We saved you the hard work and rounded up a list of the top team building activities in Houston, Texas. If you’re looking to engage your team in exciting and interactive experiences in Houston, you have to check out this list! All of our ideas foster collaboration, communication, and a sense of camaraderie. From thrilling […]

  Fall is the perfect time for team building activities. It’s an opportunity for teams to come together, foster stronger bonds, and have fun! Whether you’re looking to plan an outdoor adventure, plan a seasonal game, or do something creative, the fall team building activities on our list offer plenty of opportunities for team members […]

5 Minute Team Building Activities In today’s fast-paced work environment, finding ways to connect, engage, and motivate team members quickly is essential. But no one should feel as if they are giving up quality just because they don’t have a full hour to spend. Discover the power of 5 minute team building activities – brief […]

In today’s digital landscape, conference calls have become an integral part of remote work. However, they can sometimes feel impersonal and lack the team bonding opportunities that in-person interactions offer. That’s why incorporating team building activities for conference calls is essential! These activities break the monotony and foster a sense of unity, collaboration, and engagement […]

Virtual Holiday Party Ideas for Work Is your team looking for a way to gather and celebrate the end of the year together? This list of fun virtual holiday party ideas for work will help you choose the right activity to celebrate together as an office, whether you are in person or remote. The list […]

Online games have grown increasingly popular over recent years, and there is no question that some of the most successful of these have been virtual escape rooms. When the pandemic hit, escape room companies scrambled to release virtual versions of their games so that players could continue to enjoy them at home. Here at Escapely, […]

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