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What is a Virtual Escape Room?


Virtual escape rooms are engaging and interactive games that challenge participants to solve puzzles and complete tasks in a virtual setting that mimics physical escape rooms.

These games intend to test different skills and foster teamwork, making them popular for family gatherings, office team-building activities, and adventures with friends.

While similar to a physical escape room, where players are locked inside a room and must find their way out before time runs out, virtual escape rooms often lack time restrictions.

This allows participants to fully immerse themselves in the virtual world and enjoy the experience without the pressure of a ticking clock.

You might still be wondering, “What is a virtual escape room? What sets it apart?”

Here is everything you need to know about online escape rooms and how you can use them to strengthen your bonds with any group.

What are the Features of Virtual Escape Rooms?

A virtual or online escape room is an innovative concept that brings the thrill and excitement of an actual escape room into the digital realm, allowing groups to collaborate from anywhere in the world, regardless of time zone.

Some of the most common features of the best virtual escape rooms include the following.

  • No time limit
  • Built-in clue system
  • Availability for larger groups

With the flexibility of online escape rooms, many groups have seen the benefits of taking their escape game into the virtual world.

No Time Limit

Unlike their physical counterparts, virtual escape rooms do not have a time limit. This allows players to immerse themselves in the game for as long as they need to solve puzzles and find clues without the pressure of a countdown.

This aspect transforms the escape room experience into a more relaxed and enjoyable adventure, focusing on fun and teamwork rather than racing against the clock.

In these online escape rooms, if a team finds themselves stuck, they can rely on a game master for guidance, ensuring that groups play through to the end without frustration. You also do not have to rush solving those harder puzzles.

This allows for a more tailored experience, where the game master can fast forward or adjust the difficulty to keep the game engaging.

The flexibility to play at one’s own pace encourages a deeper connection among team members and a richer engagement with the game itself.

Built-in Clue System

Virtual escape rooms incorporate a built-in clue system that automates the process of providing hints and guidance, diverging from the traditional method where a person, such as a game master or game guide, offers clues.

This system allows players to request and receive hints directly through the platform, enabling them to crack codes and complete challenges more seamlessly.

The automation of clues ensures a smooth gameplay experience, allowing teams to solve puzzles without external interruptions.

The flexibility of this clue system, coupled with the virtual nature of the escape rooms, makes them an ideal choice for work-related team-building activities.

Teams can participate from various locations at times that suit them best, fostering fun and deeper connections between colleagues.

The built-in clue system supports this by allowing players to engage with the game and each other, regardless of their physical location, enhancing teamwork and problem-solving skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Availability for Larger Teams

Unlike physical escape rooms, online escape rooms are great for larger teams, like corporate entities seeking team-building exercises. They can also ask for support from game masters or escape room guides.

This feature is especially beneficial for teams larger than the typical four to eight players that real-life rooms accommodate, allowing for an inclusive and engaging experience for all participants.

The accessibility of these virtual games is further enhanced by the delivery method. The most common way is through a unique code sent via email, which grants access to the escape room with no expiration date.

This allows teams to organize and play online at their convenience, whether through a video call platform like Zoom, Google Forms, or other means.

The flexibility of a Zoom escape room allows participants to connect from anywhere, using just their computer and camera, making it an ideal setup for bringing together players from various locations for a fun and rewarding puzzle-solving adventure.

How Does a Virtual Escape Room Work?

how does a virtual escape room work?

Virtual escape rooms can come with different plots and themes, like searching for something that mysteriously disappeared or being trapped in a space like an abandoned office or haunted house.

However, all escape rooms have the following segments to slowly immerse the small group into a different world.

  • Onboarding Process
  • Game Initiation
  • Clue Delivery
  • Recommended Collaboration

Here is your guide to these virtual rooms for a successful escape experience.

Onboarding Process

The initial onboarding process for participating in a virtual escape room experience is designed to be as straightforward and user-friendly as possible.

The team leader receives a unique link, often called the Leader Code, to enter the game’s platform.

Upon accessing the platform, the leader is prompted to create a team name, setting the stage for the adventure ahead. This step helps organize the game and enhances the sense of unity among team members.

Following the setup by the leader, the invitation process for other team members begins. Each participant receives their own Player Code, distinct from the Leader code, which grants them access to join the team within the virtual escape room.

This ensures that all team members, whether puzzle lovers, family, friends, or colleagues aiming to become super sleuths like Sherlock Holmes, can easily connect and play together in the virtual escape room.

Game Initiation

The game in an online escape room starts when the team enters the starting keyword into a designated textbox on the game’s interface.

This action triggers the beginning of their virtual adventure, setting the players on their journey to solve the puzzles and complete the mission.

The process is designed to be seamless, ensuring that the transition from onboarding to actual gameplay is smooth and engaging for all participants.

Following the entry of the starting keyword, players are introduced to the lore of the escape room through a mission video or video feed, which provides a backdrop to the puzzles they will be solving.

This introduction offers highlights and essential information that set the tone for the adventure, ensuring that players are fully immersed in the story and understand the context of their mission.

This step enhances the game’s fun and excitement and helps connect the team as they embark on their shared adventure.

Clue Delivery

Clue delivery is designed to keep players engaged and motivated throughout their adventure in an online escape room.

Clues can be represented by yellow circles within the game’s interface, with additional hints unlocking as players devote more time to a puzzle. This mechanism ensures that help is available when needed, allowing teams to progress at their own pace.

Game designers craft this system to provide clues in a way that complements the game’s flow and enhances the overall experience. Depending on the setup, you can also have a dedicated escape room guide providing the necessary clues.

Furthermore, these games are usually browser-based and compatible with popular web browsers like Chrome and Firefox or through applications like Google Forms, making them accessible to be played anywhere.

This approach eliminates the need for downloads or special programs, making it incredibly easy for players to jump into the game.

The simplicity of accessing and playing the game through a browser ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for participants, allowing them to focus solely on solving puzzles and enjoying the adventure.

Recommended Collaboration

For the best online escape room experience, players should collaborate over Zoom or similar video-conferencing applications.

This allows for real-time coordination and communication, which is essential for solving puzzles and advancing through the game. It allows them to work on their communication skills while they have fun accomplishing the online escape room.

Utilizing these platforms also facilitates the development of critical-thinking skills among team members, as they can discuss strategies, answer questions, and share insights instantaneously.

Families looking for a bonding activity can gather around one computer to play together. This setup provides a unique opportunity for a shared experience where family members can collectively engage in puzzle-solving and decision-making.

The communal aspect of working through an escape room guide’s challenges, both in the physical and digital spaces, enhances the fun and strengthens connections, making it a memorable adventure for all involved.

Virtual Escape Games Offered By Escapely

virtual escape games offered by escapely

Looking for a way to get your detective mode on in your digital space?

Check out Escapely’s variety of escape games and get in touch to book a demo with our team!

Introduction to Available Games

Escapely has a variety of escape room games that can improve your teamwork and critical-thinking skills.

Check out the different games you and your colleagues can try out to get in touch with your inner Nancy Drew.

Depending on how many participants are present, you can play these games in separate teams or as a whole unit. You will not be restricted to an eight-player game, especially with how these are structured.

Unique Storylines and Challenges

All the scenarios from Escapely’s escape rooms have unique storylines. You will need to escape devious basements, solve murders, and defeat evil sorcerers to win the games!

Use your skills and work as a team to solve puzzles and codes to beat the other teams.

Choose your next adventure and gain unforgettable experiences from Escapely’s escape rooms.

Key Takeaways on What Virtual Escape Rooms Are

Escape rooms, both virtual and in-person, are great for teamwork and building camaraderie. They encourage players to work together, enhancing their collaborative skills.

Solving puzzles in an escape room makes players feel like geniuses. This satisfaction is a crucial part of why people enjoy these experiences.

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