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What to Wear to an Escape Room?


Are you struggling to decide on your escape room outfit? We have you covered.

In this article, we cover the essential tips you need to know to find the best clothes to wear to an escape room.

Our guide covers everything from practical tips to style choices, showing how your attire can affect your performance and how you can remain stylish while still being practical and room-ready.

Join us as we reveal the secrets to dressing right to achieve success and unlock your full potential in escape rooms.

Escape Room Dress Code

The escape room dress code is all about keeping things relaxed and comfortable.

Many escape rooms want you to dress in a way that allows you to move freely and have fun while still showing off your creative side or immersing yourself in the room’s story.

The main rule of the escape room dress code is to prioritize comfort. Athletic gear or casual outfits that will not hold you back as you crawl through tunnels, solve puzzles, or race against time are best.

What to Wear to an Escape Room

What to Wear to an Escape Room

Equip yourself with the following clothing tips, especially when considering factors like how long does an escape room take.

Comfortable, close-toed shoes

Wearing comfortable, closed-toe shoes is essential for your escape room adventure.

Sturdy shoes provide support and protection, especially with all the walking you will do. These shoes will also help you navigate obstacles like uneven surfaces and crawling spaces.

Sturdy shoes also help you move without slipping or hurting yourself. Plus, they keep you focused on solving puzzles and enjoying the game without physical discomfort.

Non-restricting pants or shorts

Choose comfortable pants or shorts for your escape room adventure. These garments should allow for easy movement and comfort during physical challenges.

Opt for flexible, breathable materials like cotton or stretchy blends. These fabrics allow you to navigate tight spaces, bend, crawl, or climb without restriction.

Avoid overly tight bottoms that might limit mobility or cause discomfort. Avoid clothes that are likely to tear under physical strain or clothes that are too baggy, as they may get caught up on surfaces inside the room.

Breathable t-shirt or sweater

A breathable t-shirt or sweater is a must for your escape room outfit. It offers comfort and flexibility during physical and time-intensive tasks.

Opt for loose-fitting tops made from cotton or moisture-wicking materials. Loose-fitting tops with these materials will help you to stay cool and comfortable as you venture into challenges.

What NOT to Wear to an Escape Room

Do not let your outfit become an obstacle in your escape room journey! Find out what NOT to wear before you go.

Avoid Uncomfortable or Constricting Clothes

Tight jeans, restrictive skirts, or dresses with limited movement can make it harder to move freely and enjoy the game.

Uncomfortable clothing might also cause irritation or distractions as you try to solve puzzles. To have the best experience, choose clothes that allow you to move easily and comfortably without any restrictions.

Short dresses or overly tight clothing

Do not wear short dresses or ill-fitting, tight clothes to an escape room setting. They can make it hard to move freely and comfortably, hindering your ability to solve puzzles and enjoy the game with friends.

Stick to comfortable clothing that lets you move quickly and focus on the adventure without the clothes on your back serving as additional obstacles.

Heeled and open-toed shoes

Do not wear heels or open-toed shoes in an escape room. They can be risky and uncomfortable. Heels might make you unsteady on uneven floors and limit your movement.

Meanwhile, peep-toed shoes leave your feet vulnerable to injury and offer little protection. Stick to closed-toe shoes for stability, comfort, and defense. These shoes will help you concentrate on the game without worrying about accidents.

Jewelry and Accessories

Avoid wearing too much jewelry or accessories in an escape room. They can get in the way and distract you during the game.

Long necklaces, dangling earrings, or bulky bracelets might get caught on things or tangle up, making it hard to move around smoothly. They could also lead to accidents if you get caught on something.

Keep it simple with minimal jewelry and accessories.

Dress Code Notifications

Dress code notifications are guidelines from escape room organizers about what clothing to wear to their games.

If an escape room has specific dress rules, they will usually tell you before you go, either on their website, in emails, or when you arrive.

Dress code notifications are important as they tell you what to wear for the best experience possible. They might warn against particular shoes or suggest comfortable clothing for physical challenges.

Tips on Choosing the Right Outfit

Make sure you are dressed for success with these tips on how to choose the perfect escape room outfit.

Tailoring Outfits to Individual Preferences

The tips below include how to tailor your escape room attire to your unique preferences.

  • Comfort Comes First: Pick an escape room outfit that lets you move freely since escape rooms involve physical activity.
  • Keep it Casual: If you like a relaxed style, wear loose tops, comfy bottoms like jeans or leggings, and supportive sneakers.
  • Sporty Vibes: Wear moisture-wicking tops, athletic shorts, leggings, and sports shoes for a sporty, athletic look.
  • Classic and Timeless: Choose well-fitted, breathable fabrics if you opt for a traditional style. These fabrics can be cotton or linen in neutral colors or have simple patterns.
  • Minimal Accessories: Avoid too many accessories to stay focused. A simple wristwatch or necklace adds style without getting in the way.

Athletic Individuals

Outlined below are some pointers tailored for athletic individuals in an escape room.

  • Performance Clothes: Pick clothes made from stretchy, moisture-wicking fabrics for ease of movement.
  • Athletic Gear: Wear activewear like fitted tops, athletic shorts, or leggings. Choose the ones that offer breathability and flexibility.
  • Sturdy Shoes: Opt for supportive sports shoes with good grip to move safely in the escape room.
  • Layering: Depending on the room’s temperature, layer with lightweight jackets for versatility.
  • Keep it Simple: Minimize accessories to stay focused. A wristwatch or wristband is all you need.

Professional Wardrobe

Explore the tips provided below for dressing professionally in an escape room.

  • Smart Casual: Choose well-fitted, comfy, neutral-colored clothes for a smart casual vibe.
  • Tailored Pieces: Go for tailored chinos, dress pants, or skirts with a collared shirt or blouse for a polished look.
  • Comfortable Shoes: Opt for comfortable shoes with low heels or flats for easy movement and safety.
  • Simple Accessories: Keep accessories minimal to avoid distractions. A watch, stud earrings, or a dainty necklace adds sophistication without getting in the way.
  • Be Practical: Make sure your outfit allows you to move easily during the game while still looking professional.

Family Costumes

The following tips include suggestions for dressing up as a family when entering an escape room.

  • Choose a Theme: Pick a theme your family loves, like a favorite movie or period, for added excitement.
  • Get into Character: Assign roles from your theme and act them out during the game to make it even more immersive.
  • Be Creative: Whether you make DIY costumes or buy them, add props and accessories to enhance the fun.
  • Snap Some Pics: Capture the moments in costume for lasting memories.
  • Build Bonds: Dressing together strengthens family bonds. It also makes teamwork in the escape room more enjoyable.

What To Bring To Escape Rooms

What To Bring To Escape Rooms

Below are a few items you must bring for an unforgettable escape room experience.


Staying hydrated is vital, especially during longer or more active games. Bringing a water bottle keeps you refreshed and focused.

Keeping your energy up is key to staying sharp. Therefore, you must bring easy-to-eat snacks like granola bars or nuts to stay fueled without distracting from the game.

Ticket and ID

Bringing your escape room ticket and ID is crucial for reservation confirmation, identification, and waiver signing.

Tickets and IDs ensure smooth check-in and compliance with venue rules and allow you to focus on the game without delays.

Mental Preparedness

Mental preparedness for escape rooms is about arriving mentally ready for the challenges ahead. It is like having your brain in gear and ready to tackle puzzles and riddles.

Bringing a “thinking hat,” whether an actual hat or just a mindset, can help you focus on problem-solving.

Being mentally prepared is critical to enjoying the experience and increasing your chances of success.

Benefits of Doing an Escape Room

Explore why escape rooms are more than just games and how they can actually be life-changing experiences.

Builds Teamwork & Communication Skills

Working together and communicating effectively in an escape room is vital in solving puzzles and reaching goals in time.

Escape rooms encourage collaboration, where everyone uses their strengths to overcome challenges.

Good communication is crucial for sharing ideas and coordinating efforts. It leads to success in escaping.

Improves Problem-Solving Skills

In escape rooms, people face different puzzles requiring creative thinking and smart decision-making.

Solving codes and finding hidden clues offer unique challenges. By tackling these puzzles, players can learn to think critically, analyze situations, and solve problems under pressure.

Fun & Exciting

Escape room games are thrilling and entertaining, filled with suspense and challenges. Whether solving puzzles or unraveling mysteries, escape rooms keep you engaged and on your toes from the moment you enter to the time you leave.

Escape rooms are also great for hanging out with friends or family and creating memorable experiences.

Overall Benefits

Escape rooms boost problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity as players tackle puzzles and mysteries.

Escape rooms also encourage teamwork and communication, strengthening relationships among participants.

Key Takeaways on What to Wear to an Escape Room

In summary, comfort is key for a successful escape room experience. Choose comfy clothes, do not forget your “thinking hat,” and pack water and snacks for energy.

Escape rooms offer excitement and chances to improve teamwork and problem-solving. So, gather your loved ones and plunge into the fun!

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