Virtual Trivia

Are you ready to learn which of your co-workers knows every 80s hair band? Show off your secret obsession with Seinfeld? Tap into what you learned in college chemistry class?

Brace yourselves for the ultimate virtual trivia party! Working in teams you will answer as many questions as you can when time runs out. Then…do it all again for the next theme. Do you have what it takes to lead your team to victory?

We recommend a computer or tablet because of the larger screen size. It makes the evidence easier to see. However, when a cell phone is the only option, the game can be played on a phone as well!

Not much! Just yourself, your brain, and a device that is connected to the internet.

Click the link sent by your organizer at the correct time. We will be there to explain everything else!

  • Please be sure to close all other video applications (Teams, Webex, etc) before joining the Zoom link.
  • If you have the desktop app downloaded, it will open automatically when you click the link. If you are new to Zoom, you will be prompted to download the app when you click the link to join. To prepare in advance, download the desktop app here.
  • While in the waiting room, you will be prompted to test your audio. If anything is not working, first try exiting and restarting the app.
  • Our technical team will monitor the waiting room for the duration of the event. If you are late or any issues arise, we are there to help!
  • Please be sure to close all other video applications (Zoom, etc) before joining the provided link.
  • If you are late or any issues arise, we will be there to help!

Your emcee will announce the category before each round. When you get to your team, your quizmaster will remind you of the category and then dive right into the questions. We can’t announce the categories in advance – that would make it too easy!

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