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42 Escape Room Tips & Tricks to Win (Virtual and Physical)


Escape rooms are a challenging experience that tests many skills. Participants love escape rooms for that exact reason: the thrill and satisfaction of solving puzzles with friends and colleagues.

These immersive games require quick thinking and effective communication, making every minute of game time spent scanning the room an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

This drives people to look for the most optimal strategies for success.

If you are one of those people, you might be wondering, “What are the best ways to solve escape rooms?”

The strategies for success, however, may vary greatly depending on the format and puzzles presented inside the room. Let us give you some of the most useful tips to help you in almost any escape room situation.

Virtual Escape Room Tips

Virtual escape rooms have become more popular thanks to the pandemic, especially with remote work setups and physical distance between relationships.

These are the best tips to help you solve any virtual escape room.

  • Assemble your digital team
  • Employ digital communication tactics
  • Ensure efficient online cooperation
  • Organize virtual elements
  • Explore digital platforms thoroughly
  • Interact with virtual hosts
  • Optimize online puzzle-solving
  • Preserve the virtual environment
  • Budget and save money virtually

Whether you already know how an escape room works or not, you will need the right team and good collaboration to escape on time.

Assemble Your Digital Team

  1. Ensure that all team members are comfortable with the online collaboration tools you will be using.

Choose platforms that everyone can work on and easily navigate. This contributes to the team dynamic and interoperability.

Creating a poll to determine your team’s preferred platforms and checking which devices they can easily access will allow you to determine the tools you can use to enhance your escape room experience despite the distance.

  1. Verify that everyone has a stable internet connection.

Everyone should have a good internet connection for a seamless online escape room experience. This helps ensure you stay connected throughout the escape games and challenges.

This is indispensable in an online setting, especially if you want to solve escape room puzzles effectively.

Employ Digital Communication Tactics

Employ Digital Communication Tactics

  1. Use video and audio communication platforms for effective interaction.

It is recommended to have a clear video and audio communication platform to make every second count.

This keeps the entire team aware of the exact moment you progress through the escape room, as well as sharing their findings in real-time.

  1. Establish clear communication channels for sharing clues and updates.

You must keep your teammates updated with clues as the game progresses. This allows the entire team to be aware of what to do next.

Listen closely to what they have to say, especially if you have so many clues to keep track of.

  1. Schedule regular check-ins to keep everyone informed.

Since you are all solving puzzles remotely, you must keep each other updated on everything the team needs. Having a specific schedule for updates is a good rule to have within the team.

Ensure Efficient Online Cooperation

  1. Assign specific online tasks to each team member.

When tackling an escape game, delegate tasks to help your team find missing pieces of the puzzles faster. It is best to discuss this before the clock starts ticking so you do not waste time on each task.

Not-so-successful groups tend to be scattered and incoherent, lacking in cooperation.

  1. Use virtual collaboration platforms for real-time cooperation.

Use your collaboration platforms to ensure everyone stays updated while you play. This ensures that no one will be lost mid-game, and you can help each other complete the different puzzles.

Organize Virtual Elements

  1. Create digital folders or documents for organized clue storage.

Having a way to separate clues has helped many groups escape successfully, especially since it makes it easier for them to solve a puzzle or look at things with fresh eyes.

This ensures that you are headed in the right direction by keeping your puzzles organized and easy to differentiate as needed.

  1. Clearly label and categorize virtual clues for easy reference.

Organizing the irrelevant things from the important puzzle pieces you need to complete the escape room can be tricky.

Labels are another way to stay organized and help keep everyone informed about where things are.

Explore Digital Platforms Thoroughly

Explore Digital Platforms Thoroughly

  1. Thoroughly explore the digital platforms for hidden clues.

The ultimate experts ensure that all objects are searched and studied during the game. Finding clues requires a sharp mind and thinking outside the box.

Sometimes, the same object you have been staring at for only seconds can be the ultimate secret to solving the game.

  1. Utilize online search functions efficiently.

There are many tools you can use, especially when playing in virtual escape rooms. Learn to make the most of these, as unused objects can often be the ones to get you out of a slump.

Interact with Virtual Hosts

  1. Understand the virtual host’s role and how to interact with them.

Even though your game is virtual, it does not mean that you do not need a game master anymore. These game masters spend hours training and can help you get the hints necessary for success.

Game masters can have many roles. They serve as the ultimate guide throughout the game. Know how to interact with them and figure out the hint system that can help you solve a puzzle or two.

  1. Do not hesitate to request digital hints or guidance.

If you are stumped, it is okay to ask for hints or guidance. This will keep the game moving without taking the fun out of things.

Optimize Online Puzzle-Solving

  1. Utilize online puzzle-solving tools effectively.

Your team is given different tools to guide you through the various challenges of the escape room. Learn how to use each of them effectively and focus on how they can help you progress in your tasks.

  1. Leverage virtual collaboration features for brainstorming.

Collaboration is the most essential skill in an escape game, especially since you must work together to accomplish your tasks. Consult each other and pool your talents together to complete the job.

Preserve the Virtual Environment

Preserve the Virtual Environment

  1. Avoid accidental deletion or misplacement of virtual clues.

Players escaping tend to get chaotic under pressure.

Be mindful of the facts you are working with. It can be difficult when important virtual clues are deleted or misplaced.

  1. Respect the virtual environment; avoid excessive manipulation of tools.

It can disrupt the fun if you constantly move things around without notice. This can confuse your team, especially if they need certain tools to progress in their part of the game.

Budget and Save Virtually

  1. Check for virtual promotions or discounts offered by the provider.

You can check their websites for their rates and how to get their kits at an affordable price, especially if you consider the group size you need for certain puzzles.

  1. Confirm virtual payment methods and any specific requirements.

Make sure you have the right payment methods available, along with specific requirements that will allow you to purchase the room kit.

Final Considerations for Virtual Adventures

Virtual escape rooms answer the age-old question of whether we can take our adventures online. The answer is yes.

  1. Embrace the unique aspects of the virtual experience.

These games provide those who love escape rooms with a new way of having an adventure, utilizing the technology we use in our everyday lives.

  1. Enjoy the online escape room journey with friends, focusing on collaboration and problem-solving.

The important part of playing is having fun with your friends while working on important and valuable skills you can use.

Physical/In-Person Escape Room Tips

Most escape room game experts tend to start with physical escape rooms.

Here are the best tips to prevent sensory overload and ensure the team can complete all the challenges quickly.

  • Build a strong team
  • Foster effective communication
  • Optimize team efforts
  • Maintain order
  • Explore the room thoroughly
  • Collaborate with your host
  • Solve puzzles efficiently
  • Handle props carefully
  • Budget the costs and book in advance

These are great ways to have the whole team working together, especially in a space strategically created to get everyone thinking outside the box.

Build a Strong Team

Build a Strong Team

  1. Select teammates with diverse skills and problem-solving approaches.

Before any escape game, you must find your teammates who will help you accomplish tasks and work to complete the game. Different skills could be what your team needs to successfully play in an escape room.

Look for teammates who can do things you cannot typically do. You will complement each other while playing, and this can help you find new people to work with, even outside the game.

  1. Ensure everyone is comfortable with in-person collaboration.

Everyone needs to be comfortable talking and collaborating to complete their tasks. Conducting a simple icebreaker before the game can get everyone on the same page.

Ensure everyone is also dressed comfortably and is ready to run around the room while you solve puzzles together.

Foster Effective Communication

  1. Establish a clear system for verbal and non-verbal communication.

Communication begins as soon as the timer starts, and you must not waste time. Express your thoughts and ideas so everyone can be on the same page.

  1. Regularly update your team on your progress.

Keeping everyone updated can help you progress through the game much faster. A lot can happen, even a few minutes after your last update, so communicate as much as possible.

  1. Encourage everyone to share their ideas, even if they seem unconventional.

Staying positive and lifting each other can be a great way to form a bond and keep everyone on good terms throughout the game.

Optimize Team Efforts

Optimize Team Efforts

  1. Divide the physical space to cover more ground efficiently.

It is common for not-so-successful groups to be incoherent and chaotic during their game.

Divide into smaller units so you can search the room much faster. Have one centralized location where you can all meet and discuss your findings.

  1. Allocate specific responsibilities to team members based on their strengths.

Maximize the members’ talents so you can all end up in the right direction.

Maintain Order

  1. Use designated areas for solved and unsolved clues.

Stay organized while you play the game to focus on the critical tasks.

You can divide the room to have space for your solved and unsolved clues. This also helps you stay aware of the related objects in the room.

  1. Ensure all team members are aware of the organization system.

Keep everyone updated on where all the physical objects go to prevent misplacing items and mixups.

Explore the Room Thoroughly 

Explore the Room Thoroughly

  1. Physically explore all corners of the room.

An epic escape room requires attention to detail to accomplish. Look for combination locks and boxes to help you escape the room.

  1. Check for hidden compartments or unconventional places where clues might be placed.

Sometimes, your next clue may be hidden in the most conspicuous place, so you must keep your eyes out for them.

Collaborate with Your Host

  1. Pay attention to the initial instructions from the host.

Your game master is the ultimate guide for successfully escaping your room. Pay attention to what they have to say so you can learn more about how to accomplish your escape room and its challenges.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask for hints or clarifications if needed.

Getting stumped takes too much time. Ask your game master for hints if needed; they should provide hints that will not ruin the escape room vibe.

Solve Puzzles Efficiently

Solve Puzzles Efficiently

  1. Prioritize puzzles based on their complexity.

Know which puzzles should be prioritized, especially if your escape room has multiple puzzles. This will help you escape the room faster.

  1. Collaborate on puzzles by sharing insights and observations.

Escape rooms are all about collaboration and teamwork.

If you want to escape the room, you must be open to sharing what you know and helping your teammate with tasks as needed.

Handle Props Carefully

  1. Handle props and items carefully to avoid damage.

The props used in escape rooms are meant to be reused by other groups. The provider might have also spent a lot of time and effort maintaining these props and items.

Take care of them and ensure they can be ready for use so the next group can also have fun.

  1. Refrain from using excessive force on locks or mechanisms.

Most puzzles do not require force, especially since escape rooms were designed to work the mind, not the muscles.

If you are stuck on a puzzle, do not take your frustrations out on the number lock.

Budget the Costs and Book in Advance

Not all escape rooms are expensive, especially if you know where to look.

  1. Check for any discounts or promotions available.

Call ahead or check the provider’s websites for deals that will help you save.

  1. Book well in advance to secure preferred time slots.

Booking an escape room beforehand can give you time to prepare for the game.

Final Tips for the Experience

These tips will help you maximize the experience you get from escape rooms.

  1. Focus on enjoying the experience rather than rushing to finish.

It is best to enjoy the moment and pick up important lessons when you play in an escape room.

  1. Appreciate the teamwork and the journey, win or lose.

Those who love escape rooms know that their goal is to provide fun, whether you win or lose the game.

Key Takeaways on Escape Room Tips

Escape rooms are a great way to exercise your mind and work on your collaboration skills — it is a good gift to treat yourself and your friends with exciting adventures!

While it is expected to think that an epic escape room adventure means solving everything, you must remember that its goal is to provide fun and a memorable learning experience for many groups. 

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