Logan Square


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STARTING LOCATION: Anywhere near Swann Memorial Fountain

Trust no one. A ring of double agents has infiltrated the Chronos Agency and it’s up to you to go undercover and expose them. Can you track them down before it’s too late? Search for clues, solve puzzles, and explore Philadelphia on this unforgettable escape room adventure!

  • Open your clue box near Swann Memorial Fountain to begin your adventure.
  • Begin solving using anything you see in the box. Scan the QR code to input your solution and find out where to go.
  • Search for real-world clues hidden around Philadelphia and use them to solve puzzles. When you input the correct code, the app will tell you where to go and what to do!
  • If you get stuck, the no-download app has as many hints as you need. It also has storyline, videos, and more.
  • Play at your own pace. There's no penalty for hints and no one gets timed out.
  • Lockbox with a real lock
  • Clue envelopes that are locked until you're told otherwise!
  • Other fun clue items, like spy glasses, a passport, and an ID card
  • QR codes to access the web-based app (no download required)
  • A pen
  • IMPORTANT: All games in the Spyhunter series have the same storyline and similar puzzles. Clues are different but solves will be familiar.
  • PLAYING TIME: 1.5-3 hours depending on experience level and how much you eat, drink, and explore along the way
  • WALKING DISTANCE: About 1.5 miles around Logan Square
  • PLAYERS PER BOX: We suggest 2-6 so that everyone can share the clues, but it's completely up to you. You can even play alone!
  • DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Adjustable. There's no penalty for hints, so you can take them frequently or challenge yourself.
  • WHO CAN PLAY: Fun for all ages. Perfect for date nights, family outings, friend groups, tourists, and anyone looking for a fun outdoor escape room around Philly.


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  • Gabrielle K

    Tourists in our own city!

    I loved the game! It was so fun incorporating the real world clues combined with physical clue cards and digital clues on your phone. There were also options to use hints at each step of the outdoor escape room, which was a great addition to ensure that we had fun instead of being too stumped and getting frustrated. I’ve been recommending it to my friends in other cities! A fun date activity, but would also be fantastic with friends or for a family outing.

    I live in Philadelphia and love exploring, but the game took me to places I had never been in the city, which made it a great experience as well.

  • Victor K

    Had a great days solving puzzles and following clues

    Had a blast discovering the identity of the double-agent! My wife and I spent a great time outside and enjoyed the city, while solving puzzles and following clues. What an amazing way to spend an afternoon together with friends and loved ones. I enjoyed that you could choose your own pace and play as quickly as you wanted and it was OK to get distracted and check-out some of the buildings, museums, and coffee shops that you walk by. Looking forward visiting another city to try out more storylines!

  • Amanda

    Spy Master

    This was a fun family activity to explore a small part of Philadelphia! The activity took about 3 hours and was worth the money. Clues were interactive with the environment. Highly recommend!

The best Philadelphia escape room experience

About the escape room game

This escape room adventure around Logan Square takes the best parts of an escape room and the best parts of a scavenger hunt and merges them into the most fun thing to do in Philadelphia. You get to search for clues hidden in the real world and then use them to solve escape room puzzles. When you solve for a code, the app will tell you where to go look for your next clue! Instead of trying to escape the room, this Escapely adventure takes you around Philly to track down clues and expose double agents!

This real world escape room is the most unique escape room in Philadelphia. It takes you on a clue-solving adventure to find clues, solve puzzles, and follow an immersive storyline. If you want to keep the experience a surprise, don't read this next bit - it contains some spoilers about where you'll go on our Philly escape room adventure and what you'll see along the way.

In Escapely's Philadelphia escape room, you are a top secret spy tasked with exposing a ring of double agents threatening to take down the agency. We suggest starting at Swann Memorial Fountain in Logan Circle to solve the first puzzle. You will then head to the Parkway Central Library to find your first clue. It's the largest of the public libraries in Philadelphia so pop in to check out a book if you have time! After spending some time in Logan Square itself, you will also get to check out Cret Park, a small triangular park with seating and interesting sculptures.

Your next clue is at Lenfest Plaza at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. It sits between the Frank Furness building and the Hamilton Building as a beautiful outdoor art space. Eventually, you'll make it to Sister Cities Park, a beautiful Philly park with a boat pond, a fountain, and panoramic views of Philadelphia. You can finish the escape room there, or head to Federal Donuts if you have worked up an appetite. If you're in the mood for a picture, head to the LOVE sculpture, which is in the area and is one of Philly's most Instagrammable sculptures. For something a little more high brow, the Barnes Foundation houses one of the world's great art collections.

Escape room box contents

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Philadelphia escape room FAQ


Yes, but it is not generally recommended unless you are a serious escape room enthusiast. It would be like playing an escape room that has the same storyline and similar puzzles, but with different clues available. Because the clues are integrated within Logan Square, the clues are different from all other Spyhunter games. But the puzzles will feel familiar.
Logan Square (which over the years has become more of a circle), is a beautiful open park with a fountain in the middle in Central Philadelphia. It is an easily walkable area surrounded by museums, culture, and historical sights. Because of the large number of public sculptures and monuments in the area, it's the perfect area for escape room clues. If you're a tourist, you aren't far from Philly's most famous sights, like the Liberty Bell and Philadelphia City Hall. If you're a local, stick around afterward to enjoy a nice day on the lawn. The area is full of international restaurants for those who are hungry after walking around playing the escape room!
It's both! In a traditional escape room you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next to escape the room (or a series of rooms). In Escape the City you must solve puzzles that lead from one to the next, with clues in the real world. It's one of the best things to do in Philadelphia!
There is paid parking around Logan Square. If you're taking public transportation, the SEPTA Regional Rail lines and buses stop at Suburban Station. You can also take the subway. Take the east-west Market-Frankford Line or the north-south Broad Street Line to City Hall.
There are no indoor clues in our Philly escape room game. Everything is publicly accessible.
It's a self-guided adventure around Logan Square for couples, families, individuals, friend groups, and anyone else looking for a fun thing to do in Philadelphia!