportunities to click on as many hints as you need. Almost all of the puzzles use a “real world clue” (that’s the scavenger hunt part) which you put together with the info in your envelope/box.

    What really makes the Escapely box stand out is the attention to detail. For instance, all of the audios/videos are accompanied by a “what did he say?” button, which pops up the text of what you just heard/watched. This is key — not just for accessibility, but because you sometimes just can’t hear well when you’re gathered around a phone near a random street entertainer. Puzzles come with a succession of hints — the first one will just nudge you in the right direction — all the way up to explaining it to you. (There are even buttons to click if the real world clue isn’t accessible — I never had to hit one, but I assume it lets you skip the puzzle.) As for difficulty, there were some super-easy puzzles that kids could solve … up to a pretty clever puzzle that had about 3 steps for each character in the answer. The whole thing is designed so that you will NEVER stand there frustrated in the middle of the sidewalk; it’s cute, fun and satisfying. By the time we were done, I had walked about 10,000 steps, and my friends and I smiled and laughed through it for two hours straight.

  • Jenn E

    Coolest non-escape room ever!

    My two besties and I are escape room champs. We have finished rooms with upwards of 15-20 minutes to spare! See this and decided let’s try our luck! This was the coolest adventure we’ve done. Not only did we walk and get our steps in for the day, the clues were just naturally around us! Escapely is so well thought out, awesome fun and I wish they had a hundred more to do!! Walking around Santa Monica was so much fun – got to explore and do a little shopping and stop for some lunch as well! This has got to be your next adventure!

  • Lammy

    A Fun Afternoon Date!

    As an LA local, I was feeling pretty bored with the city, and this came up as a suggested adventure. My partner and I just completed the game in about 2 hours and had a delightful time dodging tourists and seeing Santa Monica in a new context. Hope there’ll be more neighborhoods to escape in the future!

  • Cali Ced

    It was fun

    We always looking for something to do with the kids that gets them out of the house, this was a good idea. So I have been going to Santa Monica off and on for 20+ years and there were things that I needed to solve this puzzle that I’d walked past plenty of times and never gave it any attention. The kids had fun helping to solve the clues and pointing out things to help us figure it all out. As you can see, getting your feet wet was not in their plan but I got to do it. We are buying boxes for other cities and planning trips to accommodate them as we speak.

The best Santa Monica escape room experience

About the escape room game

This escape room adventure around Santa Monica takes the best parts of an escape room and the best parts of a scavenger hunt and merges them into the most fun thing to do in Santa Monica. You get to search for clues hidden in the real world and then use them to solve escape room puzzles. When you solve for a code, the app will tell you where to go look for your next clue! Instead of trying to escape the room, an Escapely adventure takes you to find clues around Santa Monica's streets and waterfront!

This real world escape room is the most unique escape room in LA. It takes you on a clue-solving adventure around Santa Monica to find clues, solve puzzles, and follow an immersive storyline. If you want to keep the experience a surprise, don't read this next bit - it contains some spoilers about where you'll go on our Santa Monica escape room adventure and what you'll see along the way.

Escapely's Santa Monica escape room begins with Kevin, an alleged conspiracy theorist who wants your help proving Sandie, the Santa Monica Sea Monster, is real rather than a hoax. You think he sounds a little nuts, but decide to see if you can help. The crowds clamoring for a sight of Sandie have become so large and so passionate that you're even curious whether there's something to the rumors.

We suggest starting near the 3rd Street Promenade, which is close to your first clue. As you crack codes and advance throughout the escape game, you'll find clues at a coffee shop, the Santa Monica Pier, and a sculpture on the street. You will even get to walk down to the beach to see whether you can find evidence of a sea monster in the local waters! One of the clues will take you all the way out to the very end of the Santa Monica Pier for some beautiful views of the ocean.

Contents of Santa Monica escape room game

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Santa Monica escape room FAQ


Santa Monica is the perfect place for an outdoor escape room because the weather is almost always perfect all year round. Throughout the escape room you will walk around the area to find clues, and you'll get to walk all the way to the end of the Santa Monica Pier to feel the ocean breeze! If you have some extra time and you're there with kids, we highly recommend taking advantage of some of the rides and attractions. And even if not, there are plenty of spots to grab a bite to eat or drink after you play...or even while you solve the final puzzle. For your shopping fix, you can also stop by the 3rd Street Promenade, which happens to be our recommended starting location for the escape room.
It's both! In a traditional escape room you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next to escape the room (or a series of rooms). In Escape the City you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next, with clues all around Santa Monica!
There is plenty of parking all over Santa Monica, including parking garages and even street parking if you're lucky. Don't forget to check the signs and feed your meter. For convenience, try to find a parking spot near the 3rd Street Promenade or the Santa Monica Pier.
There is one business that you will need to enter, but you will not need to make a purchase or interact with staff (though we recommend grabbing something!). You just need to enter to find a clue. Everything else is outside.
It's a self-guided adventure around Santa Monica for couples, families, individuals, friend groups, and anyone else looking for a fun thing to do in Santa Monica!