Virtual Murder Mystery

Tobias Langston, sole heir to the Langston fortune and famous bachelor, finally fell in love and married a miss Delilah Detante. It was a whirlwind romance and the tabloids covered it heavily. Many wondered what she was really after. And then, one week after the wedding, Tobias was found dead. A dagger through the heart.

Investigators, we need you. There are five suspects and we can’t separate the truth from the lies. We need you to interview them and get to the bottom of this. Help us figure out each suspect’s motive, alibi, lies, and of course, the killer. Can you crack the case?

We recommend a computer or tablet because of the larger screen size. It makes the evidence easier to see. However, when a cell phone is the only option, the game can be played on a phone as well!

Not much! Just yourself, your brain, and a device that is connected to the internet. We have provided an optional printable detective journal to your organizer, but if it’s more convenient, scratch paper works just as well.

Click the link sent by your organizer at the correct time. We will be there to explain everything else!

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  • Please be sure to close all other video applications (Zoom, etc) before joining the provided link.
  • If you are late or any issues arise, we will be there to help!

Though you cannot have a murder mystery without a murder, the game is not scary or gory in any way. The focus is on the eccentric characters, their evidence, and their lies.

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