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Teams brainstorm, laugh, and problem solve together. Team building is all about real connection and quality interaction.

Fun team bonding


We only offer team building activities that we would want to go to ourselves and participants say they would attend again!

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We promise a smooth, handled-for-you experience from start to finish. We have a backup plan for everything.

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You'll be amazed by our friendly, helpful, and prompt customer service!

Virtual Events

For all group sizes

Since June 2020, Escapely has captivated over 100,000 clients worldwide with our innovative and budget-friendly online games. Our virtual team building activities are designed specifically to help coworkers connect in the virtual environment. We can host virtual teams of any size, anywhere.

Not sure which of our fun virtual games is the right fit for your group? No sweat. Book a demo with our awesome event planners, and we’ll whip up the perfect set of virtual activities for your team!

Digital virtual escape room


escape room

Hosted virtual escape room


escape room

Virtual murder mystery



Virtual trivia

Rapid Fire


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    Key unlocking door

    Get ready to put teamwork to the test like never before in a race against time! Virtual escape rooms are the perfect opportunity to collaborate under pressure. This online team building activity involves social communication, problem-solving skills, and teamwork. Teams must work together to solve puzzles and overcome challenges to escape the room. Coworkers brainstorm together via video chat, honing their leadership and communication skills as they work collaboratively to make it out in time.

    Our premium virtual escape rooms are fully hosted events with moderators who work one-on-one with each small team. The game kicks off with the entire group before breaking into smaller teams (don’t worry, we handle the logistics) that race against each other to escape.

    Here’s what to expect:

    • Dedicated moderators guide the teams through the virtual team building activity so they don’t have to download attachments or open any files.
    • Diverse puzzles and themes ensure that every participant can contribute their unique perspective to the escape.
    • The ultimate team-building thrill when teams get the “aha” moment of figuring out a code together, and our moderators make sure all teams get the satisfaction of finishing the game!
    • To wrap it up, we all reconvene to announce the victorious team.

    Sign your team up for this immersive experience where teamwork and problem-solving take center stage! 🚀


    Murder mystery crime scene

    Get into character and channel your inner investigator as you try to crack the case! Escapely virtual murder mysteries are immersive and interactive virtual team games in which participants aim to crack a crime by engaging with live suspects in character. Just like a regular murder mystery game, virtual murder mysteries involve unraveling a mystery using clues and teamwork. It’s also hilarious as teams try to guess what the suspects are going to say next.

    You might be amazed at how seriously your team embraces this virtual team-building challenge! Coworkers love the opportunity to play investigator and it’s a surefire way to get those competitive juices flowing.

    Here’s what to expect:

    • No need to worry about memorizing roles – our actors have that covered! Channel your inner investigator and grill suspects to gather evidence and clues.
    • Large groups are seamlessly divided into small teams that take turns interacting with each suspect. Collaborate to ask the right questions and piece together all the facts.
    • To win, a team must accumulate the most points by accurately deducing motives, alibis, lies, and, of course, identifying the killer!

    Give your team a virtual murder mystery – a thrilling experience that adds a dash of suspense to your team-building adventure – your team will thank you! 🕵️‍♂️🔍


    Virtual trivia

    Get ready to test your knowledge and have fun with your colleagues. You might be surprised to find the hidden knowledge your coworkers are hiding! Virtual trivia is a great way to learn more about your colleagues, gauge your team’s knowledge, and even help team members discover new things!

    Teams have a blast competing in a friendly way to answer as many rapid-fire questions as they can. Facing a tough question? Teams decide together whether to pass, adding a collaborative twist to the game. It’s not uncommon to hear teammates applauding each other or laughing at loud at the guesses and answers.

    Here’s what to expect for this remote team building activity:

    • A lively emcee will lick off the excitement as the entire group gets ready to spark the competition.
    • After breaking into smaller teams, dedicated quizmasters ask the teams a rapid-fire barrage of questions. They work together to answer as many as they can before time’s up!
    • After each round, everyone regroups for lively score updates, adding an extra dash of fun to the event.
    • Choose six themed rounds from our array of choices to give employees a chance to showcase the diverse knowledge they’ve accumulated over the years.

    Immerse your team in the joy of trivia, where camaraderie meets friendly competition, and everyone gets a chance to shine! 🏆🧠

    Join the party and let's make your team building experience the talk of the town!
    Technical support team


    Our premium events are monitored at all times and backup staff is ready to jump in at any moment to ensure a completely seamless experience.

    Reach for the sky


    Our amazing event planners take everything off your plate so that you can relax and participate in the event.


    Our virtual team building activities have the highest staffing ratios in the industry.

    Hosts make sure everyone is interacting and getting the most out of their game!



    Exciting, impactful, and so much fun employees will ask to do it again.

    We design our virtual team building activities to be all of those things!

    Problem solving


    Our games are designed to create a sense of accomplishment when teams figure it out together and are able to celebrate shared success.

    Puzzle pieces


    Challenging enough for coworkers to feel a sense of accomplishment yet solvable without being frustrating.

    Puzzles use all employee’s strengths at different times.

    Budget depiction


    We offer virtual team building activities of all shapes and sizes ranging from self-moderated to fully staffed and everything in between.

    Review stars


    Our clients say it best! Check our glowing testimonials to hear why Escapely has become so well respected and has been called the best virtual team building company by so many.



    We make your team building activities easy to set up and simple to execute. We provide full-service event planning services, so we take care of all of the details and leave you to sit back and enjoy!

    Our friendly event planning team will guide you through the coordination process from choosing your virtual team building games to hosting the virtual event on the day of. At every step along the way, we provide clear and easy-to-follow instructions so you know what to expect.

    The participants you invite won’t need to do any prep work and you get to enjoy a fun and seamless game day that you will get to enjoy alongside your team!


    While Escapely clients won’t need to worry about the details, here are some of the things we think about in planning and hosting a virtual team building activity. If you try to host your own event, you’ll want to start here for virtual team building ideas. The first step in planning is setting clear objectives for your team. This ensures every team member is on the same page and makes the experience more structured, productive, and rewarding for everyone involved.

    A successful virtual team building event should:

    • Establish unity among team members
    • Promote open communication
    • Overcome physical distance barriers in remote teams
    • Make the team more united and productive
    • Improve collaboration in remote work setups

    Imagine your team members bonding, communicating well, and working seamlessly together, regardless of their geographical locations. That’s the power of virtual team building activities!

    Once you’ve agreed on the goals, let’s explore some virtual team building ideas to enhance your team’s collaboration.


    We offer team building activities suited to companies and groups of all shapes and sizes. From virtual escape rooms and interactive murder mysteries to trivia night and activity kits, these events are designed to engage remote team members in fun and collaborative ways.

    Whatever your budget, we have an activity that will work for your team. Even our self-guided team building activities come with clear instructions and a user-friendly interface so that you won’t need to worry.

    We’ll constantly update you along the way to ensure a productive and satisfying event. And most of all, your team will emerge stronger and more cohesive.

    Our activities are designed to:

    • Provide opportunities for collaboration
    • Celebrate achievements and milestones
    • Create a positive and inclusive environment

    By implementing these goals in our team building activities, we can help you create a stronger and more cohesive virtual team!


    But what if you have introverts on your team? Or what if your team spans across different time zones?

    These are questions we get all the time, but we have answers for all of them. Depending on the size and personality of your team, we can keep everyone together or organize breakout rooms. If you have shy people on your team or coworkers who are still getting to know each other, you can choose an activity with more staff to help facilitate. They will maintain inclusivity and engage every team member, regardless of the group size, personality types, and locations of the team members.

    Escapely virtual event with players



    Virtual events are hosted on a video conferencing platform for conducting video calls and virtual meetings online. These platforms offer features like screen sharing, recording video calls, and on-screen annotation, which makes them ideal for virtual team building activities during a virtual meeting.

    Selecting the best video conferencing platform is crucial for smooth communication and collaboration within a remote team. At Escapely, we can host all of our team building activities over Zoom, Teams, Webex, or another platform of your choice.


    We’ll provide the interactive tools needed for your chosen activities. Whether you need virtual tools for your online games, interactive features to access, or physical kits, we’ll prepare them for you!


    Ice breaking and setting the mood is important when starting a team building session. This is especially challenging when done virtually.

    That’s where our emcees come in. They will welcome everyone and set the tone for the virtual event. Our moderators will facilitate the team building activity from start to finish. During the event, they will interact with employees and keep the mood fun and immersive for your team!



    In the era of remote workplaces, it is more important than ever to unite team members dispersed across the country or even the world. Escapely has risen to the occasion by creating virtual games that foster unity and collaboration in remote teams.

    Our virtual team building activities are fun and exciting – players rave about them. But the best part is they’re not just games – they’re gateways to improved communication and a united team spirit.

    Team celebration



    We have become known as the industry standard for virtual escape rooms and we have applied those same ideals to our newer virtual team building activities. We stand out for our personalized service, in-house coordination, and emphasis on values and diversity. Our activities are known for their collaboration, problem-solving elements, and sheer fun!

    Ready to transform your team’s remote work experience? Reach out to us for a custom quote and let’s plan an unforgettable virtual team-building event for your remote team!




    Our expert team takes care of every detail to make your virtual event a smooth and enjoyable experience. From the initial planning stages to the event day, we handle everything.


    Our virtual team building activities cater to all, including introverts and teams in different time zones. Our activities promote inclusivity and ensure everyone’s engagement, regardless of their location or team size. Our moderators keep everyone interacting.


    Utilizing the best video conferencing platforms, we offer an interactive and seamless virtual environment for your virtual team building activities. Our tools are user-friendly and require no downloads or prep work from participants.


    These activities are essential in enhancing remote work dynamics, fostering a sense of community, and maintaining a robust company culture. They are instrumental in making remote work more enjoyable and effective for any remote team.

    Escapely game hosts


    Create an immersive experience unique to your company, ranging from custom puzzles to fully custom games!



    "Both challenging and fun!"

    Escapely provided the perfect virtual event for our group - both challenging and fun! I was super impressed with the planning process. Totally recommend using Escapely!

    Brianna Norton

    Brianna Norton,

    "Definitely recommend this team building activity"

    My team had a great time! We’re an engineering organization so I was a little worried that the puzzles would be too simple. But Escapely delivered! I would definitely recommend this as a fun, team-building activity.

    KC Johnson

    KC Johnso,

    "A major highlight of our virtual event!"

    Escapely made everything so easy, allowing our department to truly enjoy the event. They accommodated everything exactly as we needed. I highly recommend working with Escapely - high marks from our group!

    Vera Rodriguez

    Vera Rodriguez

    "Blown away by how fun this experience was!"

    Our group didn’t know what to expect when we signed up to play but we were all blown away with how fun this experience was! We had a blast doing it.

    Laura Klinker

    Laura Klinker

    "Escapely is my go-to for virtual team events"

    Our employees have such a great time. I highly recommend Escapely if you’re looking for a fun online activity your work team.

    Judy Barclay

    Judy Barclay
    Ashfield Health


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      • Tailored Service: We go above and beyond to meet your needs, ensuring a personalized experience. Our in-house event coordinators handle everything, even for large and complex virtual events.
      • No Third-Party Hassles: Skip the third-party event companies. With Escapely, your virtual games get comprehensive event planning, eliminating unnecessary layers and ensuring a seamless process.
      • Exceptional Interactivity: Compared to our competitors, our virtual team events are not just events—they’re interactive experiences. We’ve tried the rest and confidently assert that ours are smoother, more engaging, and backed by superior support.
      • Guided and Seamless: All our virtual events are fully guided, featuring moderators who are with participants every step of the way, even during the gameplay. Expect a smooth and enjoyable journey from start to finish.
      • Emphasis on Values and Diversity: Join a community that values inclusivity and commitment to diversity.. Our clients appreciate our company values, making Escapely a welcoming space for all.
      • Collaboration and Problem-Solving: Our games are designed to bring participants together, fostering collaboration and collective problem-solving. Leaders of remote teams appreciate the emphasis on teamwork.
      • Irresistible Fun: Participants love the sheer enjoyment our games bring. Whether there’s a prize up for grabs or just bragging rights, the excitement and engagement are contagious.
      • Repeatable Fun: The thrill doesn’t end with one game. Many companies return for rematches, while others explore our diverse offerings. Even those who’ve played them all often return for their next virtual meeting, eagerly anticipating new challenges.
      • Continuous Innovation: We’re not just resting on our laurels. Companies requesting new virtual team games? We hear you! Our team is hard at work for your remote teams, ensuring a steady stream of fresh and exciting virtual experiences.

      The ideal team size varies depending on the virtual team building activity. For optimal engagement in the virtual escape rooms, we recommend 7-10 members per team. For virtual murder mysteries, players can work in small groups of 4-12 members. We take great pride in the quality of our virtual team building activities and each group will be split into the optimal team size for the specific activity. If you wish, your team can even do team building ice breakers in the small groups before beginning the game!

      For companies looking for a little more than a virtual team building game, we can turn the event into a virtual happy hour with these add-on kit options:

      • Chocolate tasting
      • Wine tasting
      • Cocktail mixers
      • These can be done before the team building games for remote workers begin. They make a great warmup to a virtual team game, or work well on their own as a stand-alone bonding activity.
        If you’re looking for something shorter, we can add a quick virtual ice breaker to the team building exercise.

      Our moderators are tasked with providing a fully guided game from entry to exit. An energetic emcee kicks off the team building activity and each team has a dedicated moderator in case there are any questions or concerns throughout the event.

      Our virtual activities are built for large groups, accommodating up to 600 participants per session. For even larger groups, we’re delighted to craft custom packages. This may involve hiring and training additional staff, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience. Rest assured, we’re committed to creating the perfect virtual team building game for your team, regardless of size. Your satisfaction is our priority!

      The event duration usually fits into a typical workday depending on the activities curated for your team:

      • Virtual escape rooms: 1 hour.
      • Murder mysteries: 90 minutes.
      • Virtual trivia: 30-60 minutes.
      • You can consider adding a virtual happy hour with our add-on services for a longer experience.

      Absolutely! Escapely offers amazing in-person team building activities including city-wide adventures in certain markets and experiences that come to you, wherever you are. We also create small-group adventures perfect for virtual holiday parties, bringing friends, families, and coworkers together.
      Check out our in-person Amazing Escape Race. It is extremely popular with teams in all industries!

      All of our scenarios are wonderful and have a great puzzle variety – you can’t go wrong! Groups that have played them all usually have a different favorite. Puzzles are varied so that each scenario will have something for everyone. You can view a trailer of each one and choose the scenario that best first your company’s culture. All of our scenarios are completely suitable for work and do not contain anything scary or gory.

      Zoom is our preferred platform for virtual team building games, offering interactive features like screen annotation. While it’s optimal, we seamlessly adapt to your chosen platform—Webex, Teams, Google Meet, and more.

      For Zoom, participants can log into their virtual team building game through the app or join via the web without logging in. Other platforms may not require logins at all. Once in the video conference, no further logins or downloads are needed.

      We recommend a computer or tablet for optimal visibility. Keep a smartphone handy for internet searches.
      While the real teamwork happens verbally, having scratch paper is a handy addition.

      The bonding doesn’t stop! After the game, participants can continue socializing in our online game room.
      Discuss puzzles, share hints, and celebrate victories. We leave time after each activity for your team to chat and enjoy the camaraderie.

      Absolutely! Remote bonding is here to stay. Our virtual escape games and murder mysteries have proven so enjoyable that companies express a desire to continue even post-pandemic. The transition from social distancing to enduring virtual team building is happening!

      Virtually or in-person, the goal remains the same: foster lasting bonds through games and camaraderie.
      Our virtual team building activities, like escape games and murder mysteries, make the virtual environment fade away. Participants focus on connecting and collaborating, forgetting they’re not in the same room.

      Our most popular virtual team games include escape games, murder mysteries, and team trivia. They’re competitive and versatile, catering to groups of all sizes.

      Virtual team building is crucial for maintaining a strong company culture. Without traditional office interactions, teams can feel disconnected. Escapely’s virtual team building activities bring remote coworkers together, promoting collaboration and problem-solving.

      It varies based on group size. For small groups, we can turn around same-day events. Ideally, we prefer 1-2 weeks for groups under 100 and 2-4 weeks for groups of 100-300.
      Larger events or conferences with thousands require as much advance notice as possible to ensure a seamlessly coordinated virtual team building activity.

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