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Team Building Ideas For
Virtual Conferences

Virtual conferences have become the go-to solution for companies looking to conveniently engage employees and attendees from different geographical regions. Fully remote companies, hybrid work forces, and even those who work exclusively from the office are supplementing or replacing in-person gatherings with online conferences to provide additional networking opportunities and enhance the employee experience. And what does every virtual conference need? An exciting team building event to bring attendees together and form memories they won’t forget!

Virtual Event Emcee
Teammates Working Together

Our ideas for virtual conferences connect attendees and promote positive energy and engagement throughout your event. We also help facilitate networking between participants. In fact, we recommend not letting participants choose their own teams for our games so that everyone mixes, mingles and forms new connections. All of our virtual conference ideas use games and friendly competition to get participants collaborating and working toward a common goal. Because we break participants out into small teams, there is a lot of individual interaction and communication. This helps attendees both form new connections and deepen bonds with colleagues they already know.

One of the reasons our retreat team building games are so effective at strengthening relationships is because of our high moderator to participant ratio. Participants have a host guiding them at all times, so no one is ever left to wonder what they’re supposed to do next. The moderators will show participants everything they need to see and tell them everything they need to know. Instead of worrying about how to operate the platform, players can focus on networking and building connections with one another.

Team Members Bonding Online
Virtual Team Building Participant

Escapely’s virtual conference ideas bring the team building element to a variety of virtual corporate events, from virtual conferences to remote team retreats and offsites to virtual sales kickoffs and much more. We integrate seamlessly with your overall event to provide a virtual team building activity that is both fun and enriching. Our virtual conference ideas and games break up the seminars and long meetings to allow attendees to interact and connect. Arguably, this is the most important part of a virtual conference!

Fully Customized Games for Virtual Conferences and Field Marketing

At Escapely, we can create any kind of custom experience you desire. We can build custom themed escape games for your company or product, create custom trivia rounds, and we can ship each participant a clue kit customized with your company branding! Virtual conferences are a great way to engage employees and also to market to your customer base and create business opportunities. Whether you will be holding a conference for field marketing or for your current workforce, most companies are asking for fully customized and tailored online team building events. Escapely can deliver!

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Custom escape rooms

We can design custom storylines, puzzles that incorporate company products or branding, and even fully custom games. Some examples of custom experiences we have created in the past have involved toys sold by a large consumer toy brand, a spy theme about recovering trade secrets for a financial services company, training and compliance teaching for a pharmaceutical company, and much more. We have designed for law firms, marketing companies, credit cards, and everything in between. The sky is the limit!

custom trivia

Custom trivia

Trivia is extremely customizable because we can generate questions around pretty much anything – then our quizmasters make it fun and exciting for participants! Remote corporate events can be customized with any trivia category you can dream of. Custom trivia is a great way to close a training event. It is a fun way to combine both learning and fun because you can quiz participants on topics they have been studying. You can also use custom categories to honor someone who is retiring or celebrating an occasion!

custom clue kits

Custom clue kits

For an elevated experience, we can ship custom clue kits to accompany our online team building experiences. Inside, participants find a packet of clues and gadgets that they will use as they play their online escape room. The outside of the kit tells them not to open it until told to do so, which creates an element of anticipation and intrigue. The clue kit can be customized with a company logo and branding to make the event memorable.

Virtual Escape Rooms

Virtual Escape Room

Our virtual escape rooms are the perfect team building activity for a virtual conference because they are specifically designed to get all participants talking out loud and working together. This makes them a great choice when not everyone knows one another well. Players encounter puzzles and challenges that they must brainstorm together and collaborate to solve before they can move on to the next stage. Our events are fully hosted, including a lively emcee and a dedicated moderator for each small team. The dedicated moderators are there to guide them through the game, provide hints, and answer questions.

Our escape room event is set up as a competition, which gets everyone even more engaged and working together toward a common goal. Because of the competition structure in which everyone plays the game as a race in small teams, our virtual escape rooms are scalable to very large groups and can be customized to the needs of any organization. They’re excellent choices for virtual conferences, remote work retreats, and other virtual corporate events.

Virtual Trivia

Virtual Trivia

Virtual trivia is a great virtual conference idea because everyone loves a chance to showcase their knowledge of niche categories. The event is also a great way for attendees to create memories and connections - everyone will remember the girl who knew the chemical structure for ATP or the guy who had memorized every episode of Seinfeld! Teams work through six different themed categories so there’s a chance for everyone to contribute. In between rounds, all teams check back in together to get live score updates, which really eggs on the competition. It’s a company retreat game in which participants will laugh, connect, and learn more about each other.

Escapely virtual trivia is fully hosted with an energetic emcee and each team has a dedicated quizmaster guiding them through each rapid-fire round. The event is also scalable to any group size - smaller groups have fewer teams and larger groups have more teams competing. Because of the variety, virtual trivia works equally well for sales kickoff activities and work retreat games.

Virtual Trivia

Virtual Murder Mysteries

Virtual Murder Mystery

Our virtual murder mystery is a popular option for a virtual conference, virtual work retreat, or virtual corporate event because everyone loves an opportunity to pretend to be a detective. In our murder mystery, participants get to play investigator and try to crack the case. Our incredible actors play the suspects and improv in character with each team as players try to gather information, collect evidence, and catch them in a lie. Your attendees don’t need to prepare anything and will not need to act in character - they are simply there to get to the bottom of the crime!

This event is also set up as a competition, which ups the ante. It’s not just a matter of figuring out who did it - teams also get points for identifying each suspect’s motive, alibi, and catching someone in a lie. The virtual murder mystery is a perfect fit for virtual corporate events of up to about 300 attendees. For larger groups, we can divide into multiple sessions or recommend the virtual escape room.


Make Your Virtual Conference Exciting

Remote Workers Team Building

Include a Virtual Team Building Game

Virtual conferences are an easy and convenient way to connect attendees all over the world. But to create a memorable virtual conference that reaps benefits for the attendees, you must include opportunities for participants to engage with one another and network with new faces. Just like any corporate event, a virtual corporate event must break up seminars and long meetings with conversation, networking, and meaningful connection. A virtual team building game is the perfect way to accomplish this! Our games get participants out of their shell and communicating from the start so there are no awkward introductions or silences.

Some conference planners hold our team building events as a virtual conference kick-off so that attendees form real bonds with other attendees right from the start. The connections formed help participants stay more engaged throughout other parts of the conference and create even deeper connections as the virtual corporate event continues. Other companies choose to hold our virtual event as a wrap-up to unite participants and end the virtual conference on an interactive note. This brings attendees together one last time for some fun, laughter, and team building and ensures that the last memory of the conference will be a positive one!

Award Winner Podium

Offer a prize

Another way to make your virtual corporate event even more exciting is to offer a prize for the winners of the team building game. Our virtual conference ideas are all based on a competition and people take this extremely seriously even with nothing on the line! Adding a prize not only ensures increased engagement with the event, but also gets teams collaborating more quickly in an attempt to win. We have seen companies offer gift cards, gift baskets, event tickets, and complimentary tickets to next year’s virtual conference.

Event Planners Receiving 5 Stars

Leave planning to the pros

To make your virtual conference activity successful, it’s important to leave planning to the professionals. There are many components that go into planning a virtual team building event and it takes a seasoned events company to pull it off. We handle all details, integrate seamlessly into your event, and provide a lot of staff to make sure it runs smoothly! Let us handle your bonding activity so that you can focus on making the rest of the virtual conference a success.

Types of Virtual Corporate Events We Serve

Our team building games are a perfect fit for a wide variety of virtual events. Whether you are hosting a virtual conference in which attendees don’t know each other well or a remote company retreat looking to deepen relationships amongst employees who work together, our virtual team building events will get everyone feeling connected and aligned toward a common goal. Our events make excellent retreat team building games, virtual sales kickoffs, and everything in between. Below are some of the most common virtual corporate events we host, but we can do absolutely anything!

Virtual Conferences

Online Company Retreats

Virtual “Off-Sites”

Virtual Sales Kickoffs

Networking Events

Educational Events

Round Table Discussions

Product Launches and Promotions

Awards and Recognition Programs

Other Virtual Corporate Events

Benefits of a Virtual Team Building Event

Virtual conferences have many benefits over their in-person counterparts. They are more convenient, more inclusive for all participants, and more cost-effective than their in-person counterparts. This leaves more budget for team building activities that are crucial to the success of your employees. Team building activities reap benefits like increased bonding, strengthened leadership skills, and opportunities to practice teamwork and problem solving. Virtual conferences make additional team building activities possible more than once per year.

Lady Choosing Team Building Activity


Virtual conferences make attendance easy for both the organizer and for participants. For the organizer, there are fewer complicated logistics to arrange. There is no venue or hotel to reserve and it is easier to arrange speakers when they can dial-in via video conference without having to travel. Of course, it’s important to replace the in-person socialization that occurs at a live conference, and that is exactly where our fun virtual conference ideas come in. When you work with a seasoned event provider like Escapely, we do the heavy lifting so that you can relax and enjoy!

For participants, attending is much more convenient. Instead of spending hours in the car, in an airport, or on a flight, participants can get straight to the important content without wasting any time. Virtual corporate events are accessible with the click of a button! They don’t require transportation and there are no complicated overnight logistics or family coordination for attendees to figure out.

Escapely Event Coordinator


Virtual conferences are a way to include participants from all over the world who might not otherwise be able to attend an in-person event. Depending on the company, many times it is impractical to include everyone at an in-person conference. Some participants are too far away for travel to be possible and others have life events that prevent them from traveling at that time. In those cases, virtual corporate events allow companies to be inclusive for everyone. Our virtual conference ideas work with participants all over the world and it is usually only a matter of finding time windows that overlap with all of the necessary time zones. We can always help with that!

Calendar Marking Game Day


Because there are no flights, hotels, or venues to rent, virtual conferences are an extremely cost-effective alternative to in-person conferences. This leaves more budget for the important team building activities included in our virtual conference ideas - these reap incredible value on your employees and organization! With the cost savings you get hosting a virtual conference, you can host more retreats and gatherings than would otherwise be possible, making team building a year-round occurrence!


Most virtual conferences choose our virtual escape room. It’s interactive, collaborative, and scalable to very large groups. Best of all, solving the challenges truly requires everyone on the team to talk out loud and work together, making it a great choice when not everyone knows one another. Our next most popular virtual conference ideas are virtual trivia and virtual murder mystery. These are also great choices because these events also divide participants into small groups that work together to try to beat the other teams. There is nothing like competition to bond a group together!
Our virtual conference ideas scale to fit any sized group. We can host groups as small as five for small virtual team retreats and groups larger than 5,000 for large conferences in multiple sessions. In one single time slot, we can generally host up to 600 participants, though there are exceptions when we can host more. For very large groups, we always suggest offering multiple sessions at different dates and times throughout your virtual conference. This is a great way to accommodate attendees in different time zones, anywhere in the world! Regardless of the size of the group, each participant will have the same intimate experience because we divide players up into small teams that compete to solve the game the fastest. Each team has a dedicated moderator helping them through. This ensures that everyone is able to contribute ideas, form connections, and receive individual attention.
No special equipment is necessary for our virtual corporate team building events. Participants join from their own personal device, which is usually a laptop or desktop computer. Headphones are optional. Employees do not need to download anything or print anything out in advance - simply click the link and they are ready to play! No materials are required, but for an elevated event experience, we do offer clue kits which can be shipped to each participants. The outside of the kit has a notice not to open it until the event, which creates some excitement and intrigue!
We always recommend as much notice as possible to schedule our corporate retreat games, but understand that sometimes virtual events are planned on short notice. We can pull together small events of under 100 participants with only a week or two of notice. For events up to 200 participants, we recommend 2-3 weeks. For larger events, strive to contact us at least a month in advance. While virtual conferences are sometimes planned last minute, the more notice you give us will give you more options regarding staffing options and keeping your whole group together in one time slot.
Our employee retreat activities generally last 60-90 minutes, but we can fit into any timeframe of your choosing. If time permits, we recommend at least a 60-minute experience because the time really flies by. If the event is too short, it can feel as though the fun is over just as it is getting started! That said, if you have a shorter time window, we offer 30-minute and 45-minute experiences.
Absolutely. In fact, sometimes we suggest this as a way to offer attendees flexibility and accommodate those in different time zones. Regardless of whether you play in one session or multiple sessions, we will still provide information on the winning teams for each of our events so that you can announce the overall winners at the virtual conference wrap up!
There is no bad time to add a bonding element to your virtual conference ideas. Some companies choose to kick off the entire conference with a fun, get-to-know-other-attendees event. This has the added advantage that participants will see each other again throughout the conference and have something to talk about! Other companies choose to use a virtual team building event as a closing activity to bring attendees together one last time. Because all of our games involve a competition, it makes a great closing party to announce the winners. You can also choose to host sessions throughout your virtual conference to break up some of the business items with a bonding activity that everyone will love!
We can make this work in several ways. Often, we provide a separate link for attendees to join at the scheduled times. This link can be provided to attendees in advance as well as at the prior session. After the virtual team building activity, participants head right on back to the virtual conference platform. Alternatively, we are always happy to integrate with your platform or come onto your link to run the event!
The technical requirements for our virtual team building games are the same as those required by a virtual conference in general. As long as attendees have video conferencing capabilities, including video and audio, they will be able to participate. We don’t require any additional logins or attachments to download.
We are there to help! The moderators of each breakout room will help attendees troubleshoot audio issues and each event will have a technical team managing breakout rooms and making sure anyone who gets kicked out is let back in. We have backup plans on top of backup plans so that if any technical glitches occur, we will solve them immediately.
We generally recommend against this as the team building activity is the perfect time to mix attendees up and allow them to network with new people. However, if this is what makes the most sense for your organization, we can absolutely accommodate. If you have certain key people you want on certain teams, just let us know. If participants want to form groups and stay together on teams, we can accommodate that as well. Our event planners will walk you through the logistics.
Our team building activities are themselves ice breakers. Our employee retreat games are specifically designed to get people interacting and collaborating. Players don’t just watch things happening, they drive their progress. We have also found that it is usually best to let players get to know one another organically. However, if attendees don’t know one another, we can absolutely include time for brief introductions.
The typical virtual team building activity lasts 30-90 minutes, with one hour being the most common. For a strict team building activity, we recommend an hour total because it can be easily slotted between meetings - and we do include our short intro and wrap up during that time! For field marketing events, a shorter time is often preferred so that the company can devote some time to a short presentation. In this case, we recommend a 30-45 minute team building game.
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