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Best Escape Room Gifts: Buying Guide


Had enough of the usual gift-giving routine? Explore a fresh realm of gift-giving excellence with our guide to the ultimate escape room gifts.

One challenge stands out amid all the hustle and bustle during the holiday season: finding a heartfelt and thrilling gift for the special people in your life.

Whether the gift is for a friend, a family member, or a colleague, the pressure to choose something special can feel overwhelming. This is where the concept of an escape room gift comes in.

Offering a unique experience that blends teamwork, problem-solving, and excitement, escape room adventures create memories that last a lifetime.

Join us as we guide you through the perfect gifts for puzzle-solvers, gamers, and escape-room enthusiasts, allowing you to give more than just a physical item but a unique experience that can lead to lasting memories.

Board and Card Games for Game Night

In a world where screens often steal the show, there is something special about gathering around a table for good old-fashioned game night fun.

The resurgence in the popularity of board and card games has captivated families everywhere. Below is a lineup of board and card games, perfect for presenting as gifts to escape room enjoyers.

Unlock! Series

unlock! series

The “Unlock! Series” offers players an exciting challenge as they work together to solve puzzles, uncover clues, and escape various scenarios.

Each game in the “Unlock! Series” presents a distinct theme and set of challenges, ensuring a fresh and engaging experience every time you play.

Perfect for fans of immersive escape room adventures and anyone who loves solving puzzles, the “Unlock! Series” brings the excitement of escape rooms directly to your tabletop.

You can find these games at various retailers and online board game stores, making it easy to start on your next adventure whenever the mood strikes.

Exit: The Game Series

exit: the game series

The “Exit: The Game Series” is filled with puzzles, riddles, and codes. This game series challenges players to work together and solve the mysteries within a set time limit, just like an actual escape room.

With each installment featuring a unique storyline, players are transported into different scenarios, ensuring a fresh and captivating experience every time.

Ideal for those who relish tabletop adventures and enjoy puzzles driven by narrative, the Exit series provides hours of immersive entertainment for escape room enthusiasts.

The “Exit: The Game Series” is available at board game retailers and online stores, ensuring convenient access to your next thrilling escape room experience.

Deckscape Series

deckscape series

The “Deckscape Series” offers a unique twist where players collaborate to solve puzzles, unravel clues, and progress through thrilling storylines within each deck of cards.

Each game in the “Deckscape Series” provides a portable and engaging escape room adventure. The game features a variety of themes and difficulty levels to suit different preferences.

If you love solving puzzles in card game style and yearn for a bite-sized escape room adventure, the “Deckscape Series” promises hours of immersive fun.

You can easily find these games at board game retailers and online stores, giving you a hassle-free way to dive into your next thrilling escape room experience.

Video Games for Gaming Enthusiasts

If you are drawn to immersive adventures and gripping narratives, video games are an unbeatable gift option. Uncover a collection of video games handpicked for their escape room gifting appeal below.

The Room Series

the room series

“The Room Series” offers a captivating journey through intricate 3D puzzle box games. This series blends complex puzzles with mysterious narratives.

Each installment immerses players in atmospheric environments, introducing innovative puzzle mechanics that promise to challenge even the most seasoned puzzlers.

“The Room Series” is a must-try for anyone who loves solving tricky puzzles, immersing themselves in atmospheric games, and getting lost in captivating storylines.

You can grab these games on different platforms like Steam, iOS, Android, and more, making them accessible for gamers on any device.

Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward

zero escape: virtue's last reward

As part of the Zero Escape trilogy, players embark on a journey through a complex narrative, making critical decisions that shape the story they are playing through.

“Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward” incorporates challenging escape sequences filled with puzzles that test players’ problem-solving skills.

This video game is perfect for anyone who loves visual novels, enjoys getting lost in immersive stories, and craves the challenge of solving puzzles.

You can buy the video game on platforms like Steam, PlayStation, and Nintendo 3DS, making it accessible to players on various gaming systems.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

keep talking anf nobody explodes

“Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” is a stimulating cooperative multiplayer game that challenges players to communicate in a high-pressure scenario involving a bomb and needing to diffuse it.

Victory hinges on effective communication as players collaborate to decipher intricate puzzles and deactivate the bomb before time runs out.

This video game is tailored for fans who enjoy working together in multiplayer, puzzle enthusiasts who love a good challenge, and those who thrive on the excitement of time-sensitive situations.

You can get your hands on this game across various outlets, such as Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, making it available to players on different gaming consoles.

Movies for Escape Room Fans

If you are captivated by the puzzles and thrills of escape rooms, you will find a similar excitement in films that explore these themes. Below, you will encounter a variety of movies, each a prime choice for gifting.

Escape Room (2019)

escape room (2019)

“Escape Room” (2019) is a captivating film that follows a group of strangers trapped in a series of challenging escape rooms, grappling with intricate puzzles in a life-or-death game.

The movie blends thriller elements with intense puzzle-solving, keeping audiences on the edge.

“Escape Room” (2019) delivers an intense cinematic thrill ride that is perfect for fans of escape rooms, those who love suspenseful movies with puzzle elements, and anyone who enjoys high-stakes scenarios.

You can buy the movie on platforms such as Amazon and Walmart, making it easy for viewers excited to dive into this adrenaline-fueled journey.

The Belko Experiment (2016)

the belko experiment (2016)

“The Belko Experiment” (2016) is a horror-thriller involving 80 American workers in Colombia trapped in a sinister social experiment with lethal consequences.

As tensions escalate and desperation mounts, the movie delves into themes of survival and moral dilemmas, challenging the characters and the audience on the depths of their humanity.

This movie is ideal for fans of survival horror and psychological thrillers and those intrigued by the complexities of life-threatening situations.

Available for sale on platforms like Amazon and Walmart, the movie is accessible to viewers eager to delve into this gripping tale of terror and survival.

Cube (1997)

cibe (1997)

“Cube” (1997) is a thrilling sci-fi thriller that features strangers navigating deadly mystery rooms, facing traps and puzzles to survive.

“Cube” provides an immersive cinematic journey perfect for fans of intense psychological thrillers, suspenseful storytelling enthusiasts, and those fascinated by the survival puzzle-solving concept.

Available on shopping platforms like Walmart and Amazon, it ensures accessibility for viewers keen on experiencing the suspense and intrigue of this iconic sci-fi thriller.

Other Escape Room-Themed Gift Ideas

While traditional escape room games offer thrilling adventures, a world of captivating gifts related to the concept awaits exploring.

From immersive escape room board games and puzzle boxes to gripping mystery novels and immersive VR experiences, there is something to thrill every escape room fan.

Escape Room Puzzle Books

escape room puzzle books

Escape room puzzle books are a fantastic way to experience the thrill of an escape room from the comfort of your home.

Escape room puzzle books contain challenging puzzles, riddles, and brain teasers. These great game books are created to engage readers in an exciting solo or group activity.

Escape room puzzle books offer hours of immersive entertainment, perfect for puzzle enthusiasts, brain teaser lovers, and fans of interactive books and secret codes.

You can find these books in online retailers, bookstores, or specialty puzzle shops. This ensures accessibility for anyone eager to embark on a puzzling adventure, such as kids and kids at heart.

Escape Room-Themed Merchandise

escape room-themed merchandise

Escape room-themed merchandise encompasses a variety of products inspired by popular escape room themes, allowing big fans of escape rooms to show the world their love for mystery.

Escape room-themed merchandise may include T-shirts, mugs, posters, or other memorabilia featuring iconic symbols or slogans from specific escape rooms.

Escape room-themed merchandise offers a tangible way for fans to carry their experiences into everyday life. These items cater to collectors and escape room enthusiasts and are available through venues or online platforms.

Escape Room Gift Cards

escape room gift cards

Escape Room Gift Cards may be the perfect gift for escape room fans who want to give their friends and loved ones an exhilarating, fun-filled adventure.

These gift cards are specifically for particular escape room venues, granting an escape room fan the flexibility to select their preferred experience or room theme.

Escape Room Gift Cards are a customizable and memorable gift option for those who enjoy live escape room challenges and freedom of choice, available for purchase through venues or websites.

DIY Escape Room Kits

DIY escape room kits

DIY escape room kits offer a thrilling opportunity for individuals to bring the excitement of escape rooms into their homes.

DIY escape room kits provide all the necessary components to create a personalized escape room experience. The kits include puzzles, clues, and setup instructions.

DIY escape room kits are ideal for event hosts, families, and escape room enthusiasts. These kits are available online. They provide endless possibilities for immersive fun from the comfort of home.

Key Takeaways on The Best Escape Room Gifts

From immersive board games and thrilling puzzle books to captivating merchandise and customizable DIY kits, there are gift ideas to suit the taste and preference of escape room fans everywhere.

The possibilities are endless, whether you seek an adrenaline-pumping adventure, a cozy night of puzzle-solving, or a tangible memento of cherished memories and fun with friends and family.

Those looking to elevate their experience even further can even consider exploring fun activities like escape rooms in virtual settings.

At Escapely, we proudly offer a virtual escape room experience that brings the excitement of escape rooms to your doorstep.

For more information and to book your virtual adventure, contact us at contact@escapely.com or call +1 (555) 123-4567.

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