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Escapely team building activities are designed specifically for corporate groups and scale to teams of any size.

Fun team bonding


We only offer team building activities that we would want to go to ourselves and participants say they would attend again!

Seamless experiences


Our team building events are designed to be foolproof. Our event coordinators take care of the setup and are there for any questions.

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You will be amazed by our friendly, helpful, and prompt customer service!



Escapely’s interactive, live team building experiences are designed to inspire collaboration, problem-solving, and most of all, fun! They’re designed specifically for corporate teams to unite outside of the workplace. Our games will spark team spirit and unite your team with a little bit of friendly competition.

Escapely has indoor and outdoor event options for groups of any size, whether you are planning a bonding event with a small group of coworkers or a large conference activity for thousands of attendees. Take your team on a unique adventure to discover the city or choose a team event that we set up in your office, conference center, or retreat hotel.

We also create immersive adventures around college campuses, custom activations for marketing events or trade shows, and more. Come see why Escapely is so popular!

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    Art Heist

    See if your team has what it takes to crack the case the fastest with Escapely’s Art Heist! It’s a unique escape room experience designed for team collaboration and problem-solving. Puzzles and clues are designed to be solved by a team and have multiple steps and components for everyone to feel like they made a contribution. It can be played anywhere including conference rooms and offices.

    Art Heist can be played sitting down, so it is the perfect option for indoor settings or teams worried about mobility. Escapely’s easy-to-use app is included with the activity to provide hints as needed and keep track of the score. At the end, the leaderboard updates in real time to announce the winners!

    Here’s what to expect:

    • Teams delve into the evidence and engage with physical clue packets as they try to unravel the mystery of the notorious art thief, Le Papillon.
    • Hints are available anytime on our easy-to-use companion app (no download required!). The app keeps track of the score and penalties.
    • Check out how everyone stacked up on the leaderboard at the end!
    • Flexible game time of 1-2 hours in any location of your choice.

    Sign your team up for this escape room experience that can be played with groups of any size!



    Get ready to find clues and explore the city with Escapely’s Urban Clue Quest! This team building activity is part escape room, part scavenger hunt, and the perfect bonding game. Teams find clues hidden around select major U.S. cities and use them to solve puzzles. When they crack a code, they find out where to go next!

    Whether it’s a team building activity in a local area or a retreat in a new city, everyone will discover things together they have never seen before. Even better, team members will work on leadership skills, problem solving, and collaborate in a whole new way.

    Here’s what to expect:

    • Each team gets a physical clue box with sealed envelopes, physical clues to hold, and a real lockbox to crack open.
    • Coworkers search for clues scattered throughout the city and solve intriguing puzzles. When they crack a code, they find out where to go next.
    • Our easy-to-use interactive app guides colleagues through the game with storyline, videos, and hints anytime they need help.
    • It’s a race against the other teams to find the clues and solve the puzzles the fastest! The leaderboard updates in real time to announce the winners at the end.

    Urban Clue Quest is a 1.5-3 hour experience with everything in walking distance. Sign your team up for this unique adventure to explore a city in a whole new way!


    Escapely Amazing Escape Race

    Get ready to solve clues and complete challenges with Escapely’s Amazing Escape Race! This team building activity mixes scavenger hunt excitement with escape room puzzles and gives coworkers a chance to bond through shared competition. Team members have to use problem-solving and teamwork to locate checkpoints, solve puzzles, and complete challenges.

    This premium in-person team building activity comes with live moderators to work with each team as much as they need. Teams will be out running around the race course, but can dial the moderators at any time or even stay connected to them throughout the entire event.

    Here’s what to expect:

    • Teams encounter logic puzzles, trivia quizzes, rapid-fire games, physical tasks, and a mystery to solve.
    • Throughout the event, teams work together to solve a mystery and try to be the first team to the finish line. Winners are announced in the awards ceremony at the end!
    • At the culmination of the activity, all teams work together to complete one final group puzzle. It’s the perfect way to pull everyone together at the end of the competition.
    • Dedicated moderators are standing by in case teams need any help and we can send a live emcee by request.

    Give your team a chance to feel like they’re competing on the Amazing Race with this dynamic corporate team building game!


    Person searching for clues

    Take your team to explore a new environment with Escapely’s Adventure Quest! Adventure Quest is a versatile and dynamic team building activity that combines the thrill of an escape room with the spirit of a scavenger hunt. Designed to be played in any location, teams flex their problem-solving muscles by deciphering digital puzzles to uncover four magical keys and secure the pirate treasure.

    This team building game can be played anywhere, from outside on city streets to inside around an office. Companies can choose to incorporate custom trivia questions and provide information and fun facts throughout the game on the app!

    Here’s what to expect:

    • Corporate teams can customize the game’s locations and walking distances to fit their unique setting. As teams venture through the quest, they document their journey with photos.
    • Escapely’s easy-to-use app tracks each team’s progress, hints, and penalties. At the end, winners are announced on the leaderboard.
    • Flexible game time from 1.5 to 3 hours. At the end, all players receive a pop-up alert to meet at the end location even if they are still playing.

    Sign your team up for the excitement of a shared adventure that can be played anywhere you like!

    Join the party and let's make your team building experience the talk of the town!
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    Our team building activities come to you wherever you are. From corporate retreats to office buildings to public parks, you can play anywhere.



    Exciting, impactful, and so much fun employees will ask to do it again. We design our team building activities to be all of those things!

    Team Collaboration


    From small team bonding exercises to huge conferences, we have activities for groups of any size.

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    After booking your team building activity, your event concierge will handle all of the details and answer any questions.



    To amp up the excitement, our team building games are competitions with a leaderboard or award ceremony at the end!

    Problem solving


    Our games are designed to create a sense of accomplishment when teams figure it out together and are able to celebrate shared success.

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    We offer team building activities of all shapes and sizes ranging from self-moderated to fully staffed and everything in between.

    5 star reviews


    Our clients say it best! Check our glowing testimonials to see how much other companies are loving our team building events.



    When you book with us, expect a well-planned and engaging team building activity!

    Whether led by live game guides or our easy-to-use app, we will lead the way as your team participates in fun-filled activities and receives all the necessary materials to get everyone pumped and involved.


    Our unique race packets and clue boxes add an extra thrill to your experience. These physical packets contain tangible clues and puzzles that your team must manipulate. Some of our team building activities even come with a lockbox to crack open!

    All of the clues are designed specifically for corporate groups so that there are enough components for everyone to have something to do. All challenges are designed to encourage teamwork and problem-solving and everyone has the shared sense of accomplishment when teams advance together to the next stage of the game.

    Physical materials are mailed out in advance to a location of your choice. Our logistics team takes care of it so that you can relax and enjoy the game.


    Our lively game guides are the soul of our Amazing Escape Race. They’re there every step of the way to guide you through the different team building activities.

    Their responsibilities include:

    • Helping teams navigate the clues in the race packets
    • Generating excitement among participants
    • Managing challenge stations throughout the race
    • Offering teams as many hints as needed

    They make sure everyone stays engaged and has an amazing time together.


    The puzzle types are varied from logic puzzles to trivia to physical activities so that everyone has something to contribute. Expect a diverse array of tasks amongst the logic puzzles, calling on a wide variety of talents. Each challenge is tailored to engage different skills, ensuring that all team members can contribute and shine.

    The diverse range of challenges also adds an element of surprise keeping group members on edge throughout the race. The difficulty levels are all adjustable based on how many hints a team chooses to take. Everyone will be able to finish!


    The Amazing Escape Race culminates in a final challenge that brings all teams together, fostering team camaraderie and celebrating collective achievements. Right after that final challenge, the winners are announced!

    All of our other events feature a leaderboard at the end that updates in real time. The race for first place adds an element of fun competition that bonds teams together. It also allows for some friendly trash talking after the event and for weeks to come.

    Escapely team players


    An assortment of photos from Escapely team building games
    Customized Planning: From the moment you book with Escapely, our dedicated event coordinators collaborate with you, tailoring every detail to your preferences for either outdoor adventures or indoor challenges.

    Welcoming Start: On the day of the event, a dynamic emcee video energizes your entire group, setting the tone for an engaging experience. If you choose, a live emcee can be on site.

    Small Team Collaboration: Participants are divided into teams, race packets or clue boxes are distributed, and the race is on!

    Guided Adventure: Help is available every step of the way, whether through live staff or through our interactive app.

    Unifying Final Challenge: The Amazing Race event culminates in a final group activity, bringing all participants together to strengthen bonds across the organization.

    Celebratory Conclusion: All team building experiences wrap up with a leaderboard or celebration that announces the winning teams.


    Escapely’s in-person activities offer both indoor and outdoor experiences, so we have something for you no matter where your event will be held. We can run events anywhere in the US and in many international locations. From local company events like monthly team building activities to retreat bonding to conferences, Escapely has you covered for engaging team events.

    We can host both large and small groups in one cohesive team building event. Escapely ensures a dynamic, fun-filled experience that emphasizes competition and collaboration for all team members.

    In additional to company team building activities, Escapely offers a range of dynamic, interactive events:

    • Campus Quests: Ideal for educational settings, these quests take participants on a fun and informative journey through college campuses, exploring landmarks and learning campus history through trivia and discovery tasks.
    • City and Office Space Adventures: Tailored adventures that turn cityscapes or office environments into exciting exploration grounds, for example, for intern or new hire events.
    • Branded Marketing Activations: Customized for brand engagement, these activities incorporate product-based puzzles and storylines into short, impactful games, perfect for drawing attention at trade shows or expos. A leaderboard adds a competitive edge, enhancing participant engagement.


    Escapely’s in-person activities provide the perfect blend of fun and functionality, ensuring your team not only enjoys the experience but also gains valuable skills and a stronger sense of unity. Each team building activity is meticulously crafted to foster teamwork, communication skills, and problem-solving, ensuring a memorable and impactful team-building experience.

    Here’s what you can expect to discuss with our coordination team:

    • Define Clear Objectives: Begin by identifying what you aim to achieve. Whether it’s enhancing communication, fostering teamwork, or strengthening company culture, setting clear goals is crucial for a focused and effective event.
    • Choose Activities Aligned with Your Goals: We will help you select tasks that resonate with your team’s size, skill levels, and interests. The activities range from intellectual puzzles to physical challenges, each designed to cater to different preferences while meeting your event’s objectives.
    • Promote Inclusiveness and Participation: Create an environment where everyone feels encouraged to take part. Ensuring that each member feels included is key to a successful team-building experience. Our activities are designed to engage all participants and they’re games that coworkers and employees get really excited about!
    Ready to embark on a unique team building journey? Reach out to our planners for team-building exercises that bring your team together in an unforgettable adventure.


    Create an immersive experience unique to your company, ranging from custom puzzles to fully custom games! Perfect for internal events or marketing activations.



    "What an awesome experience!"

    What an awesome experience! Thank you so much Escapely. Our team had a great time. We will definitely see you soon for another event!!

    Samantha Breault
    Dollar General

    "The experience was seamless"

    We had 60 individuals in our group partake in the Escapely Art Heist challenge. The ability to have a demo and walk through prior to the event and using the tool was awesome! I highly recommend!

    Anna Czekaj

    Anna Czekaj

    "My favorite part of the experience was everything!"

    A great way to have a large team collaborate to solve puzzles, facilitate teambuilding, and get some exercise!

    John Port

    John Port

    "We received so much positive feedback!"

    The team had a GREAT time! We received so much positive feedback and the engagement from Escapely staff was excellent. Thanks so much for providing such an excellent experience for our group.

    Stacy Wolfenden

    "10/10 the best team building activity"

    10/10 the best team building activity! I’ve highly recommended it to the other teams in our store. Thank you so much for everything, we all had a blast!!!!

    Xiomara Davila

    Xiomara Davila


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      We recommend a duration of about 1.5 to 2 hours for our IRL team-building events. This gives players enough time to complete the challenges without feeling rushed – and the time truly does fly by! For companies with a shorter block of time, our events can be compressed into a shorter amount of time by simply removing one or two challenge stations, and for those looking for a longer event, we can extend the awards party. We always recommend doing so because it’s a great chance for additional bonding as coworkers rehash the experience!

      Our amazing escape races are perfect team-building events for large groups because they are so easily scalable. There is no upper limit – with larger groups we simply provide more challenge station moderators and more support staff to provide hints and help along the way. Regardless of the group size, participants will play the team-building game in small teams and benefit from close personal interaction. Larger groups just mean more teams, making the competition more exciting! As far as a minimum, we recommend at least 2-3 teams, which is enough for a good competition. We host the event frequently for small companies, large companies, and everything in between!

      For our team-building games in person — a team generally consists of 5-10 players depending on the event specifics. This is something you will decide with your event coordinator based on the needs of your event. For example, a school team-building event will utilize larger teams so that the puzzles are more solvable. For a smaller company, we may recommend smaller teams so that there are enough teams for a good competition. No matter what, the teams will be small enough so that everyone is able to contribute and play a role.

      Escapely will handle all preparation, all event logistics, and all day-of coordination. Of course, our event planners will work closely with you to align the event with your needs, but when it comes to the day of your in-person team-building activity, you and your coworkers will simply show up ready to have some fun!

      The only items needed along the racecourse are a pen, which we provide if needed, and a cell phone with internet connectivity (only one person on the team needs this). We also recommend comfortable shoes and clothing, though nothing strenuous is a part of the game. Some companies even prepare team uniforms such as colored bandanas or company tee shirts so that everyone can tell which team is which!

      Our helpful and encouraging game guides are a crucial part of our in-person team-building activities. Depending on the needs and layout of your event, we will provide dial-up help or in-person help. In the former case, dedicated moderators are standing by to provide hints and teams access them using QR codes on their race packets. In the latter case, staff are sprinkled throughout the racecourse waiting to help. Some events utilize both!

      This is entirely up to you and the specifications of your team-building event. We can operate pretty much anywhere and have hosted in-person team-building activities in conference centers, hotels and resorts, downtown areas, office complexes, and more!

      Our team-building game doesn’t require a specific amount of space. We recommend not spacing the challenge stations too far away from one another so that teams don’t have trouble getting between them. At the same time, we do keep them all hidden away in unique locations so that a team cannot accidentally stumble upon one without solving the right clues. If your company retreat or conference is at a hotel or other venue, we will work with the venue to designate the proper locations for the checkpoints. If it will be hosted at your office – no problem. We can always start and end at the office but host some of the challenge stations elsewhere.

      Not at all. The challenges are such that almost anyone will be able to participate and complete them. If you have specific questions, just discuss them with your event coordinator. We will do whatever necessary to accommodate any special needs!

      You will have a variety of live staff managing various aspects of your team-building activity. An energetic emcee will get the event started, professional and fun game moderators run the challenge stations, and game guides are standing by for any team in need of a hint. We provide game guides in two ways depending on the needs of your event – either on-the-ground staff or virtual moderators accessible via QR codes on the race packets. Some events have both!

      While we bend over backwards to accommodate last-minute requests, we recommend about one month of lead time for average size events. If your event is larger than 200 participants, the logistics become a little more complicated because we must find an appropriate race path for that number of people. In those cases, 6-8 weeks is ideal.

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